Hey everyone! Mathmagician back again with another single-player walkthrough. This time I'm going to show you a simple strategy that works against every single Hard Mode boss. No, I'm not going to be using Gravitation Potions and flying around like a madman. No, I'm not going to be using Hallowed Armor, the Magical Harp or any other gear that you can't get without first beating one of the bosses. And, in fact, I'm going to take them on all at the same time (but you don't necessarily have to). The strategy I'm going to be using is not a quick-and-dirty one, however. Time and effort must be invested upfront in making certain preparations.




I'm going to need a powerful weapon if I want to kill the bosses before dawn. One particularly good option is the Crystal Storm spell, which isn't that hard to craft. It shoots insanely fast and has very high DPS (damage per second). Next, I'm going to power up my Crystal Storm with virtually every bonus known to mankind:

The results are quite nice--maybe not the best ever, but they'll suffice: 48 damage with 22% critical. Also note that I have Thorns Potions to help out in the damage department a bit.


To minimize the amount of damage that I take, I'm going to do 2 things: 1) Have a reasonably high defense rating, 2) Make use of Hellstone Bricks and wear a Cross Necklace. Notice that "dodge" didn't appear in that list. That's because I'm not going to be dodging very much. In fact, I'm not going to jump a single time during the battle. The Cross Necklace will make me invincible for about 1 second after I take damage from something. And if what I just got hurt by was fire damage from some Hellstone that I was walking on, then that effectively means that over a 1 second period of time I only took 1 point of damage.

Now, I will be taking damage from the bosses sometimes as well. To mitigate that, I'm wearing full Adamantite Armor, and I've brought the melee helm with me as well. The melee helm gives 18 more defense than the mage one, which is very significant. Also, every single one of my accessories has been reforged with a good defense bonus. After drinking an Ironskin Potion, which I have plenty of, you can see that my defense rating is 54. I can optionally boost it up to 72 by switching out helmets. Of course, I'm wearing a Cobalt Shield so that I don't take knockback.


My healing options consist of 4 Heart Statues and a sufficient number of Greater Healing Potions. I also have a Philosopher's Stone to reduce the cooldown of healing potions. Let's do a little bit of math. Four Heart Statues are worth 8 hearts every 8 seconds, which is the same thing as 1 heart per second. So, in 45 seconds, that's 45 hearts. A greater healing potion is going to be worth 7.5 hearts once every 45 seconds. That means I'll be getting 52.5 hearts every 45 seconds, or roughly 1.17 hearts every second, which translates to a healing rate of about 23 life restored per second.

Now, with the Cross Necklace, I can only take damage once per second. So the real question is: Considering my defensive setup outlined above, will I be taking less than 23 damage per second on average... or more? It turns out, the answer is less. But it's very close. That means that I will need make sure to utilize my healing options as effectively as possible. If I'm below full health, I need to quickly step on some (not all) of the pressure plates and grab only as many hearts as I need to get back to full health. Heart Statues have an 8 second cooldown, so I don't want to be spawning/grabbing hearts if I don't need them yet--that just wastes the cooldown and means that I may not have healing available when I need it a few seconds later! When my health drops into the 250-300 range, I need to immediately consume a Greater Healing Potion.

Defeating The Bosses

The Summoning


Alright, let's get this party started. I've summoned all 3 bosses, so for better or worse, it's done. I'm going to begin by targeting The Destroyer. Notice that I've already activated all of my buffs.

1 Minute Later...


Based off of the timings on my buffs and the position of the moon, I've been fighting for about 1 minute. Just slowly walking left and right, picking up hearts from the statues and probes. I haven't even had to use a health potion yet. The Destroyer is down to almost half health, so this is good. Remember, nighttime lasts 9 minutes.

2-3 Minutes Later...


The moon is hiding behind Retinazer, which means the night is about 1/4 over. The Destroyer died some time ago, Spazmatism is below half health because he's in his second form, and Skeletron Prime has lost about 7000 HP. I've also replenished my buffs.

One thing that's quite scary is the fact that my health has plummeted down to 250 and I'm still on potion cooldown--that's largely because The Destroyer is gone, so I'm taking damage at a greater rate. No need to panic though, I'm just going to equip the melee helm for extra defense, work a bit harder at collecting those hearts, and try to walk away from Skeletron Prime's headspin attack a bit. It does 100 base damage, which is very, very painful. I'm going to finish off Spazmatism now, since he's an easy target.

4-5 Minutes Later...


Once again the moon is hiding behind Retinazer, this time directly at the top of the screen, so the night is about half over. Spazmatism is dead, Retinazer's in his second form, and Skeletron Prime is on his last legs. Or arms, rather. In any case, you can see that my health has stabilized thanks to the extra defense. I'm just going to finish off Skeletron Prime next.

6-7 Minutes Later...


Good riddance, Skeletron Prime. Now I can finally re-equip my mage helm and finish off The Twins. Or what's left of them, at least.

28 Days Later. Just Kidding.


And that's a wrap. Now to go dig up those souls that The Destroyer probably dropped somewhere underground...

The Destroyer

If you just want to take on The Destroyer by himself, you can easily do it with this strategy. You don't even need Heart Statues. Just kill the probes and collect the hearts that they drop instead. Choose whatever weapon suits you, but make sure that you have enough defense.

The Twins

If you only want to fight The Twins, this strategy will make mincemeat out of them. You won't need all 4 Heart Statues. If you have enough defense (75+), you technically don't even need any Heart Statues at all as long as you stand on/in the Hellstone, Meteorite, Sand, etc. and as long as your weapon can kill them quickly enough.

Skeletron Prime

This guy is the bringer of pain. If you're not going to dodge him, then you'll really need some powerful healing. That's why I have 4 Heart Statues in the first place. As long as you have enough healing, fighting Skeletron Prime at nighttime isn't a challenge.

Additional Notes

  • There are 3 things you should be paying attention to during the battle. 1) Your current health, so that you know when to heal. 2) The timings of your buffs (including potion cooldown), so that you know when to use potions again. 3) The bosses themselves, so that you can aim your ranged weapon most effectively. The way I do this is I mainly look at the bosses, but I glance to the upper right corner every couple seconds to check my health and after that I glance to the left to check on my buffs. With the Heart Statues, you could more or less go on autopilot by slowly walk left and right, stepping on 1 pressure plate per second, if you so desire.
  • One downside to this kind of strategy is the amount of time and effort required in making preparations. In particular, finding 4 Heart Statues can take some time (it took me 2 hours by making new small worlds and combing dungeons). Mining Adamantite to make the armor set takes a little bit of time. Obtaining accessories such as the Sorcerer Emblem, Cross Necklace, Philosopher's Stone and the Mana Flower may take some time. You might have to farm a bit to get enough money for the necessary reforges (see my farming guide if you're interested). I assure you, however, for those with patience, making the necessary preparations is worth it--you'll be able to kill the bosses over and over again with minimal effort.
  • For those of you wanting to kill all 3 bosses at the same time, I cannot emphasize enough how important each piece of gear that I'm using is. If you try this strategy, but you forget to bring, say, Magic Power Potions and the mage helm, you may not kill the bosses before dawn. If your healing/defensive setup is worse than mine, you may die. You have been warned.
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