Hey everyone. In this part of A Pokemon's Guide To Wiring, Im going to show you one practical application with wiring. This time, it is a passcoded trigger.

This is what it end result looks like(you should also build it like that):

Screenshot 2014-02-19 20.24.36

Note that I forgot something important: You must include room for a gate if you want to make something like a secure room or vault. It may seem daunting at first, and it will for a while, but Im gonna walk you through it.

These are basically stacked Memory circuits with a numerical input.

You need to stack the memory circuits in a way that they are compact, but if you are making something like a (big) vault to store your stuff you dont really need to make it that compact.

For example, the passcode here is a 2 number one: 13. Note that the passcode shown here is incorrect.

To change the passcode to how you want it, you need to make sure that every active stone is ON - so no inactive stone. Next, you need to turn off every "blockade". If you have done everything right, at this point every torch and blockade should be ON. We dont want that, so what you need to do is trigger every input except for the ones that you want to be in your passcode. For example, if you want your passcode to be 2467, you need to trigger every input except for 2, 4, 6 and 7.

At this point, if you done it right, every torch should be OFF and all the blockades should be OFF except for your passcode. But were not there yet! Now, you must replace the torches that are on(dont trigger them, replace the torches), and now you have a functional passcode lock and a valid passcode!

But, there is no trigger yet. To add a trigger like some active stone to block off that vault, you must hook up the wiring on the bottom of the "processor" to the whatever you wanted to secure, like some kind of door - or what about a secured self-destruct button to destroy the world?! The possibilities are endless!

You may also want to make a thick wall around the processor so that light cant get in the thing, making your code invisible. Also take account in that people may have Wisps that they can use to view your passcode. And, whats worse, people may even have rod of Discords that they can you to get in your vault! But you dont need to make a 200-block wide wall to protect it from absolutely everything, unless you are swimming in stone or are working with inventory editors or freebuild servers where you can spawn items. But, whatever you can do to protect your things, you are never safe from hackers, or staff. Note that all of those security upgrades are pointless in singleplayer.

To use it, you just press every pressure plate that your passcode includes and press the last pressure plate(the one without the torches), and after about 2 seconds the circuit should trigger!

Thats how you make a passcode-secured trigger. I hope you found this helpful, and if you also know some practical analog program that you made in Terraria, why not let everybody know and post it in a comment? Or even better, post it on my talk page and Ill make a tutorial out of it!

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