The Wooden Spike is a stronger alternative of the Spike, although it is presumably made out of wood. It is an uncraftable item only found in the Jungle Temple, that appears to be made of Rich Mahogany native to the Jungle. They inflict 55-65 damage against a player without any armor and can be collected with a Cobalt Drill or better. They do not harm monsters or NPCs, making it a threat as the player ventures in the Jungle Temple. An advisable strategy to avoid these traps are to constantly light Torches throughout the temple to detect them.
Wooden spikes

Player standing by some Wooden Spikes


  • Picking up wooden spikes prevents the player from treading on them again and will likely make journeys into the Lihzarhd Temple a little less painful.
    • Sticky Bombs can be thrown at the spikes to prevent any damage that the player might take while trying to remove them.
  • Because these spikes only affect players, they can be used in effective traps against other players in PvP.
  • Due to the increased damage they inflict, they make a poor substitute for spikes when creating a spike-Star Veil strategy to avoid boss damage.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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