aka Danny

  • I live in Sryup Land
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is Playing Terraria and Minecraft aswell as making videos.
  • I am M-M-M-Male!
  • XDanny7

    Ideas for New Biomes

    August 27, 2011 by XDanny7


    One I think of, and also the one I had in mind the most was a Space Biome, probably already an idea by someone, but not to it's full intent. One way it could be reached is to be on a floating island, once there, you'll need some gold bars, perhaps 5 to craft the Golden Anvil. With it, you can craft the Space Boots with the Rocket boots and 20 fallen stars as well as the "Advanced Anvil Crafting". Then you fly up, with them and you'll be teleported into the Space Biome. To go back to the normal world, just unequip the Space Boots and you'll be teleported back.

    Once there, everything will be looking space themed, dirt will be Moon Dust, stone will be Moon Rocks, etc. In the space biome, there will be a certain type of boss, can be summon…

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  • XDanny7

    Welcome back. Sorry for the late post, actually, my school started and I was very busy. Anyways, welcome back to Adventures in Terraria, with your new host, Bob! Not Bob the builder people, he's Bob Sanchez XD

    Click. Spawn. Walk. Back in my condo :D In my condo, I continued to work on my basement, where I made a awesome fountain. And after that, nothing else. My Basement remained empty due to I didn't know what to do to it. I actually preferred it to be like that so it could be my "Storage" room. After a few minutes of thinking what to do with it, I thought, I could make another mine but this one implanted into my condo :D! Failure number 6 came up, it was exhaustening to make a mine, just the way I wanted it, without fails or mistakes. Unfo…

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  • XDanny7

    Server Details?!

    July 12, 2011 by XDanny7

    Alrighty! The time has come and it will be for limited time :D (Relatively not) If you wish to join my server on Terraria, your chance has come! Here are the details and the requirements to join: First of all, the details are that you have to join atleast one day a week, in other cases, I can't have you gone for a week while you take space when someone else wants to join, secondly, there is no PvP in this server so if you wanted that, then please leave this instant. And least but not last, GRIEFERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. You will be IP banned from my server if you destroy other people's creations without their PERMISSION.

    Once you have that cleared, we move onto the requirements:

    -The latest version of LogMeIn Hamachi.

    -A nice smooth computer with the re…

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  • XDanny7

    I'm sorry to show my face in this situation, I know I was absent and it was because I ran out of chips to eat ._. Welcome back! I guess. To part 4 of ADVENTURES IN TERRARIA now in HD. (To make it HD, you have to press Alt + F4) If you didn't fell in that, congrats :D

    Click. Loaded myself back into the game, with new chips, and a bunny on my right side waiting for me to make a movement. Luckily, I didn't save on a blood moon. Unluckily, that same day, after my explorations from the invasion of Spain, I found a pack of zombies in my mining shaft where I had found a large cave, rich in ores, orgasming- WAIT! They can't do such a thing, of course not! They were "ARGH" and "URGH"ing waiting for me. Silly people. I went back into my condo, where I h…

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  • XDanny7

    I am running out of ideas now.. Welcome back! We shall resume to Part 3 of.. Adventures in Terraria, feel free to say I'll fail.

    Open. Load. Finish. Back in the desert! I walked again (This was tiring me now) to my newest Condo with a basement. I started to think it was a bit boring now, so I thought, if this is like Minecraft, then I could build a mine! Obviously, I failed a couple times setting it up on a good place. Constantly, slimes would slow me down and it'd be almost night when I'd finish so I found a large mountain, not to brag about either but it was huge in a number that can cover my house just like a tiny puny ant. Like any miner would do, I start making a entrance to start my mine. That took 1 or 2 mins. No worries, I had it all…

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