Terraria's rangers know its rapid-fire guns very well, from the classic Megashark to the indomitable Chain Gun. There are several drawbacks and advances to each of them. I'll list each based on stats (Hardmode and Gatligator only).

Gun Damage Speed Knockback Other
Clockwork Assault Rifle 19 11 (Very Fast) 0 Fires three bullets at once for price of one
Gatligator 21 6 (Insanely Fast) 1.5 (Extremely Weak)

50% chance not to consume ammo

Highly inaccurate

Megashark 23 7 (Insanely Fast) 1 (Extremely Weak) 50% chance not to consume ammo
Flamethrower 27 29 (Average) 0.3 (Extremely Weak)

Sets enemies on fire

Fires burst of flames

Uzi 30 9 (Very Fast) 3.5 (Average)
Chain Gun 32 4 (Insanely Fast) 1.5 (Very Weak) 50% chance not to consume ammo
Candy Corn Rifle


8 (Insanely Fast) 2 (Very Weak) 33% chance not to consume ammo

Highest values in column will be red, lowest blue, second-highest green.

Let's tally up the points, shall we?

Green is worth 1 point, red 2, blue -1.

  • Clockwork Assault Rifle: -2
  • Gatligator: 2
  • Megashark: 0
  • Uzi: 2
  • Chain Gun: 4
  • Candy Corn Rifle: 2

That puts the Chain Gun in the lead, but we have to remember the tiers of these items. The Gatligator is essentially a precursor to the Chain Gun, so we have to give it credit for coming in second to its big, big brother.

The Flamethrower shouldn't really be on this list, as it's different in terms of range and general mechanics. I'll count it out for a different day.

Overall, the Chain Gun and Candy Corn Rifle are probably the hardest to obtain. The Uzi is also difficult and, let's face it, the CAR had no chance on a list with this range.

I will have to say that my personal preference is either the Megashark or the Uzi. The Uzi is excellent for stunlocking enemies, and I like to use it during the Pirate Invasion. However, it's slightly slower (by two points, which is easily negated with the increased damage and knockback) and uses ammo quicker than the Megashark. I definitely prefer the Uzi for shorter firefights, where damage is key.

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