I have an idea of some new NPC's. I hope these ideas will be added to Terraria:)

Ok, lets start the first idea i had was companion he would follow you and you would be able to equip him with weapons, armor and accessories and maybe give him items for carrying if for example you need more space for ores or basicly ANYTHING.You would be able to get it by finding him in the dungeon, in a cell.

The second idea i had would be Warrior it is possible to get him by having a warriors emblem. You would be able to buy health potions and seeds. As he's appearence he would wear shadow armor. Can be called for battle with a war horn he uses a night's edge. And if attacked by a monster he would fight back, and if any other monster attacks any NPC he would kill the monster or basicly die:D

The third idea I had was apprentice he would be able to transform some items like maybe gray brick into pearlstone brick or maybe ebonstone brick. And possibly cursed fire into crystal shard:). And he would sell the war horn. He would attack anyone who attacks ANY of the NPC's. He would wear a robe and would allways carry a demon scythe or crystal storm or any of the spell books. It is possible to get him by getting a wizard's emblem. possible to summon him with a war horn.

The fourth idea was ranger. He would sell arrows basing if you have ever touched a hellstone arrow or maybe a holy arrow and any of the arrows. He would wear that vanity set which does HERO wear (forgot name:D) and he would attack any monster who hurts any human. It is possible to get him by geting a archer's emblem.

The fifth and the final NPC is builder. He would sell gray brick's and pearlstone or demonoid brick's depending in which biome he is in ofcourse he would also sell glass wooden beam some backroun walls and other stuff. I have not figured a way to get him maybe again found in a dungeon or something:)

And some of you have tought of What is war horn? it is a item which can be blown and all the strong NPC's will teleport to youand attack any monster in sight and after 3 min they will teleport to their home.

Thanks for reading! And comment any other ideas:)

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