This is just a place to stick any pictures I might take while playing Terraria. Blog will be updated as more images are taken.

Added to post 6/13/'11

Fishhelm Roseandrobe2 Roseandrobe Ohgodno

Small insignificant images taken as examples

Bunniesareimmunetoexplosives Bunnycarnage

Testing out grenades on the new rabbit npc. Their durability mocks me, though lava works pretty good.


Entirely too many shrooms


Still not entirely sure how he spawned in here


Twas a sad sad day when we had to flush Jeremy the mascott goldfish


Found a lot of pots in one area, there were about 8 but I broke some when trying to get the picture taken


Adventures in misc uploads. The last one was taken by a friend. Rock on, spider-piranha.


Thought this was neat, water contained in a natural tube of sand!


After adventuring with friends in the new jungle biome I came back to where we had been earlier to find that we accidentally made something of a cool water feature


Natural obsidian deposit. I find it odd that pots were generated on top of it


At first this was just showing a dungeon that genrated with a corrupt area right beside it, but then as Gyazo was loading my friend got us killed by Skeletron heads. The file is named YOUFOOLYOULLKILLUSALL.png for obvious reasons.

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