I find it interesting that there is an event for Christmas, an event for Halloween, but none for Easter... What I suggest is a new event like the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon, but like the aforementioned sentence suggests, this event is Easter themed.


It could be the unimaginatively named "Easter Moon", and would be crafted at a mythril/orichalcum anvil with:

  • 5x Bunny Foot, which would be a 0.1% drop from bunnies;
  • 5x Ectoplasm;
  • 10x Gold Bar, and
  • 5x Soul of Fright

This would be crafted to make the "Golden Egg", which is the spawning item for the Easter Moon.


There would be seven (7) different mobs in the event. These are:

Mutated Bunny

This is, of course, a bunny which has been transformed. It is 3 times as large as the other bunnies, and jumps at the player like a "Toxic Sludge" would. The mutated bunny will also lay eggs which deal moderate damage to the player.
  • Damage: 25 (Impact) ; 40 (Egg)
  • Defense: 15
  • HP: 250

Bunny Charger

This is like the bigger brother of the Mutated Bunny, being a bit bigger. However, unlike the Mutated Bunny, the charger is ground-borne and runs straight at the player, dealing a large amount of damage if it hits the player.
  • Damage 30 (Impact) ; 50 (Charge)
  • Defense: 25
  • HP: 500

Egg Sprinters

These little critters are just like regular bunnies in size, except can run as fast as the Headless Horsemen in the Pumpkin Moon, and will deal moderate damage to the player.
  • Damage: 30 (Impact)
  • Defense: 10
  • HP: 250

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is like the Everscream or the Mourningwood in the other events, in which it is a large bipedal mini-boss which deals massive damage to the player. However, the Easter Bunny is not a tree, and fires colorful eggs at the player, exploding like a Grenade and causing substantial damage.
  • Damage: 75 (Impact) ; 90 (Range)
  • Defense: 50
  • HP: 6000


The Egg-hunter (portmanteau of egg and headhunter) is a bipedal human-like creature, like the Krampus from the Frost Moon, but does mainly ranged attacks, and only does a moderate amount of impact damage.
The Egg-hunter has two ranged attacks: a rainbow colored rapid-fire laser attack dealing large damage, and a highly concentrated energy beam, which even though it lasts a second, it will cause substantial damage to the player.
  • Damage: 40 (Impact) ; 75 (Laser) ; 125 (Beam)
  • Defense: 50
  • HP: 1500

Egg Totem

The Egg Totem is a tall bipedal bunny which is inspired by the Ice Golem. If it touches you, then you will be damaged a large amount.
  • Damage: 50 (Impact)
  • Defense: 100
  • HP: 3000


The Eggod (Egg God) is the other mini-boss in the Easter Moon, which acts like the Pumpking in its attack style, but it fires projectiles like that of the Terra Blade's but slower, causing a massive amount of damage.
  • Damage: 75 (Impact) ; 150 (Projectile)
  • Defense: 75
  • HP: 15000


There are 15 waves in this event, consisting of:

  1. Mutated Bunny
  2. Mutated Bunny, Bunny Charger
  3. Mutated Bunny, Bunny Charger, Egg Sprinters
  4. Mutated Bunny, Bunny Charger, Egg Sprinters
  5. Bunny Chargers, Egg Sprinters, Easter Bunny
  6. Bunny Chargers, Easter Bunny
  7. Bunny Chargers, Egg Sprinters, Eggod
  8. Bunny Chargers, Egg-hunter, Eggod
  9. Egg Sprinters, Easter Bunny, Egg-hunter
  10. Easter Bunny, Egg-hunter, Egg Totem
  11. Egg Sprinters, Easter Bunny, Egg-hunter, Eggod
  12. Bunny Charger, Easter Bunny, Egg-hunter, Eggod
  13. Easter Bunny, Egg-hunter, Egg Totem, Eggod
  14. Easter Bunny, Egg-hunter, Egg Totem, Eggod
  15. Easter Bunny, Eggod


It's not all for nothing: there are weapons in this event that are very powerful, and very useful.


  • Egg Fragment -- Drops from all mobs in the event, some more than others. Has no use at the moment.
  • Trophies:
    • Easter Bunny Trophy -- 7.5% to 25% as levels progress
    • Eggod Trophy -- 25% from Wave 11 to Wave 15
  • Banners for all other mobs are at the same drop rate (0.5%)


Egg Cannon (Dropped from Easter Bunny)

  • Damage: 55 Ranged
  • Critical Strike Chance: 13%
  • Average Speed
  • Strong Knockback
  • Shoots colorful eggs.
  • "Like taking a rainbow to the face..."
  • Can be reforged to Unreal. (Unreal Egg Cannon)

The Laser Rabbit (Dropped from the Egg-hunter)

  • Damage: 70 Magic
  • Critical Strike Chance: 13%
  • Fast Speed
  • Weak Knockback
  • Uses 5 Mana
  • Fires rainbow lasers
  • "Deadly by day, Disco by night."
  • Can be reforged to Mythical. (The Mythical Laser Rabbit)

Color Concentrator (Dropped from the Egg-hunter)

  • Damage: 40 Magic + 7.5/sec
  • Critical Strike Chance: 10%
  • Slow Speed
  • Strong Knockback
  • Uses 10 Mana/sec
  • Fires a concentrated beam of magic.
  • Can be reforged to Mythical. (Mythical Color Concentrator)

The Shell Shield (Dropped from the Egg Totem)

  • Adds 12 defense to the player's stats.

Whatever weapon you decide to make the Eggod wield. I can't think of anything for it right now... :/ I hope this is considered for a future update for Terraria, because I think that it will bring about a wave, or 15, of fun to the game that has been missing. That, and it would complete the year of celebrations!

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