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PC version
PC-Only Content: This information applies only to the PC version of Terraria.

The banner used in the 1.4.2 changelog.

The Workshop Hub is a menu option in Terraria which allows players to toggle/import worlds or Resource Packs installed from the Steam Workshop or from a local file.

The Workshop Hub can be accessed via the main menu by pressing the "Workshop" button, but only while playing on a Steam copy of the game. While playing on a GOG.com copy of the game, the button will be replaced with "Resource Packs", which opens the "Use Resource Packs" menu directly.

Menu options[]

Import Worlds[]

The Import Worlds screen shows a list of the players currently subscribed Steam Workshop worlds. Each item in the list shows data like the worlds name, creation date, difficulty and size. Unlike the Select World menu, only one button exists to "Import" the selected world, making a unique copy of it with a set name.

Use Resource Packs[]

The Use Resource Packs screen shows a list of available Resource Packs the player has installed, either via their ResourcePacks folder or from the Steam Workshop. Packs subscribed through Steam Workshop will have the Steam Workshop Icon Steam icon on the upper-right corner of the item. The player can view the description of each pack or enable them, ordered from most to least significance. Packs on the top of the Enabled Packs list will overwrite the packs below them and all enabled packs can be reordered with the arrow buttons.

Publish Worlds & Publish Resource Packs[]

The Publish Worlds and Publish Resource Packs screens show a list of the player's current worlds or loaded resource packs, allowing them to publish to the Steam Workshop. Once clicking "Publish" on a given item, players are able to give the item a custom icon, set the visibility of the content to others, and give their world or resource pack relevant tags to help others find it on the Steam Workshop.