The War Axe of the Night is in the fifth tier of Axes, being better than the Gold Axe but worse than the Meteor Hamaxe.

Like all axes, it is used to harvest Trees, but in the new update, it won't remove placed Wood blocks. It is also a good weapon, hence the "War" in its name.

It requires 10 Demonite Bars, but unlike the lower tier axes, it requires no wood at all. If used in the opposite direction of one's movement, you will "moonwalk" (walk backwards).

As the name implies, the War Axe is designed for combat. It does a whopping 20 damage per hit, making it more powerful than the Light's Bane. However, this power comes at a cost: while swinging it, you are unable to turn around unless the player is grappled onto the side of a wall with a grappling hook. It also is not the best choice for chopping wood. Hamaxes are a much better choice for the job, with the obvious downside being that Hamaxes are more difficult to get, requiring the player to either go to the Underworld or have a Meteor fall in the world.

Terraria " War Axe of the Night " ENG How To Get Step by Step

Terraria " War Axe of the Night " ENG How To Get Step by Step

Many players choose this as a Demonite-tier weapon over the Light's Bane, as it has higher damage, has a longer reach, and can be continuously swung (eliminating the need to click multiple times when fighting). However, the Light's Bane is also used to craft the Night's Edge, one of the most powerful pre-Hardmode swords.

Update Info


  • Speed decreased to slow.


  • Damage increased from 18 to 20.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

Items Requiring Demonite
Armor Shadow Helmet · Shadow Scalemail · Shadow Greaves
Tools Fisher of Souls · Nightmare Pickaxe · The Breaker · War Axe of the Night
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Other Demonite Bar · Demonite Brick
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