The Wall Creeper is a spider monster that lives deep underground in nests of cobweb and egg sacks. They are later replaced with the Black Recluse in Hardmode and will no longer occur once you enter Hardmode.

The Wall Creeper can move through cobweb as if it is moving at normal speed and therefore players that go into its nest are very vulnerable to its high mobility and moderate damage melee attacks. When entering a spider nest, they tend to swarm at first, so the easiest way to take them out is to let them flood into a small tunnel and use ranged/magic weapons or melee weapons that passes through multiple monsters, such as Flails.


  • Despite the similarity in naming, the Creeper, Jungle Creeper and Wall Creeper all bear no resemblance and also offer no reference to Minecraft or anything included in Minecraft.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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