Hello this is my new sereis im gonna do because ive seen some before and I really wanted to make one myself and i hope you enjoy this. Also subscribe to my channel on youtube it is Noobfartaming, I am trying to get subs so i can be a youtuber in the futer so thanks.

Prelog(i think its called that tell me if im wrong)

The land of Terraria is a wonderful place but also a dangerous place full of wonders, treasues and evil creatures. The man named Eldwin who has a red shirt with blue undershirt,green pants, purple shoes,dark spiky hair and sea bule eys appears inth this land with his buddy Levortables. This man has bunded green hair with yellow shirt and pants, wite undershirt, stone grey shoes and purple eyes. There adventure is about to begin...

only putting up this today because it is 10:00pm here in NZ so i probably wont be able to finish. the reason for that is that I am still in intermedeate.