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Console and Mobile History pages

Pathogen, the console and mobile history pages need to be updated.Enderslayer197 (talk) 12:13, January 16, 2016 (UTC)Enderslayer197

Hi there Enderslayer. As much as I'd like to fully update those pages, I'm still gathering information to actually add to the pages at the current time. I'd rather not rip the entire page's content from Gamepedia as that doesn't sit well with me. You're more than welcome to start adding info yourself, thanks. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 18 January 2016, 09:34
Pathogen, just updated the console and mobile history pages. If you want you can look through and see if I missed anything and add it in.Enderslayer197 (talk) 16:29, January 18, 2016 (UTC)Enderslayer197
Looking good at this point, I'll have to have a closer look a little later on but I think you've done a good job. :) 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 18 January 2016, 19:47
Thanks Pathogen, happy to help! Enderslayer197 (talk) 14:30, January 25, 2016 (UTC)Enderslayer197

Malfunctioning Snow Globe

Hey. I'm on IOS and I have a snow globe but it is not letting me use it. Do you have any suggestions for why it is not working--Knutez (talk) 09:08, January 18, 2016 (UTC)Knutez

Hi there Knutez, I'm unsure personally for a number of reasons; I do not own an Apple device of any kind (so I cannot test this myself), to the best of my knowledge the Snow Globe should be usable at any time, though I would imagine it wouldn't work if there's any kind of event currently in progress. Is your world in Hard mode? No bosses summoned? Have you tried clicking it and also using it from your hotbar? I'd be interested to hear your results, thanks. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 18 January 2016, 09:34
I do have a hard mode world but there are not any events going on that I know of. I have tried clicking on it the hotbar but all it would do is my character would hold it up and put it away. Come to think of it, NPC's aren't spawning in and I can't use pirate maps either--Knutez (talk) 19:02, January 18, 2016 (UTC)Knutez
That is very odd. I do wish I had a suitable device to do some testing myself. :/ In this case, I would direct you here, as then the developers themselves can get a good look at the full extent of the problem and hopefully come up with a viable solution. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 18 January 2016, 19:45
First I think I'm going to try and put all of my stuff in my cloud save then re download the app and hope that helps--Knutez (talk) 04:16, January 20, 2016 (UTC)knutez

Sounds like a plan, please keep me updated as to what happens! 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Wed 20 January 2016, 09:22 Re-downloading the app didn't work. That site you linked me to showed me that a lot of other users have been having the same problem. All I can do at this point is wait for terraria to make a patch. Oh well--Knutez (talk) 18:59, January 21, 2016 (UTC)Knutez

Ahh that's saddening to hear. I hope that a patch is released sooner rather than later in that case. You didn't lose any characters or data? 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 21 January 2016, 21:38

can i be a moderator for chat plz?TERRACRAFT 17:44, January 28, 2016 (UTC)Masterchief158

Hi me again and I do have a very strong presence in the chat room you can ask anyone so plz make me a moderator will do anything

then let me be moderator for one week or twoTERRACRAFT 13:43, January 29, 2016 (UTC)massterchief158

Hey, I need some help with a signature

What's the basic span code for those rectangles people have in their sigs? FeeshBB (talk) 20:28, February 3, 2016 (UTC)

Hi FeeshBB, one guide I've recently been reminded of is this one for sigs. However the basic code goes a little like this: <span style="border: 1px solid black; background:#CCC; border-radius: 0.5em;">Test Signature</span> for a signature that appears like this: Test Signature
If you're wanting a hand setting up a signature, we're having a little bit of a talk about it in Chat at the moment if you'd like to come in. :) 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Wed 3 February 2016, 20:36


Hi Pathogen, my brother is having trouble taking out the destroyer. Any suggestions? --Awesome Rarity25 (talk) 15:50, February 12, 2016 (UTC)

Wall Of Flesh

Hey Pathogen, I was browsing the Wikia earlier today when I noticed that the Wall Of Flesh didnt include it's expert drop, the Demon Heart. I would have edited this myself but the page was closed to me. It would be awesome if you could edit this. Thanks! --ItzUnstopable (talk) 16:31, February 22, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable

Heya ItzUnstopable, I'll edit that in right now thanks. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 22 February 2016, 16:41


can you give me ideas for traps? i have no idea what to do on the trap page. it just doesent work :( —Preceding unsigned comment added by Terrariamaster541 (talkcontribs). Please sign talk page posts with ~~~~ (4 tildes).

I could possibly give you some tips, but I'd need a bit of clarification first. What are you trying? What isn't working? Can you build and use the very basics? 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Tue 23 February 2016, 03:52

Christmas Tree Sword

Hey Pathos, What doesnt make sense to me on the Christmas Tree Sword page is how in the info box for the sword it says it has a base damage of 86. But in the picture of it with a legendary prefix it only does 84 and it says it has +15% damage. Either the information in the infobox is incorrect or there is something wrong with the picture. I dont know what the actual damage is so if you could fix this it would be great. --ItzUnstopable (talk) 17:11, February 23, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable

Hi there ItzUnstopable, the problem here is that Mobile/Console and PC have different damage values on the sword. PC has it currently at 86, while Mobile/Console is at 73. I will add this to the page. Also in future, please don't leave so many leading spaces when typing out messages as it formats your message as code. Hope this helped. :) 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Tue 23 February 2016, 20:08
Hey Pathos, Thanks for the info on the Christmas Tree Sword, that makes sense. Also I didn't know that spaces made it count as code, thanks!ItzUnstopable (talk) 20:52, February 23, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable

ProfileTags script

Hello! I see that you are using a old(er) version of a script I wrote a few years ago. This script has been massively updated!

The new script (once reviewed) allows all changes to tags to bypass the JavaScript Review process!.

Please visit the Dev Wiki for information on how to install the new script. Rappy 19:24, February 22, 2016 (UTC)

Gold Squirrel Cage .gif

Hello Path,

When you have time, can you fix the gif? I noticed it has a bit of movement trail at the end. All the other gifs you made look good. Much appreciated,
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sat 27 February 2016, 15:56 Squirrelicon4.png

Developer Sets

Hey Pathos, So I have been wondering about the developer sets that are dropped by treasure bags in expert mode. Do these sets only drop from hardmode boss treasure bags? Or can they drop from any treasure bag dropped by any boss as long as the world is in expert mode? Thanks! --ItzUnstopable (talk) 18:14, March 4, 2016 (UTC)ItzUnstopable

Hi there ItzUnstopable, they only drop from Hardmode treasure bags in Expert Mode. Thanks. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Fri 4 March 2016, 18:17

Do not use piracy is that I'll buy the terraria

An Interview

Hi! I'm ElNinjaZidane

Can I interview you for the Spanish Wiki? Will be questions about Terraria and Terraria Otherworld.

If you want to know why this interview is for a special about Terraria Otherworld with some important people of Terraria and Terraria's Community.

If you want to do it, tell me and I go to this chat. 

El reto: Conseguir más retos. (talk) 15:00, March 6, 2016 (UTC)

Hey Path, thanks for suggesting Inferno Potions as an addition, for battling against Duke Fishron, it really helped out, as the Detonating bubble never reached me. Thanks for that :). Also, a question; How do I upload a profile picture? Dat Bisharp (talk) 21:58, March 7, 2016 (UTC)Dat Bisharp

Thanks For The Information

  I am sorry I sent out sent out several of the same message. I really needed to know how to trade and I figured that the more times I posted it The more replies I would get. Also, thank you for telling me how to trade, I really need more money too tinker with my meowmere. The best that I got so far is godly. I promise to not make the same mistake again. Also how can you invite someone to your hosted world?

Yourmomy (talk) 22:07, March 30, 2016 (UTC)

                                                                                          Yourmomy (talk) 23:57, March 29, 2016 (UTC)

No worries, you're making an effort to improve and that's the important part. :) Regarding inviting someone to your world, usually you will have to invite them via Steam, which I believe requires you and the person in question to be friends. After that, you simply browse to their name in your friends list and right click, then invite to game. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Wed 30 March 2016, 22:15

Wall of flesh-need help

Hello. Just wondering, do u play terraria on ps4/psvita? If so please reply that would be a great help. Sincerely Harveyconwycook (talk) 07:00, April 11, 2016 (UTC)harveyconwycook

Hi there Harveyconwycook, sorry to say that no I don't play Terraria on any of the consoles as I do not own any of them. I do have Terraria Mobile, however I do not currently have a device suitable for playing it on. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 11 April 2016, 07:08
Oh ok Harveyconwycook (talk) 06:43, April 12, 2016 (UTC)Harveyconwycook Do u know anyone who could? Harveyconwycook (talk) 06:43, April 12, 2016 (UTC)harveyconwycook
Off the top of my head I can't think of anyone, but if you make a post here then the chances of you finding someone to play with are quite high. TCF-smile-emote.png 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Tue 12 April 2016, 07:38

Regarding blocks

Hey iPathos, just wondering, does a founder of a wiki have more authority than an admin? Sincerely Harveyconwycook (talk) 06:06, April 19, 2016 (UTC) harveyconwycook

Hi there Harveyconwycook. Effectively a founder has the ability to grant or remove any rank or permissions for any other user on the wiki (I assume this excludes wikia staff), they're a little above bureaucrat level. They're commonly seen as "ranked above admins" by most users, excluding if they've gone inactive. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Tue 19 April 2016, 08:21

Wall of Flesh edit by: Msmrme

Hi The Pathogeen. When I edited the WoF page, I ment to say that the wording (to me) suggests that it can only be able to be summoned with the hotbar, but it can also be by throwing the Giude Voodoo Doll into the lava. Sorry...

Msmrme (talk) 01:45, May 10, 2016 (UTC)


Sorry if I'm being annoying, but hey, that's just me :l Anyways, I just wanted to say; 1. Thank you for adding the Blood Water and Daybreak to the Thrown Weapons page 2. Sorry if I act stupid, especially about anything added in 1.3. I'm still learning stuff about Terraria. 3. Thank you for the image of the Drakanian on its own! Much appreciated. 4. I may unintentionally ask many dumb questions, so mind me if they are incredibly stupid.

I will leave you alone now. Goodbye! Dat Bisharp (talk) 05:42, May 12, 2016 (UTC)Dat Bisharp


Hi, I have been editing the Wall of Flesh page and you keep undoing it. I would just like to say that on the part that I have been editing it implies that puting the GVD in the players hotbar is the only way to summon it in mobile. But that is not true, could you add that that isnt the only way to summon the WoF on mobile. Thanks! Msmrme (talk) 03:57, May 15, 2016 (UTC)

Hi there Msmrme, you seem to be misunderstanding the nature of my edit. Your first edit implied a second manner of summoning the Wall of Flesh while the sentence directly afterward explicitly stated that dropping the Voodoo Doll in lava would not destroy it or summon the Wall of Flesh. Your second edit corrected this and thus I have not reverted it. You also state that I "keep undoing it", while I have only reverted one of your edits and it was the grammatically incorrect one. I do not play the Mobile version of Terraria as I do not currently have a device capable of running the game, therefore I am not 100% up-to-date with the comings and goings of certain specific aspects. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Sun 15 May 2016, 04:23
Sorry about the second part, I thought I had deleated the first
undone revision e-mail, I proboly just looked at it twice. Sorry if
I caused any trouble. Msmrme (talk) 02:11, May 23, 2016 (UTC)


Hey Path, now that the update is out, Just let me know if there's a specific task you'd like me to take on, or something that will help out in a larger way and then we can work towards getting the wiki updated as painlessly as possible :p Leave me a message here or on Steam.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sun 22 May 2016, 15:23 Squirrelicon4.png

Skeletron Prime

Hello there Path.

I have some questions that id love to know. First, is shadowflame weapons (Knife, Doll and Bow) effective, and do they do decent damage? And if the Excalibur is a decent weapon, what modifier should I get it to?

Second, about defense. I have 47 defense, for the following: Warding Moon Stone, Ankh Shield, Celestial Cuffs, Frozen Wings and Angry Moon Shell. Shuld I attempt to get them all to Warding?

- Please leave a message on my chatboard. Thanks.

Fedora Man 03 (talk) 14:38, May 23, 2016 (UTC) Fedora Man 03

(aka Erwin Rommel)

Hi there Erwin, my answers are as follows:
  1. Shadowflame weapons can be quite effective all throughout the game in non-Expert mode, as the debuff deals a constant 5 damage/sec to any target affected by it as well as halting life regen. In addition the Shadowflame Hex Doll does decent damage in a wide AoE (also Shadowflame is inflicted for 4-8sec). The Shadowflame Bow deals decent damage as well, fires quickly and can be autofired, pierces up to 3 enemies and also have a very shallow arc compared to many other bows (also Shadowflame is inflicted for 2-5sec). The Shadowflame Knife is an interesting one, as it can automatically ricochet off of up to two additional enemies after hitting the first (also Shadowflame is inflicted for 1-3sec).
  2. Excalibur is definitely decent, and the best prefix for it would be Legendary.
  3. I like to use warding accessories overall, but for Expert Mode I would switch them out for menacing from time to time. 50-60 defense is probably a good goal.
Hope these answer your questions. :) 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Mon 23 May 2016, 23:50

Quick category question

Hi Path,

I just wanted to ask your advice on what to do for this page I created with the update on the bug fix. Currently there is no category page for as there wouldn't be any items linked to it. So, I was wondering if we make a page for that, or maybe there is some other simple thing I am missing to get the update link to not be red? Thanks for the help.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Fri 10 June 2016, 18:32 Squirrelicon4.png 18:32, June 10, 2016 (UTC)

Hey Squazz, the the page just needs a redirect to the relevant section of Version History, in this case #REDIRECT [[Version_History#]]. TCF-smile-emote.png
2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Sat 11 June 2016, 00:08

Riight, I actually set one up for 1.3.1....silly me. Thanks for jogging my memory :p
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Sat 11 June 2016, 01:36 Squirrelicon4.png

Console Update

Oh :(              Thanks for the info got my hopes up but still happy to get new items.

Jason 2940 (talk) 03:04, June 16, 2016 (UTC)

No worries Jason, hopefully won't be too long before other platforms get 1.3 content. :) 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 16 June 2016, 10:15

My Talkpage


I've been inactive since around christmas and I've come back to find a rather disturbing message on my talk page

"simple, you hack" seems familiar?? you are a hacker. please stop or ill report you ( i have proof)

Minecraft Dragonboy 99 (talk) 12:42, April 5, 2016 (UTC)

I'm confused as to what this is about. I have never hacked anything and I don't know what page I commented on with "simple, you hack".

Thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry for disturbing you,

Bladedge5 (talk) 05:56, July 5, 2016 (UTC)

Hi there Bladedge5, sorry for the late reply. It seems that the user in question is very against hacking and inventory editing as a whole, therefore I would simply not interact with them in the best interests of you both. If any further comments are made please do let myself or Squazzil know. Thanks. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 22 September 2016, 08:02

Armor Polish

Dear path,

I, as you can probably tell by the title, am trying to craft the Ankh Charm. The one thing that I am struggling with is trying to get the Armor Polish. I am specifically trying to get it from the Blue Armored Bones. Any traps, weapons, etc. that can help?

P.S. I am on Mobile.

Thanks. PlasHax (talk) 00:54, July 16, 2016 (UTC)

hi there PlasHax, this is probably a late reply but I would recommend a 1-2px high lava pit that is contained in a 1-deep-by-10-or-more-wide pit. Usually one or two buckets of lava will serve this purpose nicely. If possible I would also place a line of blocks four or five blocks above the lava pit and extending two or three blocks past the end section of the pit, so that if they jump they will not be in the air as long and it will also prevent any other projectile-based enemies from firing at you if you are directly above the pit. Good luck and feel free to ask if you have any further questions. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 22 September 2016, 08:06

Fishron Wings

Hi The Pathogen,

I was wondering if you knew a way to get Fishron Wings on mobile. I know it seems pretty stupid, but my friends and I really want it from Fishron and we really struggle with it. If you don't know an easy way to get them then that's fine. I'll just keep trying to kill him!


UberDolphius (talk) 02:59, August 24, 2016 (UTC)

Blocking Doors

Hey - is it possible to automate the sand falling in front of doors thing? This is when sand falls in front of a door and blocks it. I was thinking that since Antlions produce sand, they might be useful... they could also be used for an automated sand farm, right?

MistrBlaze (talk) 05:43, September 21, 2016 (UTC)MistrBlaze

Hi there Mistrblaze, it's been a while since I've been ingame but from memory the only way to automate the blocks falling is to have them positioned above the door and on top of a block with a toggle wired up to it, then to have a switch immediately before the door that can only be set off by monsters (Yellow Pressure Plate) and ensure that your NPCs will not accidentally step on it. That way if the enemies stand on the plate, the block(s) will fall and block the door.
As for using Antlions for a sand farm, it is entirely possible albeit slow. It would be much faster to create a new world and grab sand from there. If you have any further questions please do feel free to ask. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Thu 22 September 2016, 08:09


hi my name is tomi i want to recreat my talk page pls 

thanks —Preceding unsigned comment added by Tomithebosslevel (talkcontribs). Please sign talk page posts with ~~~~ (4 tildes).

Hi Tomi,
Is there something I can help you with? I'm not really sure what you're asking about your talkpage, so if you could clarify either under this message or on my talkpage, that would be great. Perhaps you mean your profile page? The talkpages are mostly for other people to write to you on, and shouldn't contain much more than some instructions.
 Squirrelicon3.pngSquazzil Talk | Mon 4 September 2017, 15:48 Squirrelicon4.png

Portable Infoboxes

Hiya! I’m Ursuul, & I’m representing FANDOM’s Vanguard team. We’re users who volunteer to help communities adapt to new technologies and features, like content portability, & more specifically, the Portable Infobox tool. I notice that FANDOM already contacted this Wiki about Portable Infoboxes in the past, & you brought up some excellent points about functionality. Since you are a skilled code administrator, I will be brief; the Portable Infobox markup has developed a great deal since that time, & with it I was able to create four drafts of your most-used Infoboxes (including Infobox:Item & Infobox:Monster) wherein all functionality should be preserved in the new portable format. A photographic example is below:

Before Conversion
After Conversion

With your approval, I would be happy to draw up four interactive examples which you can prod for yourself, & compare side-by-side the new versions with the old. If you are satisfied with them, then can we work together to convert the rest of the Infoboxes? We’d really like to get working on your community, but we would appreciate your go-ahead.

I know you have not been active here in quite a while, but as you have the most experience with the construction of the Infoboxes on this Wiki, I would prefer if you could look them over first, but of course I will be happy to ask another Administrator if you are unavailable. If you have any questions, or if this is the wrong venue for this kind of discussion, please let me know. Thanks!
UrsuulTalkVanguardDate3:31 AM Friday, September 8, 2017 (UTC)

Hey-O, it has been several days without a response, so I have brought the conversation to Squazzil, if you would like to be involved. I have also taken the liberty to set up some before-&-after examples of the Infoboxes, in case you are interested.
UrsuulTalkVanguardDate6:51 AM Tuesday, September 12, 2017 (UTC)

I know I said this in a comment, so please don't ban me, I just wanted to make sure you got it, but, how did u even get~2567 [1]? thats just insane if u ask me. but cool 2. do u think i could hav ~10 [2]? im on Ps4, my name is D4_DerpSt4r_123 with the 4's and underscores. So, if u do console, plz help me. If not the ~10 [3], then could u at least help my bro and i with the mech. bosses? 

Sorry but here's my Mathlete101 (talk) 17:19, December 18, 2017 (UTC)

I need help with a signature...

I've already created a nice signature, but I can't find the page to change or update it. Can you help me a bit with that? Thanks. 

It looks like this

InsertSampleText    talk

InsertSampleText (talk) 16:41, November 2, 2018 (UTC)

(EDIT) Nevermind, i've got it!

I just couldn't spell preferences. :/

InsertSampleText   talk 16:47, November 2, 2018 (UTC)

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