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World size refers to the size of a Terraria world. Upon creation, on the PC version PC version, Console version Console version, Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Mobile version Mobile version, Old Chinese version Old Chinese version, tModLoader version tModLoader version, and tModLoader 1 tModLoader 1.3-Legacy version, the player can select either "small", "medium", or "large" for the size of the world to generate. On the Windows Phone version Windows Phone version and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, the player can select either "normal" or "expanded". The worlds are smaller due to less memory. A "expanded" world is the equivalent of a "small" world.

Dimensions of the different map sizes are as follows: (one tile = two feet)

World Size of map
Size of map
Accessible area
Accessible area
Map area
Map area
Mobile version Tiny[1]
3500 × 1800 1750 × 900 3486 × 1786 1743 × 893 6,300,000 1,575,000
8400 × 2400 4200 × 1200 8234 × 2234 4117 × 1117 20,160,000 5,040,000
Medium 12800 × 3600 6400 × 1800 12634 × 3434 6317 × 1717 46,080,000 11,520,000
Large[3] 16800 × 4800 8400 × 2400 16634 × 4634 8317 × 2317 80,640,000 20,160,000
  1. Cannot be selected for new worlds. Only used for worlds generated prior to the 1.3 mobile update.
  2. On the Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, expanded worlds are only available on the Western versions (North American, European) of New Nintendo 3DS.
  3. On the Mobile version Mobile version, large worlds are only accessible on devices with 1.5+ GB of RAM.

World generation limits[]

World size has a notable impact on how many of a certain structure may be generated in the world. The values listed below are the theoretical maximums and not a guaranteed count. Although unlikely, some large structures and biomes can be skipped if no proper placement is found. Additionally, some smaller structures can be overwritten by other structures, or be blocked by other nearby structures. The ranges listed are based on chance factors during generation and not on observed data.

Placed items[]

Placed items
Name World Size
Tiny Mobile version
Life Crystals 31 Verify 100 230 403
Surface Chests 8 Verify 21 32 42
Underground Chests [1] n/a 35–40 80–91 140–160
Dead Man's Chests n/a 10–20 15–30 20–40
Shadow Chests n/a 7–10 10–15 14–20
3–4 Verify 6–9 8–13 11–17
Statue multiplier [2] 1 Verify 2 3 4
  1. Underground Chests are generated in the Underground and Caverns layers outside Cabins and the Dungeon and are converted into their appropriate Biome specific chest. They are further reduced by the number of Dead Man's Chests.
  2. Statue multiplier determines up to how many of each type of statue can be placed outside Underground Cabins. For example, large worlds can generate up to 4 Crab Statues outside cabins.

Treasure Rooms[]

Treasure Rooms
Name World Size
Tiny Mobile version
Floating Islands 2–5 Verify 3 5 6
Floating Lakes n/a 1 2 3
Living Mahogany Trees n/a 6–11 9–16 12–22
Enchanted Sword Shrines n/a 0–1 0–3 0–4
n/a 1 3 4
Underground Cabins n/a 35–40 80–91 140–160
21–22 Verify 71–74 171–176 305–311
Extra Underground Desert
Cabins [1]
n/a 2 4 8
1 Verify 3 5 9
  1. Extra Underground Desert Cabins are additional cabins generated along the regular cabins that get converted in the Underground Desert.


Name World Size
Tiny Mobile version
 Bee Hives 3 6–8 8–12 11–16
Marble Caves n/a 4–8 9–18 16–32
Granite Caves n/a 4–8 6–12 8–16
Glowing Moss caves n/a 2 3 4
Oasis n/a 0-3 0-4 0-5

Abandoned Mine Tracks[]

Abandoned Mine Tracks
Track length World Size
Small Medium Large
Standard Count 4–7 9–15 16–28
Length 150–300 225–450 300–600
Extra long Count 1–2 1–3 2–4
Length 400–1,000 600–1,500 800–2,000
Standard Count 10 15 20
Length 275 287 300

World size comparison[]

Different world sizes may be better suited for different purposes. Players may find that creating many small worlds may be more efficient than creating large worlds due to the amount of memory needed.

Advantages of small worlds[]

Everything is closer and quicker to reach:

Advantages of large worlds[]

There is more space to build and explore:

  • Layer and biome transitions are more gradual.
    • The Wyvern spawn level is higher, making above-ground housing safer at low altitudes.
    • Conversely, there is more below-ground space that counts as surface, which can be used for farms of "surface-only" plants like trees or mushrooms.
  • There is a greater chance of having lakes or pools big enough for fishing.
  • The Underworld is longer, potentially giving more time to defeat the Wall of Flesh.
  • The Celestial Towers will be more spread out, reducing the likelihood of the player's base and NPC homes being overrun.
  • The evil biome or hallow is less likely to spawn near the Jungle, for the same reason as above.
  • The surface terrain tends to be more varied and interesting.
  • Abandoned Mine Tracks are longer and more common.

There is more "stuff" in the world:

  • There are more total chests and pots underground per world.
  • There are more materials, including ore and wood. For example, there is more wood already grown and more room to plant trees.
  • The Dungeon has a greater chance to have all three Dungeon Wall types.
  • There are more Evil Biome chasms. This means that there are more Shadow Orbs/Crimson Hearts to destroy, which drop unique and valuable items. There are also more Demon Altars, which means there would be more Hardmode ores to generate.
  • The Jungle Temple possibly contains more traps and Lihzahrd Power Cells.
  • More meteorite crash sites can be in the world at one time.
    • Like with Wyvern spawn heights, this can also be a double-edged sword as a higher number of meteorite blocks are required in the world to prevent more meteorites from spawning and potentially destroying landscapes or player built structures.



  • Using server command lines with the autocreate parameter, medium sized worlds generate 6300 tiles wide instead of 6400, which is exactly 1.5x larger than small sized worlds.