• Rebmiami
    • Got Dao of Pow.
    • Killed a few wyverns and made the Harpy Wings.
    • Defeated a Hallowed Mimic (I didn't get the stormbow).
    • Died to a Hallowed Mimic when it had just a tiny sliver of health left.
    • Had a companion cube for sale AGAIN and I couldn't afford it... as soon as I have 5 platinum I'll probably never see it up again.
    • Got my first platinum (after the companion cube).
    • Found a tortured soul and got the Tax Collector NPC.
    • Got a blood moon and then immediately after a pirate invasion.
    • Defeated my first pirate invasion.
    • Got the Pirate NPC.
    • Andrew the Guide died in the invasion and I got a green cap.
    • Defeated 11 Eyes of Cthulhu in one night w/o any healing and got a mask and trophy (yes I'm insane).
    • Now has 503 demonite ore and has no idea what to do with i…
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