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Underage User

Hey Oscuritaforze, i distinctly remember reading somewhere on the Wiki that you have to be at least 13 years old to edit entries on this wiki. Anyways, there is a newer member on the wiki named Evilgate, and apparently he is 9 years old. I haven't noticed any mistakes in his editing, yet, but I feel that since he is 9, he may not have the responsibility yet, to be editing. Maybe you could look into the matter? Thanks. TerrariamcSwaggins (talk) 18:55, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up. That user has been blocked.
(Also, for future reference, this wiki doesn't actually have any policies dealing with underage users – instead, the age requirement is part of Wikia's Terms of Use. It's not required that local admins police Wikia's global policies, but it is recommended that we do so (though how we do so is up to us.)
(All of this was actually explained to me around the time that I first became an admin here.))
Oscuritaforze (talk) 19:23, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

New contributor

Hi, I'm Frui, and my home wiki is over at Avatar Wikia. I was just wondering a couple of things - namely your image policy, and general policies regarding things like page deletion/votes for deletion and the like - maintenance, really. Another note, I was also wondering why you have so many administrators and why three are inactive - one of them being a bureaucrat. Oh, one other thing - is there a standard on whether British English or American Egnlish is used on here. Found it! Sorry about that. I should also point out that, per the image policy, all these images need to be deleted. Thanks! Fruipit · Talk page · Writings 11:28, December 5, 2013 (UTC)

Hey there Frui. Welcome to the Terraria wiki! (Sorry for the relatively late response...)
Anyway, a directory of our formal policies can be found here, though do note that many of them are out-of-date and in need of serious review/revision – a discussion about this will probably be coming later this month. Until then, the following is (as I understand it) how policies have recently been enforced on this wiki:
  • Policies under TW:EDIT which are usually enforced:
    1. Do not post spam and vandalism (this one's pretty much a given on any wiki, I expect...).
    2. Search thoroughly before creating a new page to make sure that it is not a duplicate (such pages are usually turned into redirects).
    3. Use correct spelling and grammar, and do not post vulgar language (the latter is enforced by the abuse filter, though please report false positives to myself or Mathmagician).
    4. Do not put opinions, rumors, guesses, or anything non-Terraria related on pages (if you see this kind of information appear on the content namespace, feel free to remove it).
    5. Write using the third person narrative (enforced in that editors are encouraged to correct edits which don't follow it, but no one is going to be blocked for what is essentially a style issue).
  • TW:ADVEDIT will eventually be merged with the regular editing policy/the wiki's formal manual of style, but for now:
    1. Item/monster names should be regarded as proper nouns and be capitalized.
    2. First instance of the article's topic should be bolded, but subsequent instances should not (we tend to use {{PAGENAME}} for this in the chance that a page would need to be renamed due to an update or something – saves a tiny bit of work).
    3. American English is the standard here (but you knew that already).
    4. Videos...are a complicated issue. I'll deal with that later.
    5. Update info gets its own section, and is listed in reverse chronological order.
    6. (Infoboxes have recently undergone some changes, so that section will need to be rewritten.)
    7. Assume good faith, report repeated or severe vandalism at the Administrator's Noticeboard, mark spam pages for speedy deletion, etc...
    8. Duplicated/redundant pages should be made into redirects (there aren't a whole lot of main namespace pages which we delete, actually).
    9. (The "don't redirect across namepaces" policy isn't really enforced. As I understand it, its for much the same reason that policy shortcuts (eg. TW:BLOCK) exist.)
  • Pretty much all of TW:MOD is valid, but mod articles aren't maintained all that much due to...lack of interest, I guess.
  • Parts of TW:IMAGE which are enforced:
    1. Some brave souls have attempted to start adding Category:Images to images without it, but it's quite the large undertaking. (Relevant. Note that the user who maintains this wiki's only bot does not come around terribly often due to lack of free time (it's an unwritten rule on this wiki that real life stuff almost always comes before wiki stuff).)
    2. Several of the concerns on that policy page are legitimate reasons to mark an image for speedy deletion, so feel free to do so if you find an image which contains extra text, is duplicated or low quality, or meets the deletion criteria on that page.
    3. The naming conventions for images are not enforced as strictly as it would appear. Basically, so long as the image's name describes what appears in the image to some extent, it would be fine. Good images with bad names will be renamed (hopefully, this ability will eventually be given to autoconfirmed users...).
  • TW:VIDEO is an incredibly thorny issue on this wiki, and every iteration of it has pretty much failed (Terraria Wiki:Proposed Videos is pretty much never edited), so video issues are handled on a case-by-case basis at this point. (Quality concerns can be brought up and they'll probably be addressed, but there's almost no successful precedent for doing so.)
  • Pretty much all of the standards on TW:ADMIN are enforced when admins are nominated, though they are more an ideal to strive to than an actual policy at this point due to the nature of the nominations.
    1. As for why there are so many admins and some are inactive, I'm not 100% sure (as this was long before I formally joined/got involved with this wiki), but I believe it is partially in response to how this wiki was handled back when it first started (up until early 2012). Back then, there was only one active bureaucrat and admins were promoted/demoted at his sole discretion. After some nonsense which led to major changes in the wiki (see Forum:Wiki Mediation), I think it was just decided (unspoken, or somewhere I am not aware of) that user rights would not just "expire" in the chance that those users come back. (Which actually happens more than you would think: as new updates are released for the game, old users come and go along with new users.)
      If you want more info on this particular issue, you'd probably want to ask someone who was here in an "official" capacity when that stuff was happening (anyone who has a large number of edits on the forum I linked above would probably know.)
Edit: Also, forgot to mention: pages which are marked for deletion can usually be discussed at Category talk:Candidates for deletion, and then an attempt at discussion can be made in the comments of the page in question if no one comments on the category talk page.
(I apologize for any confusion, though! This wiki's in a bit of a weird phase, as we are still recovering from a period of massively increased activity here where it was impossible for any single user (or even a small, dedicated group of users) to monitor every single edit/uploaded file, so there's still a lot of cleanup to be done. Add in that many of the regular users here are extremely busy outside of the wiki, and the result is a surprisingly disorganized and informal wiki for its size. I promise that it is not usually this messy/poorly maintained; it'll probably be back up to snuff at some point next year. :P)
If you have any more questions 'bout the wiki, feel free to ask – I'm (almost) always happy to help! :)
Happy editing!
Oscuritaforze (talk) 22:24, December 5, 2013 (UTC)
Oh, wow. Okay. I think I only have a few other notes, the first being about the 'no redirection across namespaces;. I'm not sure why the shortcuts would count, because the redirection isn't in a namespace to begin with, you know? Can images be categorised further? Like, 'weapon images' with sub-categories? Also, creating template pages - yay or nay? I will probably ignore all the videos for the time being, but is there like, a central discussion page to propose changes to policy, the way the community is run, and other things like that? As far as I can tell, only admins can rename images, however rollbacks can delete and reupload, if you give them that power - I know they're capable on AW, only the policy forbids it unless there are special circumstances (like, no one is going to want to wait for an admin to remove pornographic material, you know?) Is there a difference between the {{Delete}} and {{Speedydelete}} templates? I am going to focus more on rewrites and formatting, if that's okay with you, because I know very little about the actual game (I've only played a few hours of it). Uh, I will probably think of more stuff to ask you about, but I feel like a lot of this would need greater community consensus if I were to suggest any changes. Fruipit · Talk page · Writings 23:31, December 5, 2013 (UTC)
Oh, all I was saying with the comparison between redirects across namespaces and the policy shortcuts is that they are both essentially just shortcuts, it's just that this is more explicit for the latter than the former. The idea behind it (as far as I can tell) is just that it is easier and tidier to type (for example) "[[Blocks]]" than it is to type "[[:Category:Blocks|Blocks]]".
  • (Also, on a somewhat related note: to address the comments on your blog regarding individual pages vs. a single page with subheadings, the reasons we do it this way are both because individual items have their own Data IDs (and are as a result distinctive entities) and because many of the items in question (I assume that you are mostly talking about items, here) already have their own category pages (eg. Category:Torch, Category:Banners).
    • (On Data IDs) Knowing items' Data IDs is actually more important than you'd think, as this game is still in active development. If he wanted to, Redigit could change around/remove/replace any of the items which have already been added to the game in any way that he wants (which he has done before, and more drastically than most people would expect: Green Thread used to be Green Dye before the dye slot was added, the Zapinator (a ridiculously powerful weapon) was replaced with the Angel Statue (a decorative statue), etc.). In case something like this happens (and I suspect it will happen for the next update), it's pretty helpful for links next to any given Data ID to not be a redirect, as it makes it easier for those with less wikiknowledge to rename/remodel the page in question. (I hear that they are also important when modding, but I don't know a whole lot about that...)
    • (On categories) Considering how category pages will automatically create a list of pages which are added to them, it wouldn't make sense to create another page which lists all of the items of that type.)
Now, regarding the rest of your questions:
  1. I don't see many reasons why images could not be categorized further like that beyond that it would be a very large undertaking (and would thus likely be a job for a bot).
  2. Absolutely feel free to create new templates! If you don't have the code finalized right away, you can also use this testing wiki to tinker with it in a safe environment.
  3. The best place to discuss new policies and propose changes would be the Administrator's Noticeboard (looks like you found that already!), though Terraria Wiki talk:Policy could work as well.
  4. I believe that giving user groups additional rights is something which can only be done by Wikia Staff. At the very least, Special:UserRights doesn't actually allow the rights of a user group to be changed at the admin level (I guess it could at the bureaucrat level, though...). (Regarding what you said about the rollback right on the Avatar wiki: I imagine that there was a community discussion there at some point which led to rollbackers being given those additional rights.)
  5. {{Delete}} differs from {{Speedydelete}} in that pages which are marked with it generally require discussion before being deleted. By contrast, an admin could delete a page which is marked for speedy deletion at any time, provided that it meets the criteria.
  6. Ask as many questions as you want, but note that it is usually not necessary to ask admin permission for performing certain kinds of edits or even for editing/creating pages in general. If you are going to be implementing large, sweeping changes to a fair number of pages, then it would probably be best to create a forum thread about it. Otherwise, all good-faith edits are welcome. :)
(Apologies for the second wall of text and (again) the lateness of this reply...)
Oscuritaforze (talk) 02:48, December 6, 2013 (UTC)
Ah, don't sweat it, the late replies. I can be absolutely atrocious at replying sometimes (like now).
About the category pages, I just meant things like, swords are melee weapons. So, they would be categorised as melee, and then the melee category would be categorised under 'weapons'. Things like that. Do you have an A to Z category?
Awesome, because there are a few things that I think could be simplified. I'll have to check out some of the templates you've already got to see if you have the ones I have in mind, but nevertheless, I think it could just... improve some of the functionality. Do you have a 'mod' template that directs to mod pages (something similar to {{mod|<NAME OF MOD>}}?).
I have a feeling that bureaucrats can give user rights, but I'm not 100% positive. I have a feeling that the rights I have as a rollbacker on AW is not universal - part of our job is to be able to delete comments, and with that comes the power to delete pages, images and most other things.
Okay, that could be important regarding the forum I have started, as there would need to be a definite 'this template does this, while the other one is only for use in this circumstance'. So, if I feel a page is unneeded, and there needs to be a discussion, I just add the {{Speedydelete}} tag and then a discussion will open on the comments?
Ah, I wouldn't normally ask so many questions, but I seem to be doing a lot wrong :/ But, I really wanna help this wiki. I feel like there's a lot I could contribute to. Oh! One more quick question; are admins able to delete images, and remove p-move from pages? Thanks, and sorry about all the pestering :S
[EDIT] I just noticed (reread) the thing about the profanity filter - I used the word 'dam' in an edit summary (the actual one. With an 'n'. It set it off here, too -_-), and it set it off. How sensitive is that filter? Fruipit · Talk page · Writings 12:56, December 6, 2013 (UTC)

(Reset indentation) So, wait. I thought you were talking about image categories (what you said was, "Can images be categorised further? Like, 'weapon images' with sub-categories?")? Or are you talking about changing categories for content namespaces (ie. something like the Copper Shortsword would be classified as a shortsword, but then that category would be in the "Swords" , which goes under "Melee Weapons", and so on)?

  • If you are suggesting the latter, then having everything only classified by its most specific traits is something which I definitely agree with, but it would need to be brought to a forum post for discussion first.
  • If the former is what you were talking about, then could you please elaborate a bit? I thought what you were saying was that we could further categorize images by what they are images of...?

(To answer your question about an "A to Z" category, we do not have something like that. Organizational categories like that have historically just been used with templates. I find that certain special pages fill the role that such a category would have, anyway (beyond excluding redirects).)

We didn't have a {{Mod}} template, but it was a good idea, so now we do. Is something like that what you had in mind?

Oh, I know that bureaucrats can modify user rights. What I'm not so sure about is whether they can manage user group rights. I'm pretty sure that that is an ability which is only possessed by Wikia Staff and (maybe) Wikia Helpers. (And I' imagine that something like that would only happen with a public community discussion/at the request of an admin.)

Regarding the delete templates: that's the general idea, but you've got it backwards (looks like that came up in the discussion you opened already...). Just to reiterate, {{Speedydelete}} is for pages which do not require a discussion, while {{Delete}} is for pages which do.

  • (Out of curiosity, though: does Avatar wiki not have the Speedydelete template? According to the history of the template here, it was a default template here, though I guess that could be because this wiki was created more recently than AW...)

This wiki is significantly more "loose" than others of its size, and we know that it can be a bit difficult to adjust to for new users as a result. With this in mind, disciplinary action is almost never taken against anything less than clear bad-faith editing – assuming good faith is taken more seriously here than it is on even most other wikis. So, don't worry about making mistakes; we're always glad to have new users join with good intentions!

To answer your last couple questions:

  1. Yes, admins can delete images (in the same way that other pages are deleted). However, the only way admins can disable pagemoves (which is what I assume you meant by "p-moves") is to protect the page in question.
  2. The profanity filter (which is Abuse Filter 5) will prevent pretty much any swear which is more severe than "hell" (which is probably only not prevented due to its use on a content page). It catches those words in comments, edit summaries, forum threads, and page text.

Edit: Forgot to mention: didn't you say that you weren't used to dealing with talk pages? If so, here is the relevant help page. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about that, as well!

I think that covers everything for now!

(Also, if some of the stuff I'm telling you you already know, please let me know. Most of the new users I deal with are new to wikis/Wikia in general rather than just to the Terraria wiki...)

Oscuritaforze (talk) 02:43, December 7, 2013 (UTC)

I was actually talking about both. Image categories that have, say, zombies, would then have the 'zombie images' category added. But not 'monsters', or 'enemies', because the 'zombie images' category would be categorised under that, if that makes sense. No need to over-categorise. Same with the weapons. I think swords -> melee -> weapons is adequate, although if there aren't many different types of melee weapons, perhaps the swords cat isn't needed?
Yes, that's exactly what I meant! How do you feel (if you don't have them already) about creating templates for users? Like {{User|<username>}} and {{Talk|<username>}} to link to a user's talk page and profile? We use it on AW and it just makes things look neater in source mode because it isn't piped, and it's just easier to type.
Regarding the rights, I don't actually know the difference between user and user group rights, so no idea there. Sorry.
We do, but on AW, the {{Delete}} template is used for ones that don't need a discussion, and we have another template called {{VfD}}, or 'votes for deletion', in which a discussion is opened for it on another page.
Oh dear. Darn it :P I don't ever swear terribly, however AW is more lax with that - it's partly due to the fanon portal we have set up, which allows swear words (to a certain degree. Nothing ridiculous). It'll take a bit to get used to :S
Ahh, thank you! That page will certainly help. This is very similar to the discussion forum we have over there. Ever consider going to message walls, though?
I'll be sure to let you know, but it's good knowing everything from the start, because the one time I assume, it won't end well, I bet :D Thanks for going through al this with me :) Fruipit · Talk page · Writings 03:05, December 7, 2013 (UTC)
I like the idea of categorizing images further, but it seems to me that it would make more sense to do so by spawning biome or time than by monster type/family (ie. "Crimson Monster Images" or "Eclipse Monster Images"), as it seems like the latter would be a bit too specific. As far as the example of swords goes, categories like "Broadswords" are as much categorizing items by behavior as they are by type (all broadswords swing in an arc, all spears are stabbed in the direction of the cursor in the same way, etc.), so I feel that they should stay. Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree that trimming all but the most specific of categories which apply to any given page should be done eventually.
Also good ideas. Created those templates, too: {{User}} (created {{U}} as shorthand), {{Talk}}.
(As an explanation: user rights are what are managed by bureaucrats and (to a certain extent) admins at the individual level; group rights are the abilities assigned to (as the name implies) groups of users. The former are what are modified when a user is given rollback, chat mod rights, or the like; the latter is what would be modified if an existing group were to be given additional abilities or if an entirely new group (such as Creepypasta wiki's VCROC (see: w:c:creepypasta:Special:ListGroupRights, second entry down)) were to be created.)
Don't worry too much about the profanity filter, though – in general, attempting to bypass the filter by trying uncensored spellings of censored words or repeatedly attempting to add profanity to content pages are the only actions which might result in a block. Just slipping up in the comments (which doesn't give a warning) or something will not matter all that much. (Actions taken by the abuse filter are logged at Special:AbuseLog.)
I personally would not want to go over to message walls, as I find it easier to find old conversations in talk page archives than in message walls, and I'm quite interested in the histories of wikis. (In fact, this wiki's history played a large part in me signing up here to begin with!)
As for all of these messages, no worries at all! I'm here to help. (For my part, I appreciate your desire to learn how this wiki works!)
Oscuritaforze (talk) 06:36, December 8, 2013 (UTC)
I don't know enough to categorise them by that way (biome, etc), hence the specific 'type' categorisation; they're more obvious to new users such as myself. If you feel that specific categoisation is the way to go, I'm not going to complain; the only issue is that there is, say, one item in a category. I think that's pointless. Similarly with the disambig pages that have two links. Which I will address next. Also, I may get around to creating an imagebox template to add sources and licensing, because I feel that part of the reason so many images (over 7,000, by my count, but I need to double check) aren't categorised is simply because people don't realise they need to do it (I plan to go through the images too. Something I've noticed is that a lot are protected, and so I can't even edit them to add the deletion template).
The other note, what's the go on conformity over here? Like, two pages actually state they're a disambig page (Wood (Disambiguation) and Trident (Disambiguation)) however none of the other disambig pages do. I personally think they should, for two reasons
  1. They would all then say 'disambiguation' after the article title, which helps people know it's a disambig page
  2. Conformity. I think it looks better if pages of a specific type, such as that, have similar titles (such as 'infobox' being placed on infobox templates).
Gah, stealing all my template ideas :P Good, that will make it easier. If I think up any others, I'll just create them (I didn't realise you already had a {{t}} template).
Ohhhhh okay, that makes sense. I make a point not to go on the creepypasta wiki ;P But no, I have no idea who has the abilities to change that. I could ask one of the 'crats on AW, if you really wanna know. I have a feeling that one would know (we only have two. and seven admins. It's why I was surprised you had so many here).
Ahh, most of my swearing is in my own fanfiction articles, or my edit summaries. I'm not too worried about that, either. Just another difference I'll have to remember :)
Yeah, that can get tedious, trying to find previous messages. I still prefer them (despite loving the archives over there anyway) just because it's easier, neater, and I feel like it's more open - you get random people (well, your friends) jumping in and it turns into a great big conversation (especially after they repealed the 'no socialisation aside from AW stuff policy).
Oh, well *blushes* what can I say. I like learning, and I'm only going to be helpful on this wiki if I understand it.
[EDIT] I have taken the liberty to (attempt) to create a basic imagebox that only requires a basic description, licensing, and categories. You can see the coding for that here, and what it looks like when applied here. :) Fruipit · Talk page · Writings 11:38, December 8, 2013 (UTC)
Do you suppose that categorization by monster family could work side-by-side with categorization by biome/time? I mean, some monsters in the same family appear under different conditions. For instance, to return to your example using zombies, perhaps an image of a Zombie could be under "Night Monster Images" and "Zombie Images" while an image of an Eyezor (which is for all intents and purposes in the same family) could be under "Eclipse Monster Images" and "Zombie Images"? Regarding content page categorization, what I meant by specific categorization is that, say, the Copper Broadsword page would be in the Broadswords category, but not the Melee Weapons, Weapons, and Items categories. I don't mean something like making a "Copper Sword" category with just the Copper Broadsword and Copper Shortsword in it; I agree that would be very silly.
Imagebox template looks good to me, though that's not something I know much about. I actually spoke with Mathmagician yesterday about methods of going through the images to delete unused/useless ones and saving those that could be useful, and I believe that he is working on something to help with that...
Historically, the only times when a "(Disambiguation)" tag has been used was when the name without the tag was already a page (ie. Trident, Wood). I wouldn't be opposed to conformity when using that tag (that is, using that tag on all disambig pages), though...
It's probably not necessary to ask about group rights, as I'm almost positive that they can only be changed by Wikia Staff/Helpers – I've seen some people over on Central asking about it before (which wouldn't be necessary if it were possible to change them at the local level).
Hopefully, you are starting to ease into the community. As always, let me know if you have any questions...
Oscuritaforze (talk) 02:15, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

[Reset indent] I think it could work, however the issue becomes that many users will not know to add them, so it puts slightly more work on those that do know there are extra categories to add. Personally, I don't think we have to categorise further. I would probably search 'zombie' before I searched 'eclipse monsters' images need only be fairly general, I feel. With the article categorisation, what would 'broadswords' be categorised under, then? Unless you mean we don't categorise the article under 'melee weapons', but rather the category?

Ahh, yes, I noticed that. All cool with me, it means I don't have to tag those files (although the urge is hard to resist xD ). There's a minor issue with the filebox template (filebox, as it can be used on video pages too, although that opens up a whole 'nother issue with categorisation. I'm thinking something more general, like, 'guides', 'battles', 'crafting', and 'gameplay') in that the 'description' tab has to take up the page, not a little box in the corner, but as soon as I've found the problem, it'll be ready to create as a template page. Which then means that an actual policy will need to be created (something I feel this wiki needs, what with the very open aspect of it, if you know what I mean? There is a lot of personal interpretation as to whether an image is needed or not, and it seems a lot are uploaded just so people can share part of their game).

Do I need to start a forum for that, too, or can I just do it? I would also make it lowercase, as it isn't actually part of the article name. Same with the card pages. You mentioned that article titles are capitalised to a) show they're article titles and b) correspond to the in-game name; I don't think we should capitalise those kinds of notices as neither of these conditions apply.

All right, I won't bother then :) I'll be sure to let you know if I'm having any problems or issues, but I feel pretty good about this. There's enough to keep me occupied, at least for a while xD Thanks for being so patient with me. Fruipit (TalkContribsEditcountFanon) 18:24, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

The only problem I can think of with only categorizing images like that is it seems like most of the new users here have already played the game almost to "completion" by the time they join, and would likely search for the higher-tier stuff first...but then, as you mentioned, such users probably wouldn't know how to add categories anyway, so its a bit of a moot point. So, I feel that that kind of general categorization could work well. (As for the article categorization, categorizing Category:Broadswords under Category:Melee Weapons (and so on) is exactly what I had in mind.)
I'm just wondering; is this what you are talking about with the filebox? If so, what is the minor issue you are talking about? (Or am I just missing something due to my late response...? :|)
  • (Regarding the second part: Issues with finding a better way of proposing policies aside, I'm actually not so sure that policy about when an image is "needed" is all that practical given the open nature of the game, rather than that of the wiki. Some images are more clearly viable than others (for instance, showing off an abnormality would be preferred to just duplicating an infobox image), but I don't think anything more specific than "you'll know it when you see it" would be all that helpful (and I'm even skeptical about the viability of the "Unless there is a gallery, do not add pictures to pages that already have 2+ pictures" part of TW:EDIT – I just don't think that such a restriction makes sense when this game has so many quirks in so many areas which may need images...).)
Adding a "(Disambiguation)" tag to disambig pages seems like a pretty minor change (given that a redirect would automatically be created from the old location to the new location), so I would say you could probably go ahead and do it. (Though if you do end up adding that tag to the appropriate pages, it would probably be best to capitalize the tag for the sake of consistency with other pages with similar tags on the wiki (eg. Goldfish (Monster)/(Item)) – at least for now.)
Oscuritaforze (talk) 22:54, December 11, 2013 (UTC)
Well, we could start it with simple categorisation, and if it needs to be a little more advances, we can do that too. I can't make an opinion because I don't know how many of each would be in category - there may be enough to justify it.
Yes, that's it. You can see the results of it here - the box with the description should take up the width of the screen. I haven't tried to change it yet because I've been doing other things. There are a few more things I need to do (similar to this), however if you did want this to become a standard template (perhaps getting the opinion of other admins?) it's almost ready to become its own template page.
I am not against galleries, but in cases like here, I feel like that image isn't needed; we should need either a gallery, or the content to justify a non-gallery image, I think, and that page has neither. Unless you were to remove the video, but even then it is still viewable in the infobox.
I will get on that. We can always use a bot to make all the non-names in article titles lowercase if need be at some point in the future.
One more note; do you have a Special:EmailUser function? Because I've typed in that special address in the URL, and it comes back empty. Could be an issue on my end though. Fruipit (TalkContribsEditcountFanon) 00:17, December 12, 2013 (UTC)
(I'm sorry if most of this is old news by now, but I've been without internet for any amount of time longer than three hours since Friday afternoon. This is the first time I've had the chance to reply...)
Regarding categories/imagebox: Starting out with general categories regarding the type of mob in question sounds acceptable to me. I assume that the filebox template you created would also be used for the purpose of categorizing images? (Not going to promise anything about actually implementing that page as a template until my internet stabilizes, though...)
In general, the criteria you described above regarding having an image on a page is correct. Regarding the Tuxedo page, however, I personally believe that that particular image is fine there, as it appears that it is in response to the "Most Common Combination" section (which seems to me like it would count as "the content to justify a non-gallery image"). At any rate, I moved the image next to that section so that the relationship is more clear.
(Looks like some objections were brought up regarding moving the disambig pages, so I'll discuss that separately when I've got caught up on the whole issue...)
Special:EmailUser should work, though it sounds like you got that figured out with Math? Anyway, you can feel free to email me about these issues as well, though I'd prefer to respond on-wiki if you don't mind – I ill-advisedly set up my Wikia account with my personal email, so I tend to only respond to wiki-related emails when absolutely necessary. (This is something I'll get around to fixing eventually...)
Oscuritaforze (talk) 01:32, December 19, 2013 (UTC)
Ahh, no, that's fine. It happens :)
Yes, it does. Next to the 'cats' parametre. Currently, it can support twenty categories, although more can be added if we need to. I can't imagine that we would need any more than that. I still haven't had a chance to try and fix it yet - I may have to enlist the help of one of my more tech-savvy friends.
I just feel like we need clearer policies on things like this, the images and consistency among pages. But, that's also something I would prefer to email you about (which I'll address below).
Yes, email does work (Wikia and I have a few issues in that area, though). I would prefer to speak with you about this privately, so I have an email set up specifically for wikia - would you be able to email me on it from your preferred address? If you have any other, that is. Fruipit (TalkContribsEditcountFanon) 07:47, December 19, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Equipable

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Spectre vs Specter

Okay, long story short, I was renaming the 'spectre' pages to 'specter' to comply with the American English spelling... and then I saw this. I'm sorry :/ I didn't think about the in-game name, because, well, on AW, we don't have to think about that stuff. What's the protocol in cases like this? I can't move it back, but I can do all the other work. I hadn't actually changed too much, mostly the names and a few templates (which are easily changed back). Sorry again :/ Fruipit (TalkContribsEditcountFanon) 09:27, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

No worries, I've gone ahead and changed them back (there were only two other pages that had spelling changes that needed to be addressed, too). Anyway, in cases like this, letting an admin know is about all you can do.
Oscuritaforze (talk) 22:54, December 11, 2013 (UTC)
Awesome, thanks so much for that :) Fruipit (TalkContribsEditcountFanon) 00:17, December 12, 2013 (UTC)
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