Hello Terrarians. This guide is in commemoration of my 1000th edit. What this guide will teach you is how to setup rapid-firing traps. This can be used either in arena preparation or if you want to challenge yourself by fighting bosses using only traps.

What You Need

Let's start by setting up the traps.

Readying The Traps

For the purpose of this guide, I will use Super Dart Traps. This setup may be used for any type of traps though.

  • Place down the traps as shown.
  • Put actuators on all of them, and wire them up.
  • Link them to a switch or a lever, preferably on top of the traps.
  • Trigger the switch. The traps should now have a darker look, and you can go through them.
  • Remove the actuators and wires for now with your wire cutter.

Now the traps are ready. Now let's look at how we are going to trigger them. For that, we'll use a Terraria Engineer's favorite engine, the bird engine!

Bird Engine

This one is very simple. I'll guide you through it though.

  • First make a box as shown, and put the bird statue inside.
  • Place down the pressure plates with one space in between. The number of plates needed depends on how many traps you are stacking.
  • Then place one last plate at the end, and place another dart trap facing inwards.
  • Lastly place 1 second timers above each pressure plate, except for the last one.

We're done with our engine and trap placement. Now comes the best part, the final wiring.

Final Wiring

This is where those 2 wrenches really come into play.

  • Place a switch or a lever down and wire it to the statue. For this guide, I'm placing it right next to the statue.
  • Alternate between 2 wrenches, and wire them up to the traps as shown.
  • Make sure that the wires do not collide with one another's jobs. Each cord must only trigger the traps or statue they are intended to. Collision with another could well ruin your setup.

There. All you have to do now is trigger the switch, and voila! we have our rapid firing trap.


For best results, use 12 traps in a row and not more than that. You should at least use 6 traps to benefit from it. This can be used for any type of traps, but the best ones you can use are (Super)Dart Traps and Spear Traps. It is inadvisable to use this setup with spiky ball as it could cause massive lag with the number of spiky balls released.

Here's an extreme example of this setup with spear traps and how it is in action.

Hope this guide helped you. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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