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The wind blows with the leaves, the leaves blow with the wind.

The Witch Doctor

A Windy Day is an event that occurs when the wind speed surpasses 20 mph. The event will stop when the wind speed decreases past 16 mph. The wind can either come from the east or the west, making background objects like trees, vines, plants, banners and lanterns sway in the same direction. During this event, ladybugs can spawn in towns.

Windy Days have a few unique enemies, such as slimes attached to flying balloons and Angry Dandelions. During the event certain enemies have a chance to drop Kites and the Merchant will sell the Pin Wheel.



  • The "actual" Windy Day event occurs only when the time is between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Meaning that the event's unique enemies and music will only spawn and play between these hours.
    • However, enemies that can drop kites will still drop them regardless of time, so long as the wind speed is above 16 mph.
  • The Windy Day music only plays in the Forest and Hallow biomes and will override the "Town (Day)" theme if near a town.
  • NPCs have special dialogue during a Windy Day.
  • If rain occurs at the same time as a Windy Day, it will result in a Thunderstorm.


Achievement A Rather Blustery Day
A Rather Blustery Day • Fly a kite on a windy day.
Fly a kite on a Windy Day.
Category: Challenger Challenger


  • Windy Balloons and lost kites can occasionally be seen flying around in the background during the event.

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