This biome spawns rarely anytime. the vegetation is glowy yellow,and there are no mushrooms. Everything grows on mud.

Monsters in This Biome

electro-slime: This monster looks and acts like a glowy yellow slime, it has 60 HP and drops 1-5 charged gel.

zapper: This monster looks like a lightning bolt with eyes,and drops elecro-bolt (a new spellbook) and has 250 HP.

Crafting and Items

charged gel: Used to craft the boltshot.

electro-bolt: a purple spellbook with a lightning bolt on the cover,that uses 15 mana and shoots out bolts of electro-bolts.(a drop from zappers)

boltshot: a yellow laser rifle that shots out yellow lasers,does 60 damage.(crafted with: 30 charged gel,one elecro-bolt,and one laser rifle.Uses 7 mana)

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