So I recently bought Terraria on PS3, and immediately fell in love with it. I never could "get" Minecraft, but being as old as I am, I always liked the 16-bit graphics of the SNES era, and while Minecraft may be technically better, I just loved how Terraria looked, played, and how you can actually see your creations better.

Within two weeks I must have sunk at least 60 hours into it, maybe more. Started out on my first world, pretty much mined it to hell and back, and then created a second world, which had a snow biome at the spawn area. I devoted sleepless nights to perfecting my home, kitting it out, decorating it, and ensuring that my snow palace was the envy of all snow palaces.

Collect ALL the statues

Collect ALL the statues!

My one crowning achievement was collecting ALL of the statues, as you can see here. It took my first world, my second world, and the world my wife created, to accomplish this feat, and I could not have been more happier.

But I digress... my next idea was to look into why dungeon bricks could not be mined on PS3/360. After a whole lot of searching, I discovered you CAN mine dungeon bricks - but only if they're within a certain distance of spawn. If you visit the Dungeon Bricks page you can see my videos and photos that prove you CAN mine them. And so I began creating more and more worlds to not only verify this, but also to collect the bricks and walls.

Last night, I realised I had far too many "spare" worlds, and began deleting them, being oh-so careful not to delete mine or the wife's. Once done, I loaded up my world.

The progress bar never appeared, and it just hung.

And hung.

And hung.

And hung.

Button presses did nothing. Holding the PS button and then pressing circle did nothing. Eventually, I had to reset the PS3 and restart Terraria.

When I did, my world was gone.

500 of every kind of smelted bars...

All statues, including three chests of duplicates...

68 platinum coins...

Chests full of every kind of building material...

Weapons, equipment, ammo...


Everything, gone.

My character (wearing Dragon Armour and carrying a whole load of top-tier weapons) survived, but my world and all its contents, wiped out.

I have never felt so sick in my entire life.

Fast forward to this morning. I've created a new world and I'm rebuilding from scratch. I can create new worlds to stripmine to help get materials and whatnot, but what I miss most are my statues. Words cannot express how much I miss them. Which brings me to the sole purpose of this blog entry.

I would like to ask any and all PS3 Terraria players... if you have any statues going spare, any at all, then I would happily give them a home where they will be appreciated. I can't pay anything at the moment because, well, I'm destitute, but I will remember everyone who helps me out, and I promise you that I will - somehow - repay the kindness.

My friends list is kinda full, so I can't start adding folk left right and centre, but if you can donate a few statues, please comment below and we'll sort out a time where you could invite me over and I could take them off your hands. I only suggest doing it this way because if I visit you and take a few statues and then leave, and then you exit without saving, you will have donated statues without actually losing anything - see the Duplication page to see what I mean.

I'm in the UK and work full time, so that'll need taking into account too, but yeah... if anyone can help, that'd be awesome.

EDIT: 06 July 2013: In the last 24 hours, I've managed to find most of the statues, and the wife is currently farming statues too, I'm at 35/43, so the last few I should be able to grab myself. Thanks for reading though, and fingers crossed no-one else suffers the same fate!

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