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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is Gathering nuts for the winter
  • I am Female
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My Talkpage

Feel free to leave me a message here with questions or concerns regarding this wiki, or the game Terraria. I will try and respond in a timely manner and help out as best I can.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk |  Squirrelicon4.png

From Afterburn32

Hey squazzil...first of all i want to say to you that i apologize for my over reacting i will no longer be playing terraria but if you can forgive me i would like to continue to chat with you,ren and everyone else.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Afterburn32 (talkcontribs). Please sign talk page posts with ~~~~ (4 tildes).

Its ok, I think there was just some misunderstandings all around, and I apologize if I got frustrated with you. You did get part of the process right, but I think you just may have router issues of not having the port open or whatnot. I believe the process for multiplaying has gotten simpler now, if you invite people through steam instead of via IP. Hopefully you can still connect with people in the future.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Thu 18 August 2016, 04:07 Squirrelicon4.png

Pixel Art

hi Squazzil can i make a pixel picture of your avatar at a pixel art contest.

its gonna be me versus happy days(youtuber).

if yes please answer.  ~terrarian-gun~—Preceding unsigned comment added by Terrarian-gun (talkcontribs). Please sign talk page posts with ~~~~ (4 tildes).

Sure, if you want to, I've made it myself as well, so if you want some material ideas, let me know. I know that pumpkin and lihzahrd brick make up a good part of the head. Can't remember the other things I used off hand.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sun 21 August 2016, 06:07 Squirrelicon4.png

Piggy Bank edit

Hey, thats odd. Thanks for undoing my revision. It didn't show all of those changes on my phone for some reason, like it didn't say about the flying piggy bank or anything. All I changed was I removed that thing about it not opening on iOS and for some reason it rolled back the article. I didn't mean to do that. Again: I have absolutely no idea why it didn't display some of the information and it deleted all the info my phone didn't see. Thanks for fixing that. --Tykodey (talk) 15:18, August 23, 2016 (UTC)

Flappable Wikia

If you want to, head on over the the main page of my wiki and find your name, you can create that page if you like. FlappableCat34 (talk) 18:12, August 27, 2016 (UTC)

Re:Block from editing

SP42M4T12M was blocked for spamming and he doesn't know what that is.Scott the Guide (talk) 17:37, September 1, 2016 (UTC)Scott the Guide

I'm a little confused as to why you are mentioning this. Does he have a question? If so, he is free to write it here.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Thu 1 September 2016, 17:47 Squirrelicon4.png

Trading Spam

Hi there! I couldn't help but notice that there is a lot of trading spam in the comment sections on this wiki (ie. Nazar). This makes it hard to find useful information in the comments, ie farming tips. Over at the warframe wikia we have pretty strict rules regarding trading and recruitment spam (comments will be deleted and non-anonymous user informed why), but offer boards for those who want to trade or look for a group. Especially because trade offers are only relevant for 2 people at most and only for a few days, I believe that this rule provides much cleaner and thus much more useful comment sections.
For your consideration,
stay awesome, Kselia (talk) 10:29, September 3, 2016 (UTC)

Dear Squazzmatism,

I may or may not have deleted a picture on the Buggy page accidentally...I feel HORRIBLE because i dont know how to fix it! Can you please?

Sorry, PlasHax (talk) 18:41, September 17, 2016 (UTC)

It was the infobox, and I fixed it. Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sat 17 September 2016, 19:00 Squirrelicon4.png


My Jugle is Crimsoned

Hi SqazzilSparksdragon (talk) 23:21, October 14, 2016 (UTC)
Squazzil,please cheack the terraria fan ideas wiki for "Flying Cat'Sparksdragon (talk) 23:27, October 14, 2016 (UTC)

Had to sleep

I'll just leave these here since I might forget it all tomorrow. :p Gamepedia's info says Travelling Merchant appears 25% each day but then also says in their notes that he can spawn 22% each day... I wanted to fix what This guy said but... I dunno what to think anymore. XD Oh, and this freaky thing.
RenzXVI // Talk  // Chat // 15:41, Sat 15 October 2016 (UTC) 

Alrighty thanks Renz, I'll give them a look.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sat 15 October 2016, 22:13 Squirrelicon4.png

Message from Dragon

Squazzil you have the best artSparksdragon (talk) 00:02, October 20, 2016 (UTC)

Thank you kindly.I quite enjoy building things in Terraria (when I have time).
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Thu 20 October 2016, 01:23 Squirrelicon4.png

My Terraria Weapons Wiki

hey squazzil i was wondering if you could spread the word about my terraria weapon ideas wiki   Destroyer236 (talk) 13:36, October 26, 2016 (UTC)destroyer236

Greetings Destroyer236,
I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with your wiki, as I don't have a platform with which to advertise on. This is really the only wiki I work on. I do however suggest that if you really want to try to start a wiki on your own, that you try to pick a subject that is a little more unique because creating a whole wiki is a lot of hard work, and you want people to come to your wiki and not just one that is already created, well established, and very similar. If you have alot of weapon ideas, perhaps you can create pages on the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki instead, and then your ideas will be more easily seen. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I just wanted to shed some light on how much work is involved in creating a wikia from scratch.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Wed 26 October 2016, 18:55 Squirrelicon4.png

Dear Squazzil,

How would you change the color of the text on a home page? You know, being the techy genius and all...—Preceding unsigned comment added by PlasHax (talkcontribs). Please sign talk page posts with ~~~~ (4 tildes).

I believe if you use <span style="color:red">Your text here</span> it will have this effect. Hope this helped.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Thu 3 November 2016, 22:50 Squirrelicon4.png

Hello. I'm new.

I'm Back!

Hello, Squazzil, sorry I haven't been on the wiki for a while, i amost completely forgot. FlappableCat34 (talk) 22:12, December 4, 2016 (UTC)


Hello Squazzil! I'm sorry this message is so abrupt, but I've been away for a REALLY long time interval, so I wanted to let you know that I'm back! I'll try to be here more often. Man, it feels so good to be back! It kind of warms my heart in a way, especially during this season. Here's an electronic hug from me 🙌. BTW I'll be travelling starting the 23rd, so I'll say hello to you from Virginia!

PlasHax (talk) 01:35, December 22, 2016 (UTC)

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