The Whoopie Cushion makes fart noises when used. It is a rare item dropped by Giant Worms and Diggers. Each Giant Worm head, body and tail has a 1 in 100 chance of dropping a Whoopie Cushion. The best way to get this item is by using explosives against giant worms, as explosions destroy multiple sections at once, increasing the chance of it dropping.
Terraria Whoopie Cushion and multi-purpose farm

Multi-Purpose farm with 2 giant worms, whoopie cushion farm demonstration

Terraria Whoopie Cushion

Terraria Whoopie Cushion


A way to farm Whoopie Cushion and other items is to reach the stone layer and mine a long tunnel from left to right, covering possible spawn areas. Place a box shape area 25x25 with dungeon bricks, build a pillar like structure in the middle, and place explosives, which are made from 3 Dynamite and 1 Wire, purchasable from the Mechanic. This will allow the worm to travel in the middle for a more precise hit with the explosives in order to hit all 7 segments and increases the drop chance. With lava pits, it can serve as a multi-purpose farm as it can farm Hooks from Skeletons, Shackles from Zombies, Gel from Black, Mother, and Baby Slimes and Bombs, Miners Pants and Shirts, which can be dropped from Undead Miners, as well as a large amount of coins. It is assumed the player has access to Dynamite, Wire, Switches, a large amount of battle potions, and a Water Candle, which can be found in The Dungeon.

Update Info


  • Increased drop rate (from 1:500 to 1:100).


PC release

  • Added to the game.