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Don't Leave

Hey Terr. I dont know if your active anymore but I just wanted to tell you that you should stay on the Wiki. You helped me into the community when I started and I think that you should stay. People enjoy you being here and we need your help. I hope you stay. --ItzUnstopable (talk) 18:20, March 2, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable

I annoy people... They hate me and do not want me here. They just don't want to tell that because it is very rude. I don't see a reason to stay here, so I am leaving forever. Still, thanks for trying to convince me.
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A question regarding your latest talk page edit

Hey there Terrr. I'm not sure I fully remember or otherwise understand the reasoning behind you leaving. Who hates you? Who do you annoy? I see no reason for you to have to leave the wiki under those circumstances, since those kinds of grievances can be addressed in different manners. I'd like to talk about this, since I'd prefer you stayed with the wiki rather than away from it. Looking forward to your reply. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 3 March 2016, 10:07

People go completely silent or very immature when I am in chat. My grammar is very bad. I can clearly see I annoy people. Most of my edits are useless. "Under those circumnstances", I think it is better for me to leave.
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That's definitely not a sign of you annoying people, Terrr. Chat tends to go completely silent regardless of who is there and I've seen it go completely dead the moment I join countless times. As to the grammar point, it's not very bad. Your grammar is actually notably better than a large portion of editors whose first language is English. As to your final point, who deemed your edits are useless? o_O I fully disagree with that statement, though it is up to you to choose how you judge the reactions others have to your edits. I do hope you'll reconsider. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 3 March 2016, 18:49

Re: What are You?

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Hello, Terrr

I've never actually met you, but I must ask, why did you think everyone hates you? Why do you think you're stupid? Are you still leaving? You're not stupid, Terrr. Nobody hates you. There's no reason for you to leave. You may have had crummy times on the wiki, but that's no good reason to leave. I have heard things about you, but I still belive that you're bette than I've been told you are. I know you'll most likely not reply, but it was worth a shot at asking anyways.

Dat Bisharp (talk) 21:18, May 25, 2016 (UTC)Dat Bisharp

P.S. if you ever do come back, I'd like to know more about you. You seem like a nice person who could help out with some problems I'm having.

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