I don't see how people are so sure that the Muramasa is better than the Night's Edge for fighting monsters. Honestly, I think the Night's Edge is better because of the massive 42 damage (49 with molten armor), the huge amount of light it makes, and the average (pretty fast for so much damage) speed. Of course, the Muramasa might have better dps with tons of feral claws and/or Jungle/Shadow armor on, but that seems insignificant to me if you can kill most monsters in 2-4 hits with the Night's Edge. Honestly, I think that the only way the Muramasa dps would become significant is if you are hitting a boss with it, (not really reccomended) because it takes so much time to build up. Furthermore, getting the ultra dps with the Muramasa means sacrificing the use of accessory slots and molten armor, which you can if you use the Night's Edge. That's pretty much all I have to say right now, but if you are a Muramasa fan feel free to add comments on this post to prove me wrong, as I may not know as much as a should to make this judgement.

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