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==Re: Signature Help==
==Re: Signature Help==
{{talkback|TerrariamcSwaggins|Signature Help}}
{{talkback|TerrariamcSwaggins|Signature Help}}
==Re: Heyyy==

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A little help

Hi there. I've noticed you're having some trouble linking pages.

If you want to link something on this wiki you need to use brackets.
Example: [[Wall of Flesh]] Becomes Wall of Flesh.

If you want to rename them use a vertical stripe.
Example: [[Wall of Flesh|WoF]] becomes WoF.

If you want to go to the next line in a comment or post use <br/>.

These are some of the basic commands around here. I hope they're useful.
If you need any more help you're allways welcome on my talkpage or you can contact any administrator on their talkpage.
DieGo 82 (talk) 13:10, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

New message re My wiki

Talkback_large.png Hello, Isaac1576. You have new messages at this location. 2016_wikia_image_template.png  iPathos | Talk Page | Fri 10 April 2015, 02:41

Ok Thanks for the advice actually earlier i still cant beat the twins (Too hard to beat for me). also i tried to beat plantera ealier 3rd try i made plantera go to second form then it killed me 4th try it killed me again (so hard) I still need strategies for those though (minus the arena for some reason) By the way Thanks

Hey isaac good news i defeated plantera and the twins also the golem.because i was farming ice golems then suddenly i saw a message "A solar eclipse is happenning!" i was so happy then suddenly a swamp thing dropped a broken hero sword and i crafted true night's edge then thats how i beat plantera and twins then i got a vampire knives (on the picture i added in my first message there is an crimson key mold so i crafted crimson key mold) then along the way i got some more rares and i defeated golem like 6 now almost all my weapons (except sniper rifle) that i use have their best what ill be asking is can i do the pumpkin moon already with this loadout? Weapons:Godly vampire knives,legendary true nights edge,ruthless pygmy staff,godly flower pow Armor and Accsesories:Turtle armor,armored celestial stone,lightning boots,angry obsidian shield,menacing frozen wings and menacing magma stone.. Also..How to play globally in xbox 360 for my friend and me to play globally..Thanks!

MickoDel (talk) 23:55, April 17, 2015 (UTC) About pumpkin moon I made it to wave 4 but im stuck there...not because im too weak to defeat mourning wood...because im always running out of time...Also how to play globally in xbox cause my friend have xbox and we wanna play globally..Thanks

MickoDel (talk) 04:01, April 18, 2015 (UTC) Just pm me or leave me a message or chat me if your adding my friend in xbox so we can play together Thanks

MickoDel (talk) 11:44, April 28, 2015 (UTC) hey your back some bad things happened to me in terraria and some good i got all the biome weapons and with their best modifiers(except rainbow gun) then suddenly my rainbow gun is lost T_T i dont know why and also my turtle helm (im testing some of my dyes and some vanity things and suddenly i cant find it) so im working hard (again) to get hallowed key mold and turtle the way welcome back

MickoDel (talk) 04:58, May 2, 2015 (UTC) Hi again and i have some good things to tell you oh and maybe i can send a friend request on your xbox (maybe later or tommorow..).So i was bored so i was exploring the jungle and farming plantera then suddenly it dropped The Axe and i reforged it to Lengendary and after that i farmed enemies and finally i got Hallowed Key Mold i was so happy because that happened and after that when i opened the chest..i got a Mythical Rainbow Gun and after that i made suspicious looking skull and killed ocram like 5-10 or more times and got whole Dragon Armor and some Spectral Hood and some Titan Helmet and an frustrating thing enemy suddenly dropped an present..i became frustrated and suddenly realize that my phone's date is wrong i fixed it after so no more presents :( but its ok though lol..By the way i got a Slime Staff too lol...:D

Re: Signature Help

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Re: Heyyy

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