The Eye of Cthulhu is Terraria's first boss, which means that newbies will probably have more than a little trouble defeating it. I have pieced together this guide, complete with strategies, most important tips, and "don't-dos." This should definitely help you out a lot in taking down the ocular menace!

Necessary gear

  • Sandstorm/Blizzard/Cloud in a Bottle: These three are great maneuverability accessories. They are extremely helpful to keep one alive against the fast-moving boss. You can't beat a boss by just running back and forth.
  • Hermes/Flurry Boots: If you can survive the underground Jungle or Snow Biome (Snow being the far better bet), these speed-enhancing boots are very, very helpful in any case.
  • Ranged-capable weapon: The Eye of Cthulhu is very minimally affected by knockback, so you can't possibly keep it at bay with a copper shortsword or broadsword. Some good ranged or magic weapons at this point in the game are the gem staves, ore bows or Shurikens/Throwing Knives. If you for some reason can't get your hands on a ranged or magic weapon (it shouldn't make a difference - there's really no distinct class lines this early-game) then go for a melee weapon with projectiles, such as the Ice Blade, the... um... that's about it. Don't go melee. Please.
  • 140+ health: The Eye of Cthulhu can hit pretty hard on a beginner, so some longevity is appreciated. Health potions are also very helpful.


There are several strategies for the Eye, but they all mainly revolve around dodging and shooting. They all require different skills and balances, though.


Semi-heavy attackers are generally the hardest to get, but they are best for people who are bad at dodging. With limited mobility, they rely on stronger armor (platinum is really the best you should have at this point in the game) to survive the fight. They also generally have a higher health.


  • Platinum/Gold Armor
  • 160-200 health
  • Lead/Iron Bow
  • Fire or Wooden Arrows
  • Cloud in a Bottle

With this class, players should run around, sometimes dodging with their Cloud in a Bottle. They should tank hits a lot better than other classes, but should still be wary during the Eye's second stage, where its attack increases greatly.


Average is a common class to defeat the Eye. It focuses on slightly weaker armor, but stronger attacks than semi-heavy. It's generally accepted as the best class. They are more maneuverable and generally faster than semi-heavies, and can dodge hits much better.


  • Silver/Tungsten Armor
  • 140-180 health
  • Silver/Tungsten Bow or Amethyst/Topaz Staff
  • Fire/Frost Arrows
  • Hermes/Flurry Boots
  • Sandstorm/Blizzard in a Bottle

In this class, players should dodge the boss (especially in its second form) with a good arena. They should attack quickly with their weapon as they avoid the boss's rushes by jumping over it or to the side.


Light players are generally going to have problems with the Eye. I know, because that's how I tried. It's also good for players with excellent reflexes, awareness and dodging skills. Thankfully, it requires little preparation. This class is not recommended in the slightest.


  • Iron/Lead Armor
  • 120-140 health
  • Gold/Platinum Bow or Topaz/Emerald Staff
  • Frostburn Arrows
  • Sandstorm in a Bottle

In this class, players should put dodging over all else. It doesn't matter if you hit it a ton so long as you don't get hit much. This class is hard to use, just so you know.

I hope this guide helped you with the game's first boss! Don't worry, we have to start somewhere.

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