This page includes guides showing different ways to play Terraria on console and PC. Select your gaming platform and weapon focus, then read the step-by-step guide.

PC Guides

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Console Guides

Melee Guide Day 1: On your first day, you want to aim for two NPC houses, a furnace, workbench/alchemy station, chests, and iron/copper ore. First, chop down trees until you have enough wood to build two houses and about 30 platforms. Once you have this, kill slimes and mine any ore you find. Then, explore caves for chest and ore. Return to your houses when you hear the nighttime music or when you think it is nighttime. SAVE YOUR COINS. You can trash them and keep them when you die. (If on Easy) Now, craft your ore into bars and store items in chests that you (hopefully) picked up.

Day 2: Today, you will need to get 50 silver coins for the merchant to spawn. I would recommend caving for these. Once you have them, wait for the merchant and buy an iron anvil. Then, add up your ores. Make the best broadsword you can. Then, make any other ores into armor, go for the most defense you can, even if you need to save your bars and get more. Also, make 3 iron chains if you can.

Day 3: Mine until you get around 4-8 defense, whatever your comfortable with. If this takes several days,don't worry. Then farm 6 lenses at night.

Day 4: Now, go to the corruption. Once you are there, build a shelter with platforms as a roof and wood sides. Then farm 15 rotten chunks. While doing this, you should earn enough coins for 150 shruikens, plus healing potions. Also, craft your 6 lenses into a Suspicious Looking Eye at a Demon Alter. At night, fight the Eye of Cthulhu. Don't worry about dying, you can respawn quickly and best him. Once you have, craft a War Axe of the Night or Light's Bane if you prefer.

Day 5: Please do not edit, I will update tommorow.

Ranged Guide

Magic Guide

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