On this post I will tell you how to defeat bosses.


Eye Of Cthulhu

Eye Of Cthulhu (EoC) is considered the easies boss of them all.I recommend using:

  • Ebonwood/Shadewood/Cactus Armor or Higher
    Terraria eye of cthuhlu fan art


  • Any Spear
  • Shurikens (Around 100 of 'em)
  • 5 lesser healing potions
  • Grendes (Be Careful)


  • Ironskin Potion (Optional)
  • Regeneration  Potion

An arena should be 3 rows of platforms,5 blocks above eachother,about 20-25 blocks lenght.

He can be summoned with a Suspicious Looking Eye,which can be crafted with 6 lens at a Demon/Crimson Altar

This Boss can only be summoned (and fought) at night (Night starts at 7:30 PM and ends at 4:30 AM (Don't shoot me if I'm Wrong)

I suggest throwing Shurikens when he is above you in the first phase.

In the second phase use the Spear (or sword) when he charges at you.That is also when GrenadeS come in handy.

Eater Of Worlds

Eater of World (EoW) is The Corruption boss.It is the Corruption counterpart of Brain of Cthulhu.It can only be fought in The Corruption (At least 250 blocks I think,or was it 500?).Killing him is a piece of cake.This is all you need:

  • Ebonwood/Cactus Armor or Higher (I did not put Shadewood there because I do not think you can get Shadewood in a Corrpution world)
  • Grenades (75-100 of them)
  • A piercing weapon (Spears)
  • A ranged weapon (with piercing bullets/arrows if you have some),for the moments when he is above you.


  • Ball O'Hurt (I hope I wrote that right) (If you get it from the Shadow Orbs)
  • Vilethorn (Again,if you get one from the Shadow Orbs)
NPC 13
  • Ironskin Potion (Optional)
  • 5 lesser healing potions
  • Regeneration Potion
An arena should be 4-5 rows of platforms,3-4 blocks above eachother,about 20-25 blocks lenght.

He can be summoned by breaking 3 Shadow Orbs or by using Worm Food.

This boss can be summoned at any time,but as stated above,can be fought only in the Corruption.If the player leaves the corruption while fighting him,EoW will flee.

I personally do not have Corruption on my world,but I fought him one year ago,so yeah

Try staying on the tom platform,throwing Grenades at him.When you run out of 'em,use the Vilethorn/Ball O'Hurt/Spear on him.That should kill him quickly.

Brain Of Cthulhu

Brain Of Cthulhu (BoC) is The Crimson Boss.He can only be fought in The Crimson (Same rules as EoW).He is the Crimson counterpart of Eater of World.He is a little bit harder,if we compare him with Eater of Worlds.(I died 5-10 times trying).So,if you want to defeat him for that sweet Crimtane ore this is what you are going to need:

  • I recommend using Shadewood/Cactus or higher (I highly recommend using higher)
  • A piercing weapon (for killing the Creepers)
  • A ranged weapon (for the same reason as above)
  • Shurikens (So many weapons for killing the Creepers,isn't that crazy?)


  • Grenades (Use them when a lot of Creepers are stacked up together)
Brain of Cthulhu
  • 5 Lesser healing potion
  • Ironskin Potion (Optional,but I recommend using it)
  • Regeneration potion (Optional)
  • Hunter Potion (Optional) (For seeing the incoming Creepers/where the BoC will appear in the 2nd phase)

For an arena I would say using 3-5 platforms,4 blocks on top of eachother,about 20 blocks long (Remember that you can skip one block)

As stated above,he can only be fought in The Crimson.Brain of Cthulhu can be summoned at any time by breaking 3 Crimson Orbs (I think that's how they're called) or by using a Bloody Spine (Crafted with 15 Vertebraes at a Crimson/Demon Altar)

I recomment throwin the Shurikens at the Creepers and also shooting them with the ranged weapon.If they approach you use the spear.In his 2nd stage you will need to have good reactions.Try to hit him with the spear in the moment he fades in (He will usually be near you).

Note: -When you spawn him by breaking the orbs,he will always spawn above you.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is more of a side-boss.You do not really have to kill her.She is a Medium-Difficulty boss for a Pre-Hardmode boss.She can be fought anywhere at any time.She drops A LOT of cool stuff.So that is why you have to kill her.This is what I would recommend:

  • Iron/Lead Armor or Higher
  • A poweful sword (When you have to deal with those bees) (I suggest Blade of Grass or Muramasa)
  • Shurikens (Yes,you use them at almost all the bosses)
  • A ranged weapon (I would recommend Musket or The Undertaker,as they are easy to get)
  • Any Gem Staff (For the low mana cost any pretty high damange)
  • Any Double-Jumping Device (Yes,this is the first time I suggest an accesory)


  • Throwing Knives istead of Shurikens
Queen Bee
  • Ironskin Potion
  • 5 Lesser Healing Potion/5 Healing Potions
  • Regeneration potion
  • Hunter Potion (Optional)
  • Mana Regeneration Potion (Optional)
  • Archery Potion (Optional)

An arena should be 3 platforms,stacked about 5 blocks on top of eachother.One of them should be right above the honey,so you can quickly go in the honey and get back up (If you did not know,honey gives you a small regeneration effect for 30 seconds after you exit it) and one of them should be at the middle of the beehive,because it should block the bees that come after you).All the platforms must be the lenght of the beehive.

She can be summoned at any time,by breaking the larva in the Beehive,or by using the Abeemination.I will not say the recipe of the Abeemination because it is pretty long.You can just put those honey blocks at the Guide's little crafting-helping-thingy and you should see it.

I recommend using the shurikens when the Bee Queen is above you,and if you are attacked by the bees use the sword.if you run out of shurikens use your ranged weapon/gem staff.When she is charging at you try double-jumping over her and then hit her with the sword/ranged weapon/gem staff.

I am going to tell you the truth,I fought only 2 Bee Queens.

Notes:-The Larva in the Beehive can be broken with any Grappling Hook (I do not know if it was Patched or not)

-The Larva in the Beehive can be broken with the Petals that spawn from the Orichalcum Armor set (My sister fought 3 of them at the same time because of that,oh poor she) (and maybe even by the Pumpkins summoned by The Horsemen's Blade(?))


Well,well,well...What do we have here?A stranger that wants to enter the dungeon?You will have to defeat my master to enter it!Didn't anybody read that when they talked to the old man,then tried to enter the dungeon and get killed by the Dungeon Guardian?Come on,I can't be the only one!Well I guess I did it more times because I got killed by Skeletron and tried to sneak past the Guardian....Well if you want to defeat the hardest pre-hardmode boss (We will put WoF on the almost-hardcore list),this is what you are going to need:

  • Iron/Lead Armor or higher (I personally suggest Tungsten/Silver Armor)
  • Sword/Spear (I suggest using The Blade of Grass)
  • Ranged Weapon (I suggest Musket/The Undertaker,but Minishark works too)
  • Gem Staff (Suggest Emerald Tier)
Baby skeletron head

Largest size I could find

  • Space Gun (With Space Armor.Try to use it when hands stay in the way)
  • Poisoned Thrown Knives


  • Ironskin Potion
  • Regeneration Potion
  • 5 Lesser Healing Potions/5 Healing Potions
  • Night OwlPotion (Optional) (To see in the dark...)
  • Mana Regeneration Potion (Optional)
  • Swiftness (Optional) (For Dodging the attacks)
  • Well Fed (Optional)

You do not really need an arena,but if you want to,just make it 2 rows of platforms 5-6 blocks on top of eachother like 25 blocks long.

Skeletron can only be summoned at night.If the battle holds on until the day,Skeletron will flee (Dealing 9999 damange (Without armor) and despawning off-screen).He can be summoned by talking to the Old Man at night or by equipping the Clothier's Voodoo Doll and Killing the Clothier at night.

Use the Ranged weapon/Gem Staff when he is attacking you with his hands.Hit him with the sword/spear when he approaches you with his head.


King Slime

King Slime is not really too can kill him without armor!That is how easy he is... (Derp Me,that's why he's called a Mini-boss)However,this is what you are going to need:

  • No armor or higher (Just kidding,you should use Ebonwood/Shadewood/Cactus Armor or higher)
  • Any Sword/Spear in the world (Even Copper shortsword works!Trust me,it deals 1 damange!)
  • Any Ranged Weapon (I am not even kidding right now)
That is it,no potions,no nothing.That is just how easy he is.He can be summoned with the Slime Crown (Which is crafted with a Platinum/Gold Crown and 99 gel,I think).He can be fought at any time.He has a small bug:He can spawn underground sometimes,if that happens,do not spawn another one,you will die (thousands of damange will be done to you).
NPC 50

That is it friends!Just some notes:

-Yes,I know there is another post almost identical to this one.I do not want to hear any comments about this.

-I know here are only Pre-Hardmode bosses (this is intentional).No,it is not because I am not in hardcore.No,I am not too lazy.I just want to see if it gets goo feedback.If it does,I will add the Hardmode Bosses and Mini-bosses and might even add the drops.

-Maybe my metods are not the best,but they work.

-If you cannot jump 5-6 blocks (As I wrote in some of my arenas) you can feel free to make it lower.

-If I have any Grammar mistakes,please report them.English is not my native language.

-If you cannot beat the boss with the things I recommend,remember:These are the low requirements.Feel free to make better stuff.

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