The Witch Doctor is an NPC that spawns after defeating the Queen Bee and once there is a house available for him.


He throws poisonous darts when he detects enemies nearby.


Item Sale Price Special Conditions
Blowgun 5 GoldCoin Small None
Hercules Beetle 40 GoldCoin Small In Jungle Biome, Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Imbuing Station 7 GoldCoin Small None
Leaf Wings 1 PlatinumCoin Small Moon CharmNew (Night), In Jungle Biome (Hardmode)
Pygmy Necklace 40 GoldCoin Small Moon CharmNew (Night), Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Stynger Bolt 75 CopperCoin Small Have Stynger in inventory
Tiki Mask 50 GoldCoin Small Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Tiki Shirt 50 GoldCoin Small Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Tiki Pants 50 GoldCoin Small Plantera defeated, Pygmy Staff in inventory
Tiki Totem 2 PlatinumCoin Small In Jungle Biome (Hardmode)
Cauldron 1 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small Halloween
Water Fountains 4 GoldCoin Small Wizard is present Icon pc
Vial of Venom 10 SilverCoin Small Plantera defeated
Bewitching Table Icon pc 10 GoldCoin Small Wizard is present
Witch Doctor's Quotes
  • "Which doctor am I? The Witch Doctor am I."
  • "Choose wisely, (Player Name), my commodities are volatile and my dark arts, mysterious."
  • "(Nurse's Name) may heal your body, but I can make you embody healing."
  • "The heart of magic is nature. The nature of hearts is magic."

(During a Party) "I wanted to see how your kind celebrate. I am not disappointed.

  • " I sense a kindred spirit in the Etherian Dark Mages. A pity they are our enemies. I would have liked to learn from them.
Witch Doctor's Names
  • Abibe
  • Gboto
  • Jamundi
  • Kogi-ghi
  • Konah
  • Opuni
  • Tairona
  • U'wa
  • Xirigua
  • Zop'a


  • Icon mobile In the Mobile version, the Witch Doctor will sometimes say the Party Girls' quote, "We have to talk. It's... it's about parties."
  • Sometimes the fountains are free but players sell them for 1 platinum coin.
    Screenshot 2015-02-14-12-19-01


  • If you look closely, the Witch Doctor appears to be a Lihzahrd considering he has a tail, greenish skin, and a head frill. This is also implied based on the quote he says during a Party, "I wanted to see how your kind celebrate."

Update Info


  • Now sells the fountains anytime, for 4 GoldCoin Small.


  • Now sells a Cauldron when it is Halloween.



  • Added to the game.
    Witch Doctor - Terraria 1

    Witch Doctor - Terraria 1.2 Guide New NPC!

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