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  • I live in Somewhere over the rainbow..
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Student and Contributing to the Wikia
  • I am A Horse

Welcome to the Talk page of ItzUnstopable ~ AKA Alex

Hi! Welcome to my talk page! Feel free to leave me a message and ill try to reply as soon as I can. I hope that I can be of assistance here. Some things to remember: •Please sign your messages using 4 ~ or the signature button up in the edit tools. •Please be respectfull while leaving a message, Please leave a message related to the subject field. Thank you and I hope I can help!

Regarding your comment and Edit summary

Hi there ItzUnstopable. I noted a couple of your contributions (this one and this one in particular) have either been of no useful impact or are otherwise insulting to other users. This isn't encouraged and I'd just like to let you know that early on. If you're unsure about something that's been posted in an article, it is often a good idea to look into that information before changing it, as sometimes it's simply the way the info itself has been worded that looks a little odd. Thanks. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Tue 9 February 2016, 02:42

Hey Pathos, First off, sorry for the delayed response. Ive been pretty busy lately. Second, im so sorry about those bad edits. One of my friends was messing around without my consent. It will not happen again, sorry. --ItzUnstopable (talk) 19:09, March 1, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable

Re; Christmas Tree Sword

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Re: Buggy

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Concerning some of your edits


I've noticed that you are removing stubs and altering the source formatting slightly on a few pages lately. It is fine to work on the stubs, but perhaps consider adding a bit more info to them before removal, or just add your contribution and leave the stub for future additions. Also, I ask that you not move the main article body down from the end of the infobox template, as this is the standard formatting for all the articles, and changing some of them would make things inconsistant. I am here to help, so if you have any questions just leave me a message or find me in chat.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sat 5 March 2016, 02:16 Squirrelicon4.png

Hey Squazzil, Thanks for the advice and ill try and add more information when I remove a stub article. I am still learning how things are done and im sorry if I make some mistakes. I would love to become a better editor and it would be awesome if you could give me some advice. Thank you for the notice. --ItzUnstopable (talk) 05:06, March 5, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable
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