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Welcome[edit source]

Welcome to my talk page. Take off your shoes and don't touch anything in the shelves. MithranArkanere 18:19, 24 May 2011 (UTC)

Great minds think alike[edit source]

Note that some ideas may be seen in in other places, made by other players. This is not me 'stealing ideas', it's either 'great minds think alike', and me having the same idea, or me liking that idea a lot, but not enough, so I make my own version of it. I won't keep track of all the players that had those ideas that inspired me, but feel free to claim your part of the merit here if you think you had that idea first.

We are all working here together! MithranArkanere 18:19, 24 May 2011 (UTC)

Endurance[edit source]

I was just thinking wouldn't endurance kind of be annoying? Like i understand it from a realistic approach, but it seems to go too far :P. If it was used in crafting, and not mining I could understand it, because mining actually takes realistic time, whereas making 2000 bricks, takes less than two minutes. --Thanatos 03:00, 26 May 2011 (UTC)

That's why it's here and not in the forums. I'm working the numbers to make it less annoying. The idea is to make people do different things, changing what the do, instead sticking t one thing regardless of time of the day. So you have to stop digging and chopping trees for a few seconds, and kill some monsters or explore a bit instead, and then go back to dig. Mith - Talk 03:13, 26 May 2011 (UTC)

Why would you have endurance and the option to skip through part of the day? Couldn't you just skip through part of the day and have all of your endurance back? Ahsem

Endurance is meant to prevent people fron just focusing on digging and forgetting about all other things you can do, like exploring, building and fighting, and mainly for multiplayer. A fast-forward option that works in singleplayer only will not affect this.
You won't be able to actually 'skip time' avoiding the things that happen in the middle. Actually, it will 'fast-forward'. And it will just speed up the game for some time, for times when you don't have anything else you want to do, but you must wait until something happens, like trees growing, grass spreading, a meteorite falls or a goblin raid comes. Instead waiting doing nothing with the game open, you 'fast-forward'. Of course you'll recover endurance, but that's not really that important in singleplayer. I'll change its activation to a Grandfather clock furniture piece, to ensure it can't be used to speed time to recover endurance underground, though, since going back to the 'base' makes recovering endurance faster anyways. Mith - Talk 05:21, 30 May 2011 (UTC)
Isn't mining part of the exploration experience though? There shouldn't be a penalty for people who just want to mine stuff. Ahsem

Over-complications[edit source]

I just looked over your other ideas, it seems like they'd over-complicate the game and make some items that are currently implemented obsolete(Reinforced bucket, GPS, Nature's Band, etc.) The idea of the safe isn't bad, but making it useful for steam players only would be unfair.Your crafting combos for arrows and bullets seem a bit off too. "5 Poison arrows: 1 Hornet stinger + 15 arrows." Using 15 arrows and one stinger to make 5 poison arrows would mean that you threw away 10 arrows. It'd probably make more sense to use twice as many of the item that adds the status effect (In this case Hornet Stingers) than there are arrows, so 5 Arrows + 10 Hornet Stingers = 5 Poison Arrows. Ahsem

  • The reinforced bucket is meant to prevent easily getting lava around. First, you'll have to get at least some obsidian. The more lava you want to move around, the more obsidian you have to spend first in making buckets that will be able to do so. Lava moats are something rather powerful in PvP scenarios so no one should be able to just dig down and get lava with a mere iron bucket that should melt when touching lava. This is not over-complicating things, is to solve an excessive simplicity. It's like when they changed the requirements to dig Hellstone from any pickaxe to Demonite pickaxe or better: It was too simple.
  • Items like GPS and Nature's Band are meant to compress properties of accessories into one, and save accessory slots so one can pick more other useful stuff. An item being obsolete because something better is found of crafted is not a problem, it happens all the time. Look at the Ivy Whip, the Flamarang, the Copper, Iron and Gold watches, the better tools and weapons that replace the previous ones... In the case of 'compressed' accessories that give stackable properties (like +renegeration or +% attack speed), they do not make their original obsolete, since unlike the original, they do not stack with each other. Bringing more than one won't do anything, so along them you'll have to bring the original items if you want more of the same property. These compressed items are not meant to increase power too much as if you had 10 accessory slots in which you can put 10 bands, 5 of each, but to save accessory slots when you want to bring just one of each, and being able that way to bring more variety in accessories.
  • Currently, there are ONLY Steam players, so it can't be unfair to use the Steam ID, if you are not a Steam player, you are a pirate and you don't deserve to play this game. If that were to change, a way to give each player an unique ID would be devised instead using the Steam ID, but for now it's not necessary.
  • The ammo thing was a slip. I changed the number of projectiles you get per 'base ingredient' several times, but I forgot to change the recipe part some of those times. Mith - Talk 13:31, 30 May 2011 (UTC)