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Article Stubs

Because that's what they all are?

Most of the articles have enough information for what they are. An article about a single item like Gold Axe doesn't need paragraphs of information if everything about it can be summarised in a few sentences. Marking half the wiki's pages as stubs is flooding the wiki and slowing down the process of fixing the pages that genuinely are missing information.

I'm just marking them as stubs because the full game hasn't even been released yet so more information can be gotten about pretty much everything.

Ah, I see what you mean. I doubt there will be enough changes in the release for many of the articles to need changing, so it's probably better to stub outdated pages when the game is released.

I'm not trying to spam the site or anything. I've been contributing the hell out of this thing in the last 2 days haha. As more information is discovered through the full game, I'll take out a lot of those "article stub" tabs. In a way, marking them early is sort of just a precaution that there is still a lot of unknown stuff about the game.

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