This evening, while browsing the wiki, I came across the page Water Dock. It had been created in January of 2014 and stayed the same for quite a while. It was a page about a building strategy that protects you from dying in your hellevator from fall damage.

Seemed out-of-place to me, that's for sure. I decided, after that, to bring up something that had already been discussed: Implementation of "tutorial" pages to the wiki.

Here, I've made a rough outline of how they might work...

Basic outline

  • Would have the Tutorial: or Tutorial/ prefix. This is to link them to a "hub" or category of tutorial pages.
  • Would contain information on how to complete tasks in-game. Might be separated into different categories - Weapon Use, Building, Boss Fights, etc.
  • User-created and maintained.


Tutorial pages would probably be community-created and maintained by the wiki. They would contain information on how a certain feat is done in Terraria - defeating a boss, setting up traps or wiring, or similar. Their goal would be to help readers of the wiki learn how to Terraria, in short.

Note that these would not be for advertising help, such as "Give gamertag and I'll help for money!" That's a thing for the forums, mainly.

Pros and cons versus existing systems

Right now, people are likely to go to the Forums (there's a Game Help board) or make a blog post if they want to give/ask for information on strategies and the like. I've compiled a list of pros, cons and features of each...


  • + Usually posted by people who know what they're doing
  • + May be discussed freely and easily
  • + Easily navigated
  • + Well moderated, now that we have forum mods
  • - Likely to suffer from differences of opinion
  • - Make it easy for flamewars to prosper


  • + Usually posted by people who know what they're doing
  • + Can easily receive input via comments
  • - Harder to discuss on equal footing
  • - Lost with time
  • - Harder to navigate
  • - May be hard to update

Tutorial pages

  • + Always available
  • + Easily found
  • + Have more capacity for length and detail
  • + Can be expanded over time
  • - Navigation would require many categories
  • - May suffer from differences of opinion due to the public nature of the article
    • - Users may try to claim the page as "their own" due to this problem

This is a mere outline done by a mere Gray. I'm quite interested in knowing if this is a viable idea or anything. Best of luck to ye olde wikiers!

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