Hello Everyone,

With 1.3 on the way very soon, I know a lot of you will be excited to discover new things about the game and add them to the wiki. While it is completely fine to add new pages and make new edits, I'd like to take the time to offer some tips to help make this busy time on the wiki run as smoothly as possible. 

When you start a new page, there are a few things that can help you. Here on the wiki, we strive to make all the pages have a uniformity among them, and to help with this there are various policies and guidelines to read such as the Editing and Advanced Editing Policies, and the Manual of Style. These pages do a very good job of explaining what a page should look like. 

Don't have time for all that reading? A quicker way to get a feel for what a page needs, is to look at other pages, especially those that are very similar to the item you are adding. Adding a new piece of furniture like a chair? Take a quick look at other chair pages. Enter edit mode on the old page and view it in source to get a good look at how the page was set up. Then you will know how to set up infoboxes, galleries and more.

With 800 new items added, its going to be a hectic time here on the wiki, and if you need any help with editing, don't hesitate to reach out to the staff who will be happy to help you. You can ask questions on the talkpages of Oscuritaforze, TerrariamcSwaggins, The Pathogen, Freenight, SilverHexxitFights, and myself to name a few. There are also sure to be other experienced editors coming around once the update hits. Check out the chat as well if you have questions.

Happy Editing!

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