The Wooden Door is a simple mechanism that can be opened using the right mouse button. They can be opened either way, and will open in the direction the player is facing when he/she opens the door if there are no obstructions.


A wooden door

A wooden door

To place a door, left click either the upper or lower attachment point. In the picture to the right, this would be just below the bottom of the wooden wall that it's attached to or just above the ground.

They are three blocks high and can be used to keep out monsters, make rooms for NPCs to live in, or just for decoration. They can be crafted with 6 Wood at a Work Bench.

Doors must have a block below and above them to be placed, and if one of these blocks are removed after placement, the door will be removed along with it.

Teleporting and burrowing enemies can circumvent doors, Skeleton monsters, Werewolves, Possessed Armor and Zombies (during a Blood Moon only) can open doors, and Goblin Warriors & Goblin Thieves can break down doors regardless.


A door won't open if the direction the player is facing while opening the door is blocked by other placeable blocks (such as bricks, dirt, chests, anvil, gravestones, etc.), or any background items such as Wood Platforms or Furniture.

You can make a door which cannot be opened by Zombies during a Blood Moon by adding a Wood Platform to the top of the inside of the doorway. This prevents the door from opening for Zombies on the outside, but still allows you to open it as you need.

Placing a Wooden Beam on the inside of the door will achieve a similar effect. This can be useful because you don't need to worry about barricading all your doors during a Blood Moon as they are already blocked off, but still usable. However, be aware that this will not prevent Goblins from simply breaking the door down.


  • An open door can support Sand, allowing it to be a trigger for a trap.
  • A door will block the flow of water when closed, and will allow water to flow through when open, which allows the door to be used as a sort of floodgate.

Did you know a Closed Door is immune to Lava?

  • Closed doors cannot be broken down by lava until they are opened.
  • Two doors placed next to each other with no space in between must be opened by right-clicking the farthest one while facing it, and the nearest one while facing the other direction. NPCs, however, can apparently open doors in either direction without facing the other way, so they walk through unphased, though they sometimes forget to close one. It's unknown if monsters also have this ability.
  • A door also opens and closes when it is powered by wire. This way, you can make an automatic door by placing Pressure Plates on both sides of a door and connecting them and the door with wires.
  • If you grapple a door with a Grappling Hook, Ivy Whip or Dual Hook and open the door, you will fly through the doorway with the force of a grappling hook.
  • If your original spawn is in the same place as a closed door and you use a Magic Mirror, the door will be destroyed.
  • A door can be attached to a Wood Platform.
  • As of v1.2, the Wooden Door is merely one of many types of Doors.


  • When a door is opened by an NPC, it may disappear when you close it while it's still open by the NPC.
  • Rapidly clicking a door might make it vanish.
  • Sometimes, doors will not open.
  • Sometimes when you run through a door, then close it as soon as you run through it, you can go through the door even though it's closed.
  • Sometimes a door may disappear and not drop a wooden door item (seems to be caused by NPC / wired doors to make automated doors).
  • Doors will disappear when it is offscreen and you can make it reappear by walking through it, sometimes when you do this the door will break.
  • If there is a torch attached to the block above a door, opening and closing the door causes the torch to go up and down.
  • If you open and shut 2 doors next to each other, then they will drop infinite doors until you exit the game.

Update Info


  • New sprite.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
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