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This page lists the IDs of background walls in Terraria.

ID Name Placed Image Internal Name
1 Stone Wall Stone Wall (placed).png Stone
2 Dirt Wall (natural) Layered Dirt Wall (placed).png DirtUnsafe
3 Ebonstone Wall (natural) Ebonstone Wall (placed).png EbonstoneUnsafe
4 Wood Wall Wood Wall (placed).png Wood
5 Gray Brick Wall Gray Brick Wall (placed).png GrayBrick
6 Red Brick Wall Red Brick Wall (placed).png RedBrick
7 Blue Brick Wall (natural) Blue Brick Wall (placed).png BlueDungeonUnsafe
8 Green Brick Wall (natural) Green Brick Wall (placed).png GreenDungeonUnsafe
9 Pink Brick Wall (natural) Pink Brick Wall (placed).png PinkDungeonUnsafe
10 Gold Brick Wall Gold Brick Wall (placed).png GoldBrick
11 Silver Brick Wall Silver Brick Wall (placed).png SilverBrick
12 Copper Brick Wall Copper Brick Wall (placed).png CopperBrick
13 Hellstone Brick Wall (natural) Hellstone Brick Wall (placed).png HellstoneBrickUnsafe
14 Obsidian Brick Wall (natural) Obsidian Brick Wall (placed).png ObsidianBrickUnsafe
15 Mud Wall (natural) Mud Wall (placed).png MudUnsafe
16 Dirt Wall Dirt Wall (placed).png Dirt
17 Blue Brick Wall Blue Brick Wall (placed).png BlueDungeon
18 Green Brick Wall Green Brick Wall (placed).png GreenDungeon
19 Pink Brick Wall Pink Brick Wall (placed).png PinkDungeon
20 Obsidian Brick Wall Obsidian Brick Wall (placed).png ObsidianBrick
21 Glass Wall Glass Wall (placed).png Glass
22 Pearlstone Brick Wall Pearlstone Brick Wall (placed).png PearlstoneBrick
23 Iridescent Brick Wall Iridescent Brick Wall (placed).png IridescentBrick
24 Mudstone Brick Wall Mudstone Brick Wall (placed).png MudstoneBrick
25 Cobalt Brick Wall Cobalt Brick Wall (placed).png CobaltBrick
26 Mythril Brick Wall Mythril Brick Wall (placed).png MythrilBrick
27 Planked Wall Planked Wall (placed).png Planked
28 Pearlstone Wall (natural) Pearlstone Wall (placed).png PearlstoneBrickUnsafe
29 Candy Cane Wall Candy Cane Wall (placed).png CandyCane
30 Green Candy Cane Wall Green Candy Cane Wall (placed).png GreenCandyCane
31 Snow Brick Wall Snow Brick Wall (placed).png SnowBrick
32 Adamantite Beam Wall Adamantite Beam Wall (placed).png AdamantiteBeam
33 Demonite Brick Wall Demonite Brick Wall (placed).png DemoniteBrick
34 Sandstone Brick Wall Sandstone Brick Wall (placed).png SandstoneBrick
35 Ebonstone Brick Wall Ebonstone Brick Wall (placed).png EbonstoneBrick
36 Red Stucco Wall Red Stucco Wall (placed).png RedStucco
37 Yellow Stucco Wall Yellow Stucco Wall (placed).png YellowStucco
38 Green Stucco Wall Green Stucco Wall (placed).png GreenStucco
39 Gray Stucco Wall Gray Stucco Wall (placed).png Gray
40 Snow Wall (natural) Snow Wall (placed).png SnowWallUnsafe
41 Ebonwood Wall Ebonwood Wall (placed).png Ebonwood
42 Rich Mahogany Wall Rich Mahogany Wall (placed).png RichMaogany
43 Pearlwood Wall Pearlwood Wall (placed).png Pearlwood
44 Rainbow Brick Wall Rainbow Brick Wall (placed).gif RainbowBrick
45 Tin Brick Wall Tin Brick Wall (placed).png TinBrick
46 Tungsten Brick Wall Tungsten Brick Wall (placed).png TungstenBrick
47 Platinum Brick Wall Platinum Brick Wall (placed).png PlatinumBrick
48 Amethyst Wall (natural) Amethyst Stone Wall (placed).png AmethystUnsafe
49 Topaz Wall (natural) Topaz Stone Wall (placed).png TopazUnsafe
50 Sapphire Wall (natural) Sapphire Stone Wall (placed).png SapphireUnsafe
51 Emerald Wall (natural) Emerald Stone Wall (placed).png EmeraldUnsafe
52 Ruby Wall (natural) Ruby Stone Wall (placed).png RubyUnsafe
53 Diamond Wall (natural) Diamond Stone Wall (placed).png DiamondUnsafe
54 Cave Wall (natural) Green Mossy Wall (placed).png CaveUnsafe
55 Cave Wall (natural) Brown Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave2Unsafe
56 Cave Wall (natural) Red Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave3Unsafe
57 Cave Wall (natural) Blue Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave4Unsafe
58 Cave Wall (natural) Purple Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave5Unsafe
59 Cave Wall (natural) Rocky Dirt Wall (placed).png Cave6Unsafe
60 Living Leaf Wall (natural) Living Leaf Wall (placed).png LivingLeaf
61 Cave Wall (natural) Unique Cave Wall 7 (placed).png Cave7Unsafe
62 Spider Wall (natural) Spider Wall (placed).png SpiderUnsafe
63 Grass Wall (natural) Grass Wall (placed).png GrassUnsafe
64 Jungle Wall (natural) Jungle Wall (placed).png JungleUnsafe
65 Flower Wall (natural) Flower Wall (placed).png FlowerUnsafe
66 Grass Wall Grass Wall (placed).png Grass
67 Jungle Wall Jungle Wall (placed).png Jungle
68 Flower Wall Flower Wall (placed).png Flower
69 Corrupt Grass Wall (natural) Corrupt Grass Wall (placed).png CorruptGrassUnsafe
70 Hallowed Grass Wall (natural) Hallowed Grass Wall (placed).png HallowedGrassUnsafe
71 Ice Wall (natural) Ice Wall (placed).png IceUnsafe
72 Cactus Wall Cactus Wall (placed).png Cactus
73 Cloud Wall Cloud Wall (placed).png Cloud
74 Mushroom Wall Mushroom Wall (placed).png Mushroom
75 Bone Block Wall Bone Block Wall (placed).png Bone
76 Slime Block Wall Slime Block Wall (placed).png Slime
77 Flesh Block Wall Flesh Block Wall (placed).png Flesh
78 Living Wood Wall Living Wood Wall (placed).png LivingWood
79 Obsidian Back Wall (natural) Obsidian Wall (placed).png ObsidianBackUnsafe
80 Mushroom Wall (natural) Mushroom Wall (placed).png MushroomUnsafe
81 Crimson Grass Wall (natural) Crimson Grass Wall (placed).png CrimsonGrassUnsafe
82 Disc Wall Disc Wall (placed).png DiscWall
83 Crimstone Wall (natural) Crimstone Wall (placed).png CrimstoneUnsafe
84 Ice Brick Wall Ice Brick Wall (placed).png IceBrick
85 Shadewood Wall Shadewood Wall (placed).png Shadewood
86 Hive Wall (natural) Hive Wall (placed).png HiveUnsafe
87 Lihzahrd Brick Wall (natural) Lihzahrd Brick Wall (placed).png LihzahrdBrickUnsafe
88 Purple Stained Glass Purple Stained Glass (placed).png PurpleStainedGlass
89 Yellow Stained Glass Yellow Stained Glass (placed).png YellowStainedGlass
90 Blue Stained Glass Blue Stained Glass (placed).png BlueStainedGlass
91 Green Stained Glass Green Stained Glass (placed).png GreenStainedGlass
92 Red Stained Glass Red Stained Glass (placed).png RedStainedGlass
93 Multicolored Stained Glass Multicolored Stained Glass (placed).png RainbowStainedGlass
94 Blue Slab Wall (natural) Blue Slab Wall (placed).png BlueDungeonSlabUnsafe
95 Blue Tiled Wall (natural) Blue Tiled Wall (placed).png BlueDungeonTileUnsafe
96 Pink Slab Wall (natural) Pink Slab Wall (placed).png PinkDungeonSlabUnsafe
97 Pink Tiled Wall (natural) Pink Tiled Wall (placed).png PinkDungeonTileUnsafe
98 Green Slab Wall (natural) Green Slab Wall (placed).png GreenDungeonSlabUnsafe
99 Green Tiled Wall (natural) Green Tiled Wall (placed).png GreenDungeonTileUnsafe
100 Blue Slab Wall Blue Slab Wall (placed).png BlueDungeonSlab
101 Blue Tiled Wall Blue Tiled Wall (placed).png BlueDungeonTile
102 Pink Slab Wall Pink Slab Wall (placed).png PinkDungeonSlab
103 Pink Tiled Wall Pink Tiled Wall (placed).png PinkDungeonTile
104 Green Slab Wall Green Slab Wall (placed).png GreenDungeonSlab
105 Green Tiled Wall Green Tiled Wall (placed).png GreenDungeonTile
106 Wooden Fence Wooden Fence (placed).png WoodenFence
107 Lead Fence Lead Fence (placed).png MetalFence
108 Hive Wall Hive Wall (placed).png Hive
109 Palladium Column Wall Palladium Column Wall (placed).png PalladiumColumn
110 Bubblegum Block Wall Bubblegum Block Wall (placed).png BubblegumBlock
111 Titanstone Block Wall Titanstone Block Wall (placed).png TitanstoneBlock
112 Lihzahrd Brick Wall Lihzahrd Brick Wall (placed).png LihzahrdBrick
113 Pumpkin Wall Pumpkin Wall (placed).png Pumpkin
114 Hay Wall Hay Wall (placed).png Hay
115 Spooky Wood Wall Spooky Wood Wall (placed).png SpookyWood
116 Christmas Tree Wallpaper Christmas Tree Wallpaper (placed).png ChristmasTreeWallpaper
117 Ornament Wallpaper Ornament Wallpaper (placed).png OrnamentWallpaper
118 Candy Cane Wallpaper Candy Cane Wallpaper (placed).png CandyCaneWallpaper
119 Festive Wallpaper Festive Wallpaper (placed).png FestiveWallpaper
120 Stars Wallpaper Stars Wallpaper (placed).png StarsWallpaper
121 Squiggles Wallpaper Squiggles Wallpaper (placed).png SquigglesWallpaper
122 Snowflake Wallpaper Snowflake Wallpaper (placed).png SnowflakeWallpaper
123 Krampus Horn Wallpaper Krampus Horn Wallpaper (placed).png KrampusHornWallpaper
124 Bluegreen Wallpaper Bluegreen Wallpaper (placed).png BluegreenWallpaper
125 Grinch Finger Wallpaper Grinch Finger Wallpaper (placed).png GrinchFingerWallpaper
126 Fancy Gray Wallpaper Fancy Gray Wallpaper (placed).png FancyGrayWallpaper
127 Ice Floe Wallpaper Ice Floe Wallpaper (placed).png IceFloeWallpaper
128 Music Wallpaper Music Wallpaper (placed).png MusicWallpaper
129 Purple Rain Wallpaper Purple Rain Wallpaper (placed).png PurpleRainWallpaper
130 Rainbow Wallpaper Rainbow Wallpaper (placed).png RainbowWallpaper
131 Sparkle Stone Wallpaper Sparkle Stone Wallpaper (placed).png SparkleStoneWallpaper
132 Starlit Heaven Wallpaper Starlit Heaven Wallpaper (placed).png StarlitHeavenWallpaper
133 Bubble Wallpaper Bubble Wallpaper (placed).png BubbleWallpaper
134 Copper Pipe Wallpaper Copper Pipe Wallpaper (placed).png CopperPipeWallpaper
135 Ducky Wallpaper Ducky Wallpaper (placed).png DuckyWallpaper
136 Waterfall Wall Waterfall Wall (placed).gif Waterfall
137 Lavafall Wall Lavafall Wall (placed).gif Lavafall
138 Ebonwood Fence Ebonwood Fence (placed).png EbonwoodFence
139 Rich Mahogany Fence Rich Mahogany Fence (placed).png RichMahoganyFence
140 Pearlwood Fence Pearlwood Fence (placed).png PearlwoodFence
141 Shadewood Fence Shadewood Fence (placed).png ShadewoodFence
142 White Dynasty Wall White Dynasty Wall (placed).png WhiteDynasty
143 Blue Dynasty Wall Blue Dynasty Wall (placed).png BlueDynasty
144 Arcane Rune Wall Arcane Rune Wall (placed).gif ArcaneRunes
145 Iron Fence Iron Fence (placed).png IronFence
146 Copper Plating Wall Copper Plating Wall (placed).png CopperPlating
147 Stone Slab Wall Stone Slab Wall (placed).png StoneSlab
148 Sail Sail (placed).png Sail
149 Boreal Wood Wall Boreal Wood Wall (placed).png BorealWood
150 Boreal Wood Fence Boreal Wood Fence (placed).png BorealWoodFence
151 Palm Wood Wall Palm Wood Wall (placed).png PalmWood
152 Palm Wood Fence Palm Wood Fence (placed).png PalmWoodFence
153 Amber Gemspark Wall Amber Gemspark Wall (placed).png AmberGemspark
154 Amethyst Gemspark Wall Amethyst Gemspark Wall (placed).png AmethystGemspark
155 Diamond Gemspark Wall Diamond Gemspark Wall (placed).png DiamondGemspark
156 Emerald Gemspark Wall Emerald Gemspark Wall (placed).png EmeraldGemspark
157 Offline Amber Gemspark Wall Offline Amber Gemspark Wall (placed).png AmberGemsparkOff
158 Offline Amethyst Gemspark Wall Offline Amethyst Gemspark Wall (placed).png AmethystGemsparkOff
159 Offline Diamond Gemspark Wall Offline Diamond Gemspark Wall (placed).png DiamondGemsparkOff
160 Offline Emerald Gemspark Wall Offline Emerald Gemspark Wall (placed).png EmeraldGemsparkOff
161 Offline Ruby Gemspark Wall Offline Ruby Gemspark Wall (placed).png RubyGemsparkOff
162 Offline Sapphire Gemspark Wall Offline Sapphire Gemspark Wall (placed).png SapphireGemsparkOff
163 Offline Topaz Gemspark Wall Offline Topaz Gemspark Wall (placed).png TopazGemsparkOff
164 Ruby Gemspark Wall Ruby Gemspark Wall (placed).png RubyGemspark
165 Sapphire Gemspark Wall Sapphire Gemspark Wall (placed).png SapphireGemspark
166 Topaz Gemspark Wall Topaz Gemspark Wall (placed).png TopazGemspark
167 Tin Plating Wall Tin Plating Wall (placed).png TinPlating
168 Confetti Wall Confetti Wall (placed).gif Confetti
169 Midnight Confetti Wall Midnight Confetti Wall (placed).gif ConfettiBlack
170 Cave Wall (natural) Cave Dirt Wall (placed).png CaveWall
171 Cave Wall (natural) Rough Dirt Wall (placed).png CaveWall2
172 Honeyfall Wall Honeyfall Wall (placed).gif Honeyfall
173 Chlorophyte Brick Wall Chlorophyte Brick Wall (placed).png ChlorophyteBrick
174 Crimtane Brick Wall Crimtane Brick Wall (placed).png CrimtaneBrick
175 Shroomite Plating Wall Shroomite Plating Wall (placed).png ShroomitePlating
176 Martian Conduit Wall Martian Conduit Wall (placed).png MartianConduit
177 Hellstone Brick Wall Hellstone Brick Wall (placed).png HellstoneBrick
178 Marble Wall (natural) Marble Wall (placed).png MarbleUnsafe
179 Smooth Marble Wall Smooth Marble Wall (placed).png MarbleBlock
180 Granite Wall (natural) Granite Wall (placed).png GraniteUnsafe
181 Smooth Granite Wall Smooth Granite Wall (placed).png GraniteBlock
182 Meteorite Brick Wall Meteorite Brick Wall (placed).png MeteoriteBrick
183 Marble Wall Marble Wall (placed).png Marble
184 Granite Wall Granite Wall (placed).png Granite
185 Cave Wall (natural) Craggy Stone Wall (placed).png Cave8Unsafe
186 Crystal Block Wall Crystal Block Wall (placed).png Crystal
187 Sandstone Wall Sandstone Wall (placed).png Sandstone
188 Corruption Wall (natural) Corrupt Growth Wall (placed).png CorruptionUnsafe1
189 Corruption Wall (natural) Corrupt Mass Wall (placed).png CorruptionUnsafe2
190 Corruption Wall (natural) Corrupt Pustule Wall (placed).png CorruptionUnsafe3
191 Corruption Wall (natural) Corrupt Tendril Wall (placed).png CorruptionUnsafe4
192 Crimson Wall (natural) Crimson Crust Wall (placed).png CrimsonUnsafe1
193 Crimson Wall (natural) Crimson Scab Wall (placed).png CrimsonUnsafe2
194 Crimson Wall (natural) Crimson Teeth Wall (placed).png CrimsonUnsafe3
195 Crimson Wall (natural) Crimson Blister Wall (placed).png CrimsonUnsafe4
196 Dirt Wall (natural) Layered Dirt Wall (placed).png DirtUnsafe1
197 Dirt Wall (natural) Crumbling Dirt Wall (placed).png DirtUnsafe2
198 Dirt Wall (natural) Cracked Dirt Wall (placed).png DirtUnsafe3
199 Dirt Wall (natural) Wavy Dirt Wall (placed).png DirtUnsafe4
200 Hallow Wall (natural) Hallowed Prism Wall (placed).png HallowUnsafe1
201 Hallow Wall (natural) Hallowed Cavern Wall (placed).png HallowUnsafe2
202 Hallow Wall (natural) Hallowed Shard Wall (placed).png HallowUnsafe3
203 Hallow Wall (natural) Hallowed Crystalline Wall (placed).png HallowUnsafe4
204 Jungle Wall (natural) Lichen Stone Wall (placed).png JungleUnsafe1
205 Jungle Wall (natural) Leafy Jungle Wall (placed).png JungleUnsafe2
206 Jungle Wall (natural) Ivy Stone Wall (placed).png JungleUnsafe3
207 Jungle Wall (natural) Jungle Vine Wall (placed).png JungleUnsafe4
208 Lava Wall (natural) Ember Wall (placed).png LavaUnsafe1
209 Lava Wall (natural) Cinder Wall (placed).png LavaUnsafe2
210 Lava Wall (natural) Magma Wall (placed).png LavaUnsafe3
211 Lava Wall (natural) Smouldering Stone Wall (placed).png LavaUnsafe4
212 Rocks Wall (natural) Rocks Wall 1 (placed).png RocksUnsafe1
213 Rocks Wall (natural) Rocks Wall 2 (placed).png RocksUnsafe2
214 Rocks Wall (natural) Mottled Stone Wall (placed).png RocksUnsafe3
215 Rocks Wall (natural) Fractured Stone Wall (placed).png RocksUnsafe4
216 Hardened Sand Wall (natural) Hardened Sand Wall (placed).png HardenedSand
217 Hardened Ebonsand Wall (natural) Hardened Ebonsand Wall (placed).png CorruptHardenedSand
218 Hardened Crimsand Wall (natural) Hardened Crimsand Wall (placed).png CrimsonHardenedSand
219 Hardened Pearlsand Wall (natural) Hardened Pearlsand Wall (placed).png HallowHardenedSand
220 Ebonsandstone Wall (natural) Ebonsandstone Wall (placed).png CorruptSandstone
221 Crimsandstone Wall (natural) Crimsandstone Wall (placed).png CrimsonSandstone
222 Pearlsandstone Wall (natural) Pearlsandstone Wall (placed).png HallowSandstone
223 Desert Fossil Wall Desert Fossil Wall (placed).png DesertFossil
224 Luminite Brick Wall Luminite Brick Wall (placed).png LunarBrickWall
225 Cog Wall Cog Wall (placed).gif CogWall
226 Sandfall Wall Sandfall Wall (placed).gif SandFall
227 Snowfall Wall Snowfall Wall (placed).gif SnowFall
228 Silly Pink Balloon Wall Silly Pink Balloon Wall (placed).png SillyBalloonPinkWall
229 Silly Purple Balloon Wall Silly Purple Balloon Wall (placed).png SillyBalloonPurpleWall
230 Silly Green Balloon Wall Silly Green Balloon Wall (placed).png SillyBalloonGreenWall
231 Iron Brick Wall Iron Brick Wall (placed).png IronBrick
232 Lead Brick Wall Lead Brick Wall (placed).png LeadBrick
233 Lesion Block Wall Lesion Block Wall (placed).png LesionBlock
234 Crimstone Brick Wall Crimstone Brick Wall (placed).png CrimstoneBrick
235 Smooth Sandstone Wall Smooth Sandstone Wall (placed).png SmoothSandstone
236 Spider Nest Wall Spider Nest Wall (placed).png Spider
237 Solar Brick Wall Solar Brick Wall (placed).png SolarBrick
238 Vortex Brick Wall Vortex Brick Wall (placed).png VortexBrick
239 Nebula Brick Wall Nebula Brick Wall (placed).png NebulaBrick
240 Stardust Brick Wall Stardust Brick Wall (placed).png StardustBrick
241 Orange Stained Glass Orange Stained Glass (placed).png OrangeStainedGlass
242 Gold Starry Wall Gold Starry Wall (placed).gif GoldStarryGlassWall
243 Blue Starry Wall Blue Starry Wall (placed).gif BlueStarryGlassWall
244 Living Wood Wall (natural) Living Wood Wall (placed).png LivingWoodUnsafe
245 Wrought Iron Fence Wrought Iron Fence (placed).png WroughtIronFence
246 Ebonstone Wall Ebonstone Wall (placed).png EbonstoneEcho
247 Mud Wall Mud Wall (placed).png MudWallEcho
248 Pearlstone Wall Pearlstone Wall (placed).png PearlstoneEcho
249 Snow Wall Snow Wall (placed).png SnowWallEcho
250 Amethyst Stone Wall Amethyst Stone Wall (placed).png AmethystEcho
251 Topaz Stone Wall Topaz Stone Wall (placed).png TopazEcho
252 Sapphire Stone Wall Sapphire Stone Wall (placed).png SapphireEcho
253 Emerald Stone Wall Emerald Stone Wall (placed).png EmeraldEcho
254 Ruby Stone Wall Ruby Stone Wall (placed).png RubyEcho
255 Diamond Stone Wall Diamond Stone Wall (placed).png DiamondEcho
256 Green Mossy Wall Green Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave1Echo
257 Brown Mossy Wall Brown Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave2Echo
258 Red Mossy Wall Red Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave3Echo
259 Blue Mossy Wall Blue Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave4Echo
260 Purple Mossy Wall Purple Mossy Wall (placed).png Cave5Echo
261 Rocky Dirt Wall Rocky Dirt Wall (placed).png Cave6Echo
262 Old Stone Wall Old Stone Wall (placed).png Cave7Echo
263 Spider Wall Spider Wall (placed).png SpiderEcho
264 Corrupt Grass Wall Corrupt Grass Wall (placed).png CorruptGrassEcho
265 Hallowed Grass Wall Hallowed Grass Wall (placed).png HallowedGrassEcho
266 Ice Wall Ice Wall (placed).png IceEcho
267 Obsidian Wall Obsidian Wall (placed).png ObsidianBackEcho
268 Crimson Grass Wall Crimson Grass Wall (placed).png CrimsonGrassEcho
269 Crimstone Wall Crimstone Wall (placed).png CrimstoneEcho
270 Cave Dirt Wall Cave Dirt Wall (placed).png CaveWall1Echo
271 Rough Dirt Wall Rough Dirt Wall (placed).png CaveWall2Echo
272 Marble Wall Marble Wall (placed).png MarbleEchoUnused
273 Granite Wall Granite Wall (placed).png GraniteEchoUnused
274 Craggy Stone Wall Craggy Stone Wall (placed).png Cave8Echo
275 Sandstone Wall Sandstone Wall (placed).png SandstoneEcho
276 Corrupt Growth Wall Corrupt Growth Wall (placed).png Corruption1Echo
277 Corrupt Mass Wall Corrupt Mass Wall (placed).png Corruption2Echo
278 Corrupt Pustule Wall Corrupt Pustule Wall (placed).png Corruption3Echo
279 Corrupt Tendril Wall Corrupt Tendril Wall (placed).png Corruption4Echo
280 Crimson Crust Wall Crimson Crust Wall (placed).png Crimson1Echo
281 Crimson Scab Wall Crimson Scab Wall (placed).png Crimson2Echo
282 Crimson Teeth Wall Crimson Teeth Wall (placed).png Crimson3Echo
283 Crimson Blister Wall Crimson Blister Wall (placed).png Crimson4Echo
284 Layered Dirt Wall Layered Dirt Wall (placed).png Dirt1Echo
285 Crumbling Dirt Wall Crumbling Dirt Wall (placed).png Dirt2Echo
286 Cracked Dirt Wall Cracked Dirt Wall (placed).png Dirt3Echo
287 Wavy Dirt Wall Wavy Dirt Wall (placed).png Dirt4Echo
288 Hallowed Prism Wall Hallowed Prism Wall (placed).png Hallow1Echo
289 Hallowed Cavern Wall Hallowed Cavern Wall (placed).png Hallow2Echo
290 Hallowed Shard Wall Hallowed Shard Wall (placed).png Hallow3Echo
291 Hallowed Crystalline Wall Hallowed Crystalline Wall (placed).png Hallow4Echo
292 Lichen Stone Wall Lichen Stone Wall (placed).png Jungle1Echo
293 Leafy Jungle Wall Leafy Jungle Wall (placed).png Jungle2Echo
294 Ivy Stone Wall Ivy Stone Wall (placed).png Jungle3Echo
295 Jungle Vine Wall Jungle Vine Wall (placed).png Jungle4Echo
296 Ember Wall Ember Wall (placed).png Lava1Echo
297 Cinder Wall Cinder Wall (placed).png Lava2Echo
298 Magma Wall Magma Wall (placed).png Lava3Echo
299 Smouldering Stone Wall Smouldering Stone Wall (placed).png Lava4Echo
300 Worn Stone Wall Worn Stone Wall (placed).png Rocks1Echo
301 Stalactite Stone Wall Stalactite Stone Wall (placed).png Rocks2Echo
302 Mottled Stone Wall Mottled Stone Wall (placed).png Rocks3Echo
303 Fractured Stone Wall Fractured Stone Wall (placed).png Rocks4Echo
304 Hardened Sand Wall Hardened Sand Wall (placed).png HardenedSandEcho
305 Hardened Ebonsand Wall Hardened Ebonsand Wall (placed).png CorruptHardenedSandEcho
306 Hardened Crimsand Wall Hardened Crimsand Wall (placed).png CrimsonHardenedSandEcho
307 Hardened Pearlsand Wall Hardened Pearlsand Wall (placed).png HallowHardenedSandEcho
308 Ebonsandstone Wall Ebonsandstone Wall (placed).png CorruptSandstoneEcho
309 Crimsandstone Wall Crimsandstone Wall (placed).png CrimsonSandstoneEcho
310 Pearlsandstone Wall Pearlsandstone Wall (placed).png HallowSandstoneEcho
311 Desert Fossil Wall Desert Fossil Wall (placed).png DesertFossilEcho
312 Bamboo Wall Bamboo Wall (placed).png BambooBlockWall
313 Large Bamboo Wall Large Bamboo Wall (placed).png LargeBambooBlockWall
314 Amber Stone Wall Amber Stone Wall (placed).png AmberStoneWallEcho
315 Bamboo Fence Bamboo Fence (placed).png BambooFence