Methods to Duplicate Lava and Water

Obsidian Generators are used to easy create obsidian . There are few types but this post is about a generator in which the two liquids are added (created) by the player .

In order to have unlimited liquid reserve you will need to know few things:

  • Every time a liquid drop on a single block the liquid no mater what amount it is it will split on 2 parts and will fall down to the blocks below.
  • If you put a bucket of any liquid and you made it fall into multiple blocks it will multiply every time it fall on a block.
Liquid Multiplayer

If a single drop of any Liquid drop on the top Block it will get multiplied by 2 and so on for every block that stand alone and the Liquid can pass on both sides

The easy way to Dupe liquids for the moment is the on in this video. Credits for the duping method (the part where you put the liquids are going to keirshar

thumb|right|400px|Information about Duping of Liquids

Here is example of the best way for the moment for the Multiply part of the obsidian Generator. Note for the water duping there is easy way instead of fast spamming the left mouse button. You must just click and hold the button. By doing so the water will be dropped and it will be picked instantly, and because the water is moving faster than the lava the duping will be successful.
Obsidian Generator Upper Part

Watch the video above to see how the Liquid Duping is working in this model.

Also the easiest way of farming the obsidian . Note the obsidian block for farming will be in the corner below the lava tank almost all of the time in this model. This is happening because the water is faster moving liquid than the lava and therefor will fill the empty space faster.

Obsidian Generator Bottom Part

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