The Vilethorn is a ranged spell that can be found upon breaking Shadow Orbs in the Underground Corruption. It inflicts 10 Damage, has average speed, and costs 10 Terraria = Star (Mana) to use.

It creates a piercing spear of thorns that go through walls and have the potential to strike multiple hits upon enemies. It can be very useful to defeat the Eater of Worlds and other large enemies such as the Bone Serpent and Eye of Cthulhu, but it's generally more effective to use a Flail such as the Ball O' Hurt to defeat these enemies, especially if they have a high defense.

Terraria - VileThorn Aqua Scepter

Terraria - VileThorn Aqua Scepter

When hit with the Vilethorn, a caster enemy will become stunned and will not attack during the duration of the spell. This may come in handy when fighting for Hellstone gathering.

Due to its ability to ignore terrain and stun casters, this is a lethal weapon against Goblin Sorcerers, Fire Imps, Dark Casters, and Tim.


  • Since the weapon can be useful for attacking through walls, you can attack Zombies and other enemies from the safety of your home during Blood Moons or ordinary nights.
Vilethorn Damage

Vilethorn hits the enemies a lot of times, but the damage is suddenly reduced if the enemy's defense is high.

  • Another strategy of the Vilethorn is to make a small barrier around you and then attacking your enemies while inside. This is not recommended if you are far underground, for there may be worms.
  • This weapon is very weak against high-leveled creatures such as bosses. However, it can do considerable damage to the Eater Of Worlds.
  • The Vilethorn can hit an enemy five, six or seven times, causing 40-56 damage. Note that the defense of the monster decreases the damage of each hit. This way, an enemy with 10 defense points reduces the total damage down to 15-21


Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 It will not extend, instead it can be used to devastating effect defensively or against large enemies, since it allows for a sort of trap, about the width of the player (many can be active, at one time) to remain in effect for 30-40 seconds, that can add up to very impressive damage amounts (Eater dead in 7 seconds, Eye dead in 15, Skeletron dead in 41 seconds, Wall dead in less than a minute, Dungeon Guardian dead in 1 minute 33 seconds).

Update Info


  • Range doubled.


  • Added to the game.
Pre-Hard Mode Offensive

Item 3377(0)  Amber Staff

Item 739(0)  Amethyst Staff

Terraria Aqua Scepter  Aqua Scepter

Item 1121(0)  Bee Gun

Item 1313(0)  Book of Skulls

Item 1256(0)  Crimson Rod

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