Hello folks! This is another weapon tutorial blog, but this time, we'll be letting a guest speaker - one who has proven he can use the Rainbow Gun in PvP - take the reins! I'd like to welcome Hunited, accomplished ranger/mage and PvPer!

SilverHexxitFights: So, how do you get the Rainbow Gun?

Hunited: You get the Rainbow Gun by beating Plantera, which has a 100% chance to drop a Temple Key. This Temple Key can be crafted into a Hallowed Key with 5 Souls of Sight, Fright and Might, and a Hallowed Key Mold, which can be acquired by defeating any monster in the Hallow. The Key Mold has a drop chance of 1/2500, so it is quite rare. Once you have the Hallowed Key you should delve into the Dungeon, where you can find a Hallowed Chest. Opening the Hallowed Chest with your Hallowed Key will allow you to get the Rainbow Gun.

SilverHexxitFights: Okay, so that's going to be a grind.

Hunited: Quite. I got my Hallowed Key by sheer luck.

SilverHexxitFights: So, my second question: is the Rainbow Gun good at offensive PvP? Just shooting?

Hunited: It isn't really, it is far too slow and because of that, easily avoidable. This is especially true for wide and open areas.

SilverHexxitFights: Makes sense. If I'm right, its mana cost is rather high as well?

Hunited: Yes, but because you don't have to fire it lots of times for it to be effective, this doesn't really matter.

SilverHexxitFights: So… if you don't use it for offense, what do you use it for?

Hunited: It can be great for making a form of barrier that can be passed through, but will harm the enemy if they do. It can also be quite effective for laying traps, especially in tight spots.

SilverHexxitFights: That makes sense.

652Graystripe: Trust me - running into a wall of rainbow is deadly. I hate facing Hunt in PvP.

SilverHexxitFights: So… is the Rainbow Gun good at that job? Is anything better?

Hunited: The Rainbow Gun is great at this because if used effectively, you can maximize its damage and usefulness. The best way for making this barrier is by going high up and shooting straight up and a little to the left of where you are shooting. This is because the Rainbow Gun will always make a large arc of roughly the same size and then drop down seemingly infinitely. There is of course also the Nimbus Rod, but that can't be used for horizontal traps, has lower damage and no knockback at all. It makes up for that by being able to make two barriers, whereas the Rainbow Gun can only make one.

SilverHexxitFights: Okay. This Rainbow Gun sounds very good - I'm sad to say I never got the hang of it. Thank you, Hunt!

Hunited: It was my pleasure, just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it quickly.

For those of you who liked this interview, keep an eye out for Hunt on our blog series! He'll most likely be helping us understand the Venom Staff and the Sniper Rifle!

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