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  • Webbed.png
EffectsUnable to move or use items
TooltipYou are stuck

Webbed is a Hardmode debuff that immobilizes the player completely. It is inflicted by the Black Recluse's and Desktop version Jungle Creeper's web spit attack, an attack that they only use in Expert Mode. Unlike the Frozen or Stoned debuffs, it will instantly stop the player in place, preventing them from falling or sliding across the ground.

While affected by the debuff, the player will be unable to use any items except for healing items.

Causes[edit | edit source]

From enemy[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Black Recluse Black Recluse 0.5–2.5 seconds 100% (web spit)
Jungle Creeper Jungle Creeper(Desktop version) 0.5–2.5 seconds 100% (web spit)

History[edit | edit source]