Ub3R WeeD and I are feeling that some console players are feeling bored when they play Terraria, so Ub3R WeeD and I decided to make things a bit fun on Console by making Capture the Gem maps and PvP maps.

Capture the Gem:

In capture the your goal is to get to the other teams chest and grab there GEM in it, you then have to run back to your base and put it in your chest with your GEM in it.

Capture the Gem (RULES): Rule.1 To play Capture the Gem you need a new Medium Core character so you drop all your items when you die. Rule.2 You pick a Team you want to be on either RED or BLUE. Rule.3 You need to have PvP on at all times. Rule.4 At the start of the match I will have a timer on for how long we are going to build,explore, etc. This ou ne you are not allowed to cross the boarder at the start. Rule.5 to win you need your GEM and the other teams GEM.

PvP: In PvP you just kill whoever you want in it.

PvP (RULES): Rule.1 You need to get a group of two for a Team. Rule.2 You need to assign your bed to witch team you are on. Rule.3 You need to turn PvP on.

Conclusion: I hoped you like the idea of this and if you need to contact Ub3R WeeD and I it is right here.

Contacting: or PSN= B101-HM66_999 (contact me about Capture the Gem) or PSN= Ub3R_WeeD (contact Ub3R WeeD about the PvP Map)

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