The Death Sickle is a rare melee weapon, dropped off Reapers with a 0.4% chance. However, it's well worth the grind - this broadsword-type scythe will shoot a spinning afterimage of itself that lingers and deals hefty damage well after the initial swing.


The Death Sickle's "short-range" capabilities can be extended, creating an optical illusion that your projectile has just moved much farther than normal - but no, it's just you that's moved. Swing the blade, aim the afterimage, and fly away. Whatever you're fighting will chase you, running through the damaging afterimages. This allows the death sickle to be used in ranged combat as well - I have fought both Skeletron Prime and Plantera effectively using this method without taking much damage at all.

Another method creates a spinning barricade of scythes to deal infinite damage while keeping monsters away. Just keep swinging the death sickle in one direction (preferably in front of you) and knockback-affected monsters will never reach you.

It may also be helpful to hide in a wall - the scythes do damage even through walls, so campers can use this to their advantage.

Fighting Death Sickle players

The Death Sickle is a formidable weapon to come up against in combat - its powerful projectiles and fast speed make it a deadly foe if underestimated. When fighting a player using the flight method to make the Death Sickle ranged, don't tail your enemy too closely - that way you can't get out of the way of any flying scythes. Also, a weapon that goes through walls (Death Sickle itself, Nettle Burst or Vilethorn all work well) is handy to counteract campers. When charging into a barrage of afterimages in a cramped area, there isn't much that can be done for your safety - the best bet is to have the Shadow Dodge buff (Titanium Armor gives this when you hit something) and/or the Cross Necklace or Star Veil to increase your invincibility timer after being hit.


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