Let's Teach you how to make a Hoik in Terraria

Let's Teach you how to make a Hoik in Terraria

I youtube every now and then so here is a Hoiking Video

2015-05-08 00016

Right above my mouse cursor

This is how to make a Hoik. Plain and simple, you're going to need: A Hammer, some Wood, a Wood Platform and (Optional) some Rope and/or a Magic Mirror/Recall Potion in order to exit the Hoik

\Building a Hoik/

  • In order to create a Hoik you must first look deep inside yourself... go on... do it. Do you understand now? No? Ok, that's why I'm here to type out what you need to know.
  • A Hoik will be comprised of Wood (or any other block that can be altered by a Hammer), in a triangle, facing either Right/Down, Right/Up or Left/Down. If you don't understand what I mean look at this photo:
    2015-05-08 00015

    The Directions are as listed: Right/Down, Right/Up, and Left/Down

Understand now? At least a little? Ok, great.

In order to make a Hoik you will need to take the Wood Platform and place it right before the first wood piece like in the picture to the right:

  • Next you're going to space out the wood blocks by one space. So for Example (X=wood block) X(space)X not XX or X(double space)X

Putting It Together

Now I know what you're thinking "Wow! This was a waste of time" and I'm here to tell you 'You're right!' I don't really know what the Physics to a hoik are but, I do know how to make one the kill the Dungeon Guardian and (most likely) that's why you're here. So, I will not disappoint you. I've made a video and I explain quite a bit better how to Hoik so I suggest checking it out: [1] (P.s. Its the same video as the one up top.)

Also if at any time you might now more about Hoiking than me go ahead and alter some of the stuff that I said before because in case you haven't noticed I just threw some of the stuff up and I don't really understand Hoiks.

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