Soo,Do you ahve suggestions for terrriria?List them as a comment below!

I have a ton,but do note that this is just for a freind of mine,diagonstic lord

Here is jsut a few.

Peace treaty:Makes most mobs peaceful.

You make it with the royal gel,the unlucky gravestone,and some other ones not figured out yet.

Last hope:Crafted with a luminite bar,this kills all enimes on screen,takes all of your money,even if you stored it away,and could save your life!This also works on bosses,but it also resets your prefixes if there is over 100 enimes,or a  boss.

Nebula cloud:Summons nebula clouds to rain mini satroid on your foes.This is just an upgraded version of the nimbus rod,exepct it has higher damage,98,and can now summon three clouds.The mini metors also are homing

If you have any other ideas for the Terraria spectra mod,leave them down below!This is not my mod,but rather diagonstic lord's mod idea.Go check him out and his wiki!

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