Don't you remember the good ol' days? This blog is all about weapons that fell from glory as great weapons as they were replaced by better ones! No need to wear black!

  • Sunfury: Long regarded as the absolute best boss-killing weapon, 1.1 brought in the Dao of Pow, as well as many more weapons to outclass this once-shining star.
  • Megashark: Ranged had the best DPS in the game before 1.2 came out. With rivals such as the Sniper Rifle, Uzi, Tactical Shotgun and Venus Magnum, the Megashark blended into the crowd.
  • Pulse Bow: This unique bow from the Travelling Merchant was completely out-damaged, out-arrowed and out-classed with the debut of the Tsunami. In the words of one Freenight, "the evil wave against a bow made of glowing mushrooms."
  • Razorpine: This "murderpine's" reign of glory lasted less than one night. That was the time it took for players to discover the Blizzard Staff.
  • Shadowbeam Staff: Once the best weapon in the game in terms of DPS, this oddly ricocheting staff was nerfed severely in the patch following 1.2.
  • Night's Edge: Even evil has a time to fall. This best sword in the game lost out to Excalibur in 1.1.
  • Excalibur: What's that? Is it like the Terra Blade?
  • Vampire Knives: Once great melee weapons with an insane regeneration factor, these knives of vampirism are slowly losing their effectiveness.

If no one else remembers you, I do. I have fond memories of throwing my Sunfury at tortoises and Megasharking the Twins to death.

Goodbye, old glories of Terraria.

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