I think Terraria is a game that encourages multiple map generations so I think there should be an item to encourage it further. Presenting...

Fragment Parts/Shards!!!


It would probably be of Rarity 2 or 3. If implemented, probably 3 (Hopefully)

There is only ONE of these Parts/Shards per map (Hence the need to generatre new maps). It is also only found in random gold/shadow chests not only in dungeons (Which the chances are rare... say 1/10).

To make it even rarer, it could also have a 1 in 2 chance of NOT spawning in a map altogether.

Like the Ninja Suit, you'll never know what part you'll get until you actually find it (Which would cause major raging).


On its own, it is useless but but get 3 of 'em and a Demonite Sword, go to a nearby Rediscovered Ancient Weapons cReator (RAWR) and craft an Ancient Sword!!! This is the ULTIMATE End-game weapon dealing 45 melee damage or more at an average speed.

Or if your more of a ranged rougue... Combine 3~4 of them Shards/Parts with a Demon Bow to make an Ancient Bow!!! This is the ULTIMATE End-game weapon dealing 35~40 ranged damage or more at a fast or any faster speed.

But if you are a gunslinger, try carrying 3~4 Fragment Shards/Parts with Illegal Gun Parts (Or Minishark) to make... you guessed it... Ancient Gun!!! This is the ULTIMATE End-game weapon dealing 28 (8) ranged damage or more at a fast (extremely fast) speed.

If your STILL not satisfied with the range of weapons on offer... try an ANCIENT STAFF!!! Made with just 3~4 Parts/Shards and is yet again the ULTIMATE End-game weapon dealing 30 magic damage or more at a fast or any faster speed at just 20 mana each shot.


To craft these Raw-powered, Ultimate, Best-of-the-Best, Indisposable, Super High-tech (RUBBISH) weaponry, you need a RAWR!!! Craft it with 2 Fragment Shards/Parts with 20 Wood, 10 Iron, 5 Silver, and send $50 to me (Optional but highly recommended) at a Demon Altar

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's basically it!

Comment on this and tell what I can change/edit this to improve this idea or just to leave your opinion.

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