Wild Golems Agressive & Neutral

Golems are uncommon mobs that take on different traits to mirror the Biome they spawn in.

Wild Golems large & monster like, however most of them are passive & will not attack unless attacked first. They take no sides so they can hurt other monsters.

Hostile Golems:

  • Jungle: These have Trees on their heads, & passing their tree will make them crawl out of the ground. They are made of mud & have 2 blue glowing eyes, they are 3 times the size of the player. They do 46 damage & can cause a slowing debuff. They have 1000 hp & 12 defense. They always drop one gold coin, 5 jungle grass seeds, Soul in a Flask, & 7 mud blocks.
  • Dungeon: These are easy to spot. They hide in the walls of the Dungeon as different colored Dungeon Brick walls are 2 times the size of the player & have 2 green glowing eyes. They attack when the player passes them. They are not solid except on their arms. They follow the player by moving in the walls. They are allways the speed of the player even if the player is using an item that makes their movement speed faster. They punch for 25 damage 100% of the time. They have 20 defense & 1500 hp. The player can instantly kill them by using a hammer, hamaxe, or hamdrax to remove every part of them from the dungeon wall. They always drop 5 gold coins, a gold key, & a pair of golem eyes.
  • Meteor: These are a force to greatly be reckoned with. They do not hide simply because they have no need to. They are made of a massive amount of Meteorite ore, 5 times the size of the player & have 2 brown glowing eyes. They have 10,000 Hp, 40 Defense, do 50 to 100 damage regardless of the player's defense, are fairly fast (125% of the player's normal speed), & can cause the Flames debuff on contact. They can summon stars that can drop the player to one hp on contact. (They cannot kill the player however) The stars can be collected if they hit the player or the ground at night. They always drop 90 meteorite ore, 50 gold coins, & Mark of the Titan. They can also spawn at night without the Meteor biome. (A 1/25 chance of replacing a non hostile wild golem) When a meteor falls there is a 80% chance of it having a Meteor Golem spawn with it. While the Meteor Golem is spawned Meteor Heads cannot spawn. If it does a message will state: "A Meteor Golem has Landed!"

Passive Golems (None of these Golems hide)

  • Grass: The most common Golem found only above ground. They are 3 times the size of the player. They are made of rocks with dirt & grass on them, these Golems have 2 yellow glowing eyes. They have 900 hp, 15 defense, do 30 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike, & are half the speed of a normal speed player. They drop one silver coin & a Stone of Adaptation.
  • Stone: They are 3 times the size of the player. They are made of rocks with moss on them, these Golems have 2 Silver glowing eyes. They have 900 hp, 20 defense, do 45 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike, & are 1/3 the speed of a normal speed player. They drop 5 silver coins & a Tome of Creation.
  • Corruption: They are 3 times the size of the player. They are made of rocks with purple dirt & grass on them, these Golems have 2 white glowing eyes. They have 1000 hp, 18 defense, do 40 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike, & are half the speed of a normal speed player. They drop one silver coin & a Stone of Purity.
  • Metal: They are 3 times the size of the player. They are made of metal, these Golems have 1 Red glowing eye & 1 Blue glowing eye. They have 7,000 hp, 50 defense, do 45 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike, & are 1/2 the speed of a normal speed player. They drop 65 silver coins & Living Metal
  • Water: Found where ever fish can spawn naturally, 1.5 times the player's size, these Golems have 2 red glowing eyes, are made of what appears to be water, & has red glowing orbs in its body. They have 3000 hp, 20 defense, do 30 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike, & are 2 times the speed of a normal speed player on land & in the water are slightly faster then the player even if the player has any speed bonuses. They however can "drown" players & monsters by engulfing them in its body the Water Golem then becomes acidic & will melt them quickly away by dealing 50 damage constantly. They drop 50 silver coins & a Sigil of the Sea.
  • Lava: Found where there is at least 1 full block of lava, 1.5 times the player's size, these Golems have 2 sea blue glowing eyes, are made of what appears to be lava, & has blue glowing orbs in its body. They have 3000 hp, 20 defense, do 30 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike with the added effect of the On Fire! debuff, & are 2 times the speed of a normal speed player on land & in the lava are slightly faster then the player even if the player has any speed bonuses. They however can "drown" players & monsters by engulfing them in its body the Lava Golem then becomes incredibly cold & will freeze them quickly into oblivion by dealing 50 damage constantly. They drop 50 silver coins & a Volcanic Badge.
  • Hell: Found in the Underworld, 2 times the player's size, these Golems have 2 Orange glowing eyes, are made of Obsidian & Hellstone. They have 5000 hp, 30 defense, do 30 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike with the added effect of the On Fire! debuff, & are the speed of a normal speed player. They drop 50 silver coins, 40 Hellstone, 10 Obsidian, & a Blessed Fire.
  • Chest: This is an odd one. The Chest Golems are very different when compared to the other Golems being that the first thing you see when you spot a Chest Golem, ISN'T the Golem itself. The Chest Golem is inside of the large chest on top of the moving creature. The Chest Golem itself is actually a small friendly blob that is about the size of Pinky it has 2 bronze glowing eyes. The giant that they sit in are 3 times the size of the player. They are made of Chests that go with the biome the Chest Golem spawned in. They are immortal, do 100 damage 100% of the time to monsters, & are the speed of a normal speed player. They cannot be killed. To get items from this Golem all you must do is be near it. They will open their chest & will drop the items to the player. They drop after one minute, 1 platinum coin & a Chain of Fortune.
  • Hallow: They are 3 times the size of the player. They are made of rocks with blue dirt & grass on them, these Golems have 2 purple glowing eyes. They have 5000 hp, 35 defense, do 40 damage 100% of the time to players & monsters alike, & are the speed of a normal speed player. They drop 90 silver coins & a Stone of the Dusk.


The ultimate Golem & he is much, MUCH, MUCH larger then the player. So large that the first part of the battle is INSIDE of him. To begin the fight you must craft the Celestial Sigil with every Golem drop meaning you need to have a Mark of the Titan, Soul in a Flask, Pair of Golem Eyes, Stone of the Dusk, Chain of Fortune, Volcanic Badge, Blessed Fire, Sigil of the Sea, Living Metal, Stone of Adaptation, Tome of Creation, & Stone of Purity & then craft it next to Clockwork, this item can be reused. When you use this you will be asked if you are sure. I would say you should be sure you're ready. Because after you use it, you cannot come back unless you win or die. When you use the item you will be teleported onto Citadel’s right arm. You will notice an opening & as soon as you enter that opening ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. There is no time that you will be safe after that point. You will be attacked by new mobs such as the Armor Antibody, Chest Antibody, Bat Antibody. In order to get to the next stage the player must smash every orb in Citadel's body meaning the player has to go to the left & right arms, both legs, & the torso.


Citadel's Brain: 100,000 HP, 10 Defense, 0 Attack.

This fight is more of an endurance test then a battle. All of the Antibody mobs so far will come in waves to try to snuff you out like a candle. Dealing damage to Citadel’s Brain will damage the Antibodies as well. There are 10 waves in total each with: 10 Bat Antibodies, 10 Chest Antibodies, & 4 Armor Antibodies. You can either defeat Citadel’s Brain which has 100,000 HP or defeat all 10 waves of Antibodies. Citadel's Brain drops the Guiding Light accessory which gives off a blue light that is as bright as the Mining Helmet.


Gemini: 18,000 HP, 30 Defense, 0 Attack but on contact deal the Poison, On Fire!, Cursed Flames, & Confusion debuffs. Gemini is an Antibody version of The Twins but they share health. This is Citadel’s easiest stage as Gemini doesn’t deal damage normally & relies on debuffs to harm players. Gemini doesn’t have a second stage. Gemini drops the Dual Knives spell that launches 2 Antibody blades that seek out monsters & deal damage equal to the monster's defense.


Quetzalcoatl: 10,000 HP, 30 Defense (First Stage) 25 Defense (Second Stage), Deals 35 Damage 100% of the time (First Stage) Deals 20 Damage 100% of the time & heals self by 20 HP when player takes damage (Second Stage). Quetzalcoatl is the Antibody version of The Destroyer & the Wyvern. On the first stage Quetzalcoatl stays in the ground & only sticks his head out of the ground when he attacks. On his second stage however he takes flight & will be able to move freely. Quetzalcoatl drops Bloodlust: a spear like weapon that heals the user with half the damage the target takes.


Hate: 5,000 HP, 45 Defense, 60 Attack. Hate is the Antibody version of Skeletron Prime & is fought while fighting Pain. Hate doesn’t have a second stage.

Pain: 10,000 HP, 5 Defense, 30 Attack. Pain is the Antibody version of Skeletron & is fought while fighting Hate. Pain doesn’t have a second stage.

After defeating both they drop Crime & Punishment: A gun that deals more damage the less HP the player has & uses any bullet as ammo but if the bullet is not a Musket Ball then it takes on the traits of one. But if equiped for a long enough time it will begin draining the user's hp at a rate of 10 HP per second. This gun does only 1 damage against other players.

STAGE 6 (Final Stage):

Citadel Soul: 300,000 HP, 70 Defense, 100 Attack. The final battle against Citadel is fought inside of Citadel’s entire body. He has created an Antibody version of himself & is controlling it to destroy you. However the Antibody is unstable, & every time you deal 1,000 HP worth of damage to him, he becomes stunned for 15 seconds & his Defense drops to 35. After he recovers he cannot be stunned for another minute & 30 seconds. He uses every attack the other types of Golems use & then a few of his own. His own abilities are as follows: Fires Cannons, Impaling Rush, he can alter the stage at will (even during stun) to do things like & when he hits 1,000 HP or lower he uses his final attack: Ira Di (If directly translated to English from Latin means Wrath of The Gods) This will summon orbs of light that can deal 100 damage on contact 100% of the time. However the orbs can be destroyed with a single blow. After Citadel uses Ira Di his HP becomes 1, Defense becomes 0, is permanently stunned & does no damage on contact. He drops Antibody Leggings 30 Defense & Double moving speed, Clockwork Helm 35 Defense & +50% Magic Damage, & Citadel Chestplate 35 Defense & +50% Melee Speed. Set bonus: Deal 20% more damage to Golem monsters & Take 25% less damage from Antibody monsters. Upon defeating Citadel the world will enter Balanced Mode.

Golem NPC

The Golem NPC

  • She is humanoid in appearance. She moves in after you defeat two or more different kinds of wild hostile golems she can help the player craft golems by selling the needed items & being the crafting station.
  • When she spawns the following message will appear: "Limus in carne animae gigantes vita naturae." The Golem NPC has arrived!


Clockwork was created 1785 by a clock maker who was engaged to the Queen. The Clock Maker literally put even a piece of his soul into Clockwork. This brought the ticking puppet to life. Clockwork then served the Queen until one day he apparently just stopped moving after the region called the Hallow miraculously disappeared.

To Spawn Clockwork:

You must have defeated the Wall of Flesh

You must have the Golem NPC

What Clockwork Does:

He can upgrade most weapons making them into new weapons.

The cost is free but you must wait 10 seconds for him to upgrade the weapon.

He can charge the Celestial Sigil if you died during the Citadel boss fight.

Weapon List:

Original Version --- Upgraded Version (Tool Tip)

Sand Gun --- Dune Buster (During emergency break with glass)

Blade of Grass --- Blade of Thorns (Flower Power!)

Night's Edge --- Slayer of Nightmares (With this Monsters will look for you under their beds)

Dao of Pow --- Zeus Flail (Ben Franklin would be proud.)

Clockwork Assault Rifle --- Big Ben (I say, chew on this!)

Cursed Flames --- Smiting Inferno (Not to be mistaken for Dante’s Inferno)

Ice Rod --- Permafrost Staff (Great for keeping frozen foods.)

The Breaker --- Bottom of the Ninth (HOMERUN!)

Megashark --- Megamouth Cannon (He’s ALIVE! Oh, & he is quite the talker.)

Space Gun --- Stitch Blaster (Blue punch buggy!) GUN BY: LumpZ Go to this page for more by LumpZ: http://terraria.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:LumpZ/My_%22Sketchbook%22_of_sprites

Aqua Scepter --- Tsunami Scepter (H2Owned)

Golem Gallery

Clockwork Item Gallery

Megamouth Cannon

Megamouth has his own page: Megamouth Cannon

Balanced Mode

Balanced Mode is the step up from Hardmode & will be activated when Citadel is defeated.

  • Antibody class monsters will spawn in the world normally.
  • The corruption is gone.
  • The Hallow is gone.
  • Hallow mobs & Corruption mobs spawn in the normal biomes.
  • Deathweed now grows near sunflowers.
  • Pearlstone in the underground layer becomes: Soulstone Ore
  • Ebonstone in the underground layer becomes: Spiritium Ore
  • New Moons spawn a new friendly monster called Phantoms. They spawn above sea level, & can sell the player items that can be used in transforming Hallowed items.
  • Catastrophe Ruler of Disaster can be summoned.
  • Megamouth Cannon gets more quotes.
  • Souls of Light can be dropped by any Hallow monster in any biome. 1/3 chance.
  • Souls of Night can be dropped by any Corruption monster in any biome. 1/3 chance.
  • The Corruptor monster doesn’t spawn (if spawned in via cheat, mod, hack, or admin command it will die upon being spawned).
  • A new Dungeon like area is spawned in the Ocean on the opposite side of the normal Dungeon: Citadel
  • The Defeated Citadel area is filled with new monsters, items, & a new NPC exclusively found in it.
  • The Wise One is added.
  • Ravagers are added
  • Ravager Guardians are added & will spawn if the player enters the Defeated Citadel area without first beating The Wise One.
  • Golems spawn two times more.
  • One indestructible & unchangeable Hallow Biome Tree is placed on top of the Defeated Citadel area’s entrance.
  • One indestructible & unchangeable Corruption Biome Tree is placed on top of the Defeated Citadel area’s entrance.
  • Hallow Golems can spawn in any biome.
  • Corruption Golems can spawn in any biome.
  • Crystal Shards can be found on normal stone in the underground.

Defeated Citadel Biome

On the outside it seems very much like the Dungeon until you get a bit closer to the entrance, the first thing you will notice is the bricks are the EXACT SAME BRICKS as the ones in Citadel. Mainly because they are. Then you will notice the two Hallow & Corruption trees, don’t mess with them as they are unchangeable in every way. The third thing you will see is a dragon named The Wise One. You must defeat him to enter Citadel.



The Wise One is not a hard fight, as you will most likely have the Celestial Armor set (Antibody Leggings, Clockwork Helm, & Citadel Chestplate), as well as a few weapons that were upgraded by Clockwork. But like any boss he still shouldn’t be taken lightly. Spells don’t affect him, he is immune to all statuses, & the closer you are the higher his attack is meaning that melee weapons are a no go. As he gains attack the closer the player is & is immune to every spell & status the best way to beat him is with ranged weapons. In fact the best weapon to use against him is the Megamouth Cannon as he has a high shooting speed, high damage, a 50% chance to not use ammo & you can never actually run out of ammo. He is unable to get off the ground but he can do the same to you, as the player gets the Gravity Force debuff (disables flight, Grappling Hooks, & Gravity Potions) when The Wise One is being fought. When defeated he returns to the entrance & will warn you of the dangers within.

If you talk to The Wise One after defeating him you can be told many things.

“Clockwork… I remember him, an old Golem that one. He has many a battle scar. He had a taste of life before it was painfully ripped away from him. However he is a grand ally, he can upgrade your tools with a power even I don’t truly understand.”

(Have any type of Echo on screen at least once to have this said) “Echoes… Hmm, they’re horrid beasts if you can see them, but normally they cannot truly act with the world. All they are is a form of recorded movement. They haven’t been seen in many years, maybe Citadel’s fall caused their reawakening.”

New Items

Swift Fist Of Justice

Soul Steal


Dark Matter

White Matter





Ancient Chest

New Monsters

(Slime Class)


Resists all knockback lower than very high. Has same stats as Slime Antibody but can heal itself by draining mana from players from up to 20 blocks away.

Slime Antibody

Fast movement speed, 3000 HP, 50 Damage, 50 Defense

(Golem Class)

Dungeon Golem (Citadel Type)

Same as normal Dungeon Golems in its way of attack but has better camouflage & has 2 times the hp, damage, & defense


Friendly monsters that come to life at night & return to stone at day.

(Ravager Class)


1000 hp, 30 defense, faster than the fastest player in the game currently, they hit for 40 damage 100% of the time, & can’t be escaped unless you use the magic mirror. They can climb walls & their loud screech can be heard before they’re seen. When they are at 1/10 of their health they yell & alert Ravager Guardians

Ravager Guardian

9999 HP, 0 Defense, & double the speed of a Ravager, they deal 50 HP of damage 100% of the time & come in packs of 12, they spawn if The Wise One isn’t defeated yet or if a Ravager alerts them. They are very hard to defeat even if you are prepared as they’re fast, they cooperate with each other & they will jump around to avoid damage. They cannot be escaped as they cause a foggy mirror debuff, that makes the Magic Mirror unusable until you die.

(Imitator Class)


Shadow of What Once Was

Head Collector

(Mimic Class)

Mimic Antibody


(Echo Class)


Contact with the player being Echoed kills the player & echo instantly.

Grave Echo

Echoes that patrol the grave of the player they are Echoing, contact causes instant death.

Anti Echo

Top Tier Echoes that seek players out, contact does not instantly kill. This echo can spawn if a player kills an Antibody monster. The Anti Echo copies the player’s EXACT stats & weapon equipped when the Antibody monster died. However their weapon copying abilities are limited. If the weapon isn’t copy able it spawns with an (Echo) Antibody Blade.

(Paranormal Class)


Body Stealer

Wandering Spirit

(Demon Class)

Devil Dancer

(Catastrophe Foot Solider Class)

The Suffering

Takes damage on own can kill player in 3 to 5 hits (2,000 HP, takes 1000 HP of damage at a rate of 60 seconds.)

The Becoming

Takes control of any monster & makes them more powerful (Doubles every one of their stats.)

The Return

Revives self & other monsters once.

(Unknown Class)

The Arrival

Warning sign to players that the above are about to spawn, & disappear as fast as they came.

(Burrower Class)


Volcanic Wyrm

(Demigolem Class)

Living Armor

(Stalker Class)


Follows player, runs when hit.


Visible when hit or by other players that aren't being stalked, runs when hit.


Take form of random player, runs when hit


Visible in light, runs when hit.

Vile Stalker

Like a normal Stalker but is always hostile, doesn't run when hit.

Anti Stalker

Top tier Stalker, has all Stalker abilities & weaknesses, doesn't run when hit.

Subject ZETA

50,000 HP

DEFENSE VARIES (Normal: 50 Buzzsaw: 100 During Zeta Cannon: 25)

ATTACK VARIES (Contact: 50 Damage 100% of time. Buzzsaw: 10 Damage 100% of the time at a rate of 10 Damage per second. Zeta Cannon: 150 Damage 100% of the time at a rate of 150 Damage per second.)

SPEED VARIES (Normal: Speed of Normal Player. Buzzsaw: INSANE SPEED. During Zeta Cannon: Immobile)

How to fight: Enter the White Portal in the Defeated Citadel Biome

Bio Soon..

Drops the Odd Pistol

Odd Pistol

  • Subject Zeta has brute force, Puppet Master needs the players to use Golems, Infernox has type switching, Trap Lord influences team work or surviving under pressure, & the Goliath... His fight is like a fight from Shadow of the Colossus... Mixed with the Behemoth Boss fight from Kingdom Hearts 1
  • Requirements: Begin the night with the Odd Pistol equipped You will be unable to open your inventory or switch items. Don't worry for bullets. It needs none. Keep every monster back It does no damage. You cannot regain HP with the Odd Pistol equipped. You take damage if there is no monsters on screen so you must Survive the night. Then. You get the Dreamweaver.

Catastrophe Ruler of Disaster

The root of all evil, Catastrophe is known by many names such as Fear, Suffering, Despair, Sin, ect. When something goes wrong blame this horrid being. He loves to cause others pain & he feeds on this pain. He uses his powers to control fate for his sick gain.

  • Power over weather patterns
  • Limited Mind Control
  • Illusion
  • Create Nightmares (Go to set spawn with a bed at night during Balanced Mode you get the Torment debuff for the rest of the night & 3 minutes after the sun rises.) Torment debuff: Cannot enter dark areas, if monsters are on screen you take constant damage equal to the player’s defense.
  • Dark Magic
  • Temporary Shape Shifting


Catastrophe Manifestation

500,000 HP

200 BASE DAMAGE (Contact), 250 BASE DAMAGE (Dark Magic)



“I’m here to destroy you & take over your pitiful world. Is this a bad time?”

~Catastrophe to all Players before the first stage begins.

Catastrophe has gained enough power to physically manifest himself into the world, & he wants to do what his minions have failed in doing, this goal is to destroy you. Nothing will hurt this vile entity, except the very things he has been trying to destroy all along.


Catastrophe Ruler of Disaster

750,000 HP

400 BASE DAMAGE (Contact), 500 BASE DAMAGE (Dark Magic)



“I have no doubt in my mind, entering the portal is a one way trip. Be ready as there is no going back.”

~The Wise One to all Players

You are in his world now, & he is determined to make you SUFFER. He fights exactly like Stage One however with added power, speed, & a few new tricks. The most dangerous thing is going to be YOU. Catastrophe can create Illusions of the players fighting him. These Illusions are exact copies of the players & have every stat, buff, debuff, & they switch weapons to match who they are copying.


Mind Controlled Citadel Soul

200,000 HP




“You are simply a disease. Your feeble existence is to be cleansed from reality.”

~Mind Controlled Citadel Soul to the Player/Players as Stage Three begins.

Fight him exactly how you fought him the first time, but avoid his attacks as he hits like a bloody truck.


The Incarnate of Order & Evil Combined: Catastrophe Bringer of Armageddon

1,000,000,000 HP




“I have gained control of the only thing holding my true power at bay through my will alone! I will use this to make you suffer!”

~ Catastrophe to the Player/Players before the final stage.

This is the Final Boss, I can’t give you any help. All I can say is good luck. You’re going to need it… Catastrophe has gained total control of Citadel’s Antibody vessel & is wearing Citadel like armor. He now has nothing holding his true power back & GOOD LORD, he is radiating power. He has every attack of his previous stages (except the Illusion ability.) & he also has all of Citadel Soul’s attacks (except Ira Di). If you are not ready for him, you WILL DIE.

If you win, enjoy the credits, after those you will claim your rewards. You earned them.

Easter Eggs, Secrets, Rewards (After Catastrophe)

The Astro-Not Armor Set

Sold by Phantoms/Pumpkin Head after Catastrophe is defeated.

Helm: Astro-Not Helm.png

12 Gold

12 Defense

Suit: Astro-Not Suit.png

20 Gold

20 Defense

Boots: Astro-Not Boots.png

10 Gold

10 Defense

Total Cost: 42 Gold

Total Defense: 42 Defense

Set Bonus: 3 Times More Jumping Height, Permanent Feather Fall Effect, & Megamouth says secret quotes.

Secret Bosses


On Nov. 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette told police they saw a large white creature whose eyes "glowed red" when the car headlights picked it up. They described it as a "flying man with ten foot wings" following their car while they were driving in an area of town known as 'TNT', the site of a former World War 2 munitions plant.

During the next few days, other people reported similar sightings, including two volunteer firemen who said it was a "large bird with red eyes". Contractor Newell Partridge told when he aimed a flashlight at a creature in a nearby field its eyes glowed "like bicycle reflectors", blamed buzzing noises from his television set, & the disappearance of his German Shepherd dog on the creature.

Mothman has been widely covered in the popular press, some claiming sightings connected with UFOs, and others claiming that a military storage site was Mothman's "home". Recountings of the 1966-67 Mothman reports usually state that at least 100 people saw Mothman with many more "afraid to report their sightings."

There were no more reports after the Dec. 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge and the death of 46 people, giving rise to legends that the sightings and the bridge collapse were connected.

5,000 HP




Drops: Inhuman Blade

Coming Soon...

Secrets, Easter Eggs, & Info about AFTER Catastrophe's Defeat.

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