Hay everyone. I have been fooling around with wire for a long time(I built a vault once, if anyone wants to see it then send me a talk message), and came up with this simple memory circuit.

Mem circuit

EDIT: You need green pressure plates. Sorry!

It relies on a bunny statue, wiring(of course), active stone blocks, green pressure plates and dart traps(and a building material of your choice).

Color key:

  • Red: Input.
  • Blue: Output if true.
  • Green: Output if false.

The upper red cable is used to set the value. This is always toggling, I cant make it so that you can explicitly set it to true or false(actually, you can, but that means ignoring one output, or more complicated stuff that I can explain some other time).

The blue cable will trigger if the output is true, i.e. if the bunny crosses the hole.

The green cable will trigger if the output is false, i.e. if the bunny falls in the hole and cant cross the hole.

An analog program in the game can set the value of the bit using the upper red cable. This is, again, always toggling.

The same analog program in the game can request the value of the bit using the lower/left red cable. It will take approximately just less than 1 second for the bit to return true or false.

The state of the active stone is the actual thing that holds the data. When its ON, the value is true, and likewise, when its OFF, the value is false.

You can stack this data holder an amount of times only limited by your world size. However, that will get messy.

ECUT explanation:. If the bunny can cross the bridge(the active stone in its ON state) it can progress towards the end of the circuit and press the button, thus winning the game(making the circuit return true). If it can not cross the bridge(the active stone in its OFF state, it will fall in the hole(making the circuit return false).

Total materials needed to make 1 bit holder:

  • 11 wires
  • 1 Bunny statue
  • 2 GREEN pressure plates(other colors may not work. At least gray wont)
  • 2 dart traps
  • 30 building blocks of your choice
  • 2 active stone, OR add 2 to your building material grocery list and 2 actuators.

And, of course the 3 colored wrenches and a wire cutter(not absolutely neccesary, but there is a 99.9% chance that you will misclick).

I hope this helped you understand wiring a little. If you got any feedback, dont hestitate making a comment :)

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