Hello everyone.

Today i want to present to you my fully automatic Plantera farm. Farm summons the Plantera, kills her and picks up the loot without any key inputs.

Even tho the post itself doesn`t provide a lot of usefull information, i still recommend to read it before watching the video.




Usually, people upload the blueprints or at least an overview picture of farm with wiring. But my farm is so huge, that even 20 pictures merged together won`t cover the farm, let alone the whole wiring. My farm is not complex or anything like that - it`s just big.

That`s why i made a miniature model of my farm, so you can see all the wiring. The placement of some sections and scaling is different from the original, but process is absolutely the same.


Miniature with wiring

I didn`t included the spear and dart traps in to miniature model. They are part of the farm but they aren`t part of the system. They work independently from the system.

In a nutshell, the farming process could be devided in 4 parts:




Separation overview

1) Waiting for Plantera Bulb to spawn.

Waiting lasts 6 minutes and 40 second. Time like this could be counted by timer like this.


Advanced timer

Waiting zone is located outside the farm. You need to be outside the jungle, otherwise the bulb won`t spawn.

2) Summoning the Plantera.

After a waiting zone player gets teleported to Bulb farm. Deactivating jungle grass blocks under the Bulb. Bulb breaks and Plantera summoned.

 Since the Bulb farms are very long and minecarts move very fast (even after only 1 boost), Plantera usualy dissapears. To keep Plantera in the line of sight, the farm is provided with "pausebarriers", which blocks you for 5 - 10 seconds and then launch you back on track.



3) Killing Plantera.

After Bulb farm player gets teleported to arena, where Plantera gets killed by spear traps.

Spear traps

Spear trap system to kill plantera

To avaoid Plantera and keep her away, farm uses a teleportation loop with 3 teleports


Teleportation loop

4) Picking up the loot.

Transitioning between the sections is done with minecart

Each section of farm is responsible for its functions. If any of sections or transition between the sections don`t work, the whole farm goes idle.


Video contains more information and it should answer on most of your questions. If anything remains unclear, feel free to ask.

World download:

Setting up the farm:


1) What is the performance of the farm?

4-5 Planteras per hour. May seem like not a lot but i`ve put a lot of effort to reach this number. My first designs weren`t functional at all and my first functional design provided only 1 Plantera per 6 hours. If you leave farm for 6 hours (which is less than normal sleep/study/work time) you will still get 24-30 kills.

2) Why the Bulb patches are 2 blocks wide? That`s 33,(3)% less grow area and 200% more work.

2 blocks wide patches prevent 3 block wide jungle bushes from growing. Why is that so improtant? For example - We have a solid line of jungle grass block, which contains 9 bushes and 1 Plantera Bulb. If we deactivate the line, only 1 random object from 10 total will dissapear. Which means, that there is only 10% chance for Bulb to be destroyed.

3) Why there are dart traps?

I`ve never seen a Plantera Bulb near or next to Life Fruit. Same applies to Life Fruit. I`m not 100% sure, but from what i`ve seen, the presence of one affects the spawn of another. Darts cut off Life Fruits, while Plantera Bulb remains untouched

4) I`ve noticed a lot of chlorophyte around the farm. Is that some sort of decoration?

Artificiallyplaced chlorophyte prevents the natural spawn of chlorophyte. There is a limit, of how much chlorophyte could spawn/exist per certain area. That`s the reason your jungle biome didn`t turned into huge piece of green ore yet

6) How much time you`ve spend building this farm?

Since i was getting all the materials by myself and was building without any mods or editors, it took me about 55-60 hours to build the farm + about 400 hours of AFK tests. Keep in my mind, that i was constantly upgrading, changing and adding new things/areas into the farm. Building the final version of the farm from scratch will take about 20-25 hours.

7) The farm looks neat. Should i build this in my world?

No. This farm have no practical use whatsoever. At the time you will finish building, you can easily get all the items from Plantera by yourself. If you still want to build it, then i highly recommend you to build miniature version at first. That will help you to understand, how the farm works.

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