The Pathogen

aka iPathos

  • I live in Whangarei, New Zealand
  • I was born on December 11
  • I am Male
  • The Pathogen

    Hi there all. It's been quite a while since I posted a blog, so I thought it was well-due. This isn't a major update, other than that I'm currently talking to quite a few medical experts regarding my migraines, so I may not be available when I usually am. (90% of the time, I'm lurking somehow.) If you guys have any recommendations or advantageous choices, I'm more than happy to listen to them. (This is not the full blog post, I will have to update it later tonight or another night.)

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  • The Pathogen
    1. Figure out any different combinations that could be used for cross-platform infoboxes. (This is meaning that a single infobox is present on the relevant page, but that you click the tab that you play Terraria on — for example: Console or iOS — for the relevant differences.)
      • Possible use of the tabber extension in one or more places per infobox (primarily for the differences in monster drops, coin differences, spawn information.
      • Check embedding for the above.
    2. Properly organize the pages that are needing attention, as well as the now-redundant disambiguation pages.
    3. Flesh out any needed CSS code throughout the wiki, including infobox coloration suggestions for all active admins.
    4. Properly examine categories and select which should be changed, merged, …
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  • The Pathogen

    Hello there all. It's been a little while since I last updated my blog; so please do bear with me.

    My activity lately (and in the near-distant past) has been atrocious. I was originally a daily editor who improved any article I came across that needed any editing. I've been slacking in that aspect, as well as most other areas, such as where an admin/b-crat would be expected to manage (or pay attention to, at least). I've also been lacking in chat presence, IRC presence, responses to talk-page messages (especially when I've only recently made this template. I will be aiming to change this in the coming days and weeks. I am also working towards a usable template that can interchange between PC/Console/Android/iOS, all while staying on the same p…

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  • The Pathogen

    Hi there all.

    First of all, I want to inform you that I am still here. I do check most days, but if I don't see any obvious maltreatment of the wiki, I move on to other things. Looking at the performance of some of the community now, I think it may be worth spending a little more time browsing around and deciding things, as well as looking over edits and judging the good faith of them.

    I'm currently in an apprenticeship for electricians. This is a very practical-based apprenticeship, with theory behind it in weekly classes. However, I have both the Minecraft and Terraria wiki (I am a bureaucrat on both) on my bookmarks bar so that I may monitor them as I work on my theory or play my games in spare time.

    I do still wish to be a part of this commun…

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  • The Pathogen

    Rollback Nomination

    December 19, 2012 by The Pathogen

    I've honestly got no clue as to where I'm supposed to post this, so I decided on a blog post.

    I'd like to formally nominate Sküljagger as a rollbacker for the wiki. His attention and care to detail in editing is admirable, and his loyalty to the wiki's anti-vandalism system, both easily qualify him for this role, if he is willing to take it on.

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